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Friday, September 20, 2013

Fantasy Friday - The Fishing Trip

It's Friday and I'm planning on being sitting pretty in the mountains sometime today. And usual friends here came through for me - Sunnygirl wrote a Fantasy Friday story for me and Daisy Christian has promised me another one too.  

Sunny's story today really appealed to me. I've seen so many couples in this exact place and stayed there. I really love this story! Happy Friday everyone, please enjoy...

The Fishing Trip

Brady walked in the back door to see Deanna bent over the arm of the couch and Neal spanking her jean clad bottom.  He tried to slip out unnoticed sparing the embarrassment of all but Neal called out to him to hang on he would be with him in a minute. Brady shouted back he would wait outside.  When Neal joined him outside, Brady wasn’t sure what so say.  Neal noticed his discomfort and said

 “What, you never spank Alexis?”

“No, I never have.  There have been many times that I thought a good bottom warming would do us both a world of good but I like waking up in the morning”

“You see, if you established your authority once in a while you wouldn’t have that problem.” Neal said as he chuckled.

Deanna came out and said hello to Brady and asked if they wanted some coffee.  She didn’t seem the least little bit embarrassed about having been spanked or him bearing witness to it.  Brady was more embarrassed than Deanna.  Neal remarked to Deanna that Brady had never spanked Alexis.  Deanna commented that, “it showed”.

“What do you mean by that?” he asked.

“Oh, just little things,” Deanna remarked and walked back in the kitchen.

“What the hell did she mean by that remark?”

“Brady, you have had to notice that there are times when Alexis is nothing but a spoiled brat.  When we were out a couple of weeks ago, she went into a temper tantrum and then a sniveling pout when we didn’t go to the restaurant she suggested.  She made the evening miserable for everyone.  Deana and I couldn’t wait for it to be over.”

“Yes, I remember that.  She was being petulant.”

Neal chuckled again, “Yes definitely petulant.”

Brady dropped the subject and he and Neal went on to talk about the fishing trip they were planning for the next weekend.  Their plan was to leave on Friday afternoon and get to the fishing camp that night, relax and then fish all day Saturday and Sunday morning, returning late Sunday afternoon. They had both been looking forward to and planning this trip for months.   

On Thursday, Brady began gathering his gear together.  Alexis asked him what he was doing. 

“Remember honey, this week is the fishing trip Neal and I have been planning”

“That’s not this weekend, it’s next weekend”.

“No, honey, it’s this weekend”

“Well then you are just going to have to cancel.  This weekend my parents are coming to visit and you have to be here.”

“I’m sorry but I am not canceling this trip.  We have been planning it for months and it has been marked on every calendar in this house.  Besides, you always have more fun with your folks when I am not around.  Your mom doesn’t like me much and all your dad does is watch sports on tv anyway”.

Actually he was glad he wouldn’t be around.  All Alexis and her folks did was bicker at each other.  Her mother was a real shrew and constantly belittled her dad and did nothing but bitch and complain about everything.  No wonder all the guy did was watch tv, that way he tuned out what was going on around him.  All of a sudden, his mind went back to the conversation he had with Neal the other day about Alexis being a brat.  ‘Lord, I hope Alexis doesn’t turn out like her mother.’  He realized that Alexis was still talking to him and he hadn’t heard a word.  She complained he didn’t care about her or her feelings; how insensitive he was and that he never did anything for her and on and on. He tuned her out not even hearing the part that if he went on this trip he would be one sorry husband.

Brady continued gathering his gear and loading it into the SUV.  Alexis had retired to their bedroom and when he was finished he went up to join her.  He found the door locked and when he tried to get in she told him his stuff was on the sofa and not to dare use the guest bedroom because it was made up for her folks and she didn’t want him messing it up.  He told her to be reasonable, he was going away for two days and he wanted to snuggle with his beautiful wife. 

“I don’t want to snuggle with you.  Maybe you could snuggle up with Neal tomorrow night.  After all, you seem to prefer his company to mine” she spit out at him.

“C’mon honey.  Be reasonable.”

“Don’t you dare call me honey.  I am not talking to you and you are not getting in this bedroom.”

He was really upset with her and knew this was not going to end nicely so the best thing he could do was just grab his stuff and head to the sofa.  He tossed and turned on that darn couch and every time he turned he thought about the conversation he had with Neal last weekend.  Maybe he had let Alexis get away with too much.  He didn’t like conflict and would always give in rather than fight.  He didn’t know how to fight.  Growing up in his household had been peaceful.  He was an only child and his folks just always seemed to get along.  He couldn’t ever remember hearing either of them yelling at each other.  That’s why it was such a shock to his system to see how Alexis’ parents acted.  It was the same with her sister.  Going to her sister’s house was always traumatic too and he was always glad to get home.  His mind kept turning everything over in his mind he finally fell asleep somewhere around 4 am.

He woke up to the smell of coffee and hoped that Alexis would be in a better frame of mind.  He hated the thought of going off for the weekend with bad feelings between them.  He went upstairs to take a shower and get dressed for work.  He noticed Alexis must have already showered and the bed was made.  He figured she was probably downstairs and was surprised when she wasn’t anywhere in the house.  He looked in the garage and saw her car was gone. 

Damn her, he thought.  If she thinks I’m going to give in and give up this fishing trip she has another thing coming.  I’m going and she can spew and carry on all she wants, I won’t be here to see or hear it.  He left her a note telling her to have a good time with her folks and he would see them on Sunday afternoon.

Brady picked up Neal that afternoon and they headed out to the fish camp.  It was just starting to get dark when they arrived.  They planned on unload their gear but decided to go down to the local fish shack for dinner first.  When they got back, Brady said he was beat because he hadn’t slept that well the night before.  Neal said he hadn’t gotten much sleep either and smirked. Brady couldn’t help but get the gist of that smile. They decided to wait until morning to unload the car.

Both Neal and Brady were up before the sun and anxious to get going.  Brady made the coffee while Neal started unloading the car.  When he was finished he came in and asked Brady where his fishing gear was.

“What do you mean, where’s my fishing gear. In the back with the rest of the stuff.”

“I don’t know what to tell you Buddy, but the car is empty and the only gear in there was mine”.

Brady scratched his head and then it struck him.  ‘Why that little witch.  No wonder she was up and out so early this morning.’  Brady told Neal about Alexis’ wanting him to cancel this weekend because of her folks and the argument they about it.  He said she must have removed his gear while he was still asleep this morning. 

Neal asked him what he was going to do about it.  He responded that nothing now but he was going to have a serious talk with her when he got back on Sunday.  He told Neal he wasn’t going to allow her to get her way.  He was pretty sure she figured he would return home if he didn’t have any gear but that wasn’t going to happen.  He told Neal to head on out to the lake and he would catch up with him later.  He planned on driving into town to the nearest Wal Mart and buy a fishing rod and reel and take the money out of Alexis’ allowance.  Neal just shook his head.

When he caught up with Neal, Brady was feeling much better.  They enjoyed the fishing and had caught enough to grill for dinner.  During dinner Brady asked Neal about the dynamic between him and Deanna. Neal said it started pretty early on in their marriage.  They had a huge fight and she started having a temper tantrum and he tried to calm her down.  When it didn’t work, he just pulled her over his knee and reddened her bottom.   She didn’t like it one bit and carried on something fierce but he just kept on spanking her until she settled down.  He was surprised she didn’t have more of a reaction afterward but when they talked about it she told him she was glad he had taken a stand. She told him she felt loved and protected.  He said he’s been spanking her behind ever since when she gets “too ornery or overwrought” as he put it.

“I’m telling you Brady it’s a godsend.  All I have to do is suggest a trip over my knee and Deanna settles down.  Not to mention, what it’s done for our sex life.  I can’t imagine how we would manage without it.  I’m not telling you how to run your marriage but if Deanna did to me what Alexis did to you, she would have her butt blistered and wouldn’t be sitting comfortably for a day or so.”

Brady thought about this conversation the rest of the weekend.  He decided he was going to take Neal’s advice.  What did he have to lose, he knew her behavior was getting worse and he needed to do something to get her attention.  When he got home Sunday afternoon, her parents were getting ready to leave.  His mother-in-law made some snide remark to him about the fishing trip.  He answered her respectfully enough but he had to bite his tongue in doing so.  His father-in-law asked him how the trip went and that he would enjoy doing that too but there was no way Emmaline would allow it.  Brady told him that maybe he should do what he wanted for a change. Emmaline sneered at him, grabbed  Harry and pulled him out the door.

He and Alexis waved good by and within ten second she was picking up where she left off on Thursday night.  He told her enough was enough and if she didn’t be quiet she would be sorry. 

“I don’t think so, big man.”

He never missed a beat.  He pulled her over to the couch and in one motion he had her dress up and her panties down.  He began spanking her behind with a vengeance.  He stopped long enough to lecture her about her behavior and the stunt she had pulled.  She hissed at him and then he really began letting her have it.  His hand hurt but he was not going to give in.  She was going to be sitting very gingerly by the time he was through.

When her behind was a beautiful shade of crimson, he stopped.  He just set her on her feet and told her to let that be a lesson to her.  He was not going to put up with her misbehavior anymore.  He told her he had no intention of their marriage turning into her parents’ marriage and from the looks of things that’s where they were headed.  He told her she could expect to be over his knee when he thought she deserved it and if she didn’t like it she better plan on changing or getting a divorce.

When he looked at her she was crying real tears and her body wracked with sobs.

“I don’t want a divorce.” she said.  “I don’t want to have a marriage like my parents either but I don’t know any better”

“You do now.” Brady told her and gathered her in his arms.


Sunny, thank you so much for your help this week. Great story. Daisy, I'm counting on you too. All right folks, I'm in the mountains relaxing and writing, I think you should be writing too. Write that story you've been thinking about and send it in for a Fantasy Friday. Send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Thanks Sunny and PK, Great story Sunny, I enjoyed this and love the mentoring angle.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the mountains PK ... and write lots :)


  2. SG,

    You certainly know how to write. Loved the story. Thank you. Look forward to the story from Daisy.

    Have super weekend PK.


  3. Sunny,
    well done, just what the doctor ordered.
    PK, have a great and productive week-end.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. very cute story Sunny of course I always love your stories.

    have a good weekend Elis or Pk whoever you are lol. o and Cassie too hehe

  5. Thanks for hosting, PK! :) I enjoyed the story, Sunny! That Alexis! She was a naughty one and then some!

    Have a nice weekend, you two! PK - wishing you a very relaxing and productive weekend in the mountains. Sounds nice! Hugs to you both,

    <3 Katie

  6. Love this one, Sunny. Great job as usual!
    Thanks for doing this Elis. :)
    Have a great weekend!!!!!

  7. Great story Sunny, hope you and PK are both okay
    love Jan.xx