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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Harry Potter - A Jay-Merlina story

Here is another fan fiction story from Paul's friend Jay. If you are a Harry Potter fan and you are just joining us here are the first few stories they can be found here, here and here. Enjoy this next installment.

Jay-Merlina is very clever.

Jay-Merlina sat on the low garden wall charming a cushioned bludger to chase her little brother Arthur. He was getting quite good at dodging the daemon balls, so good in fact that Jay was seriously thinking of doubling the ball. "Aww come on Jay, you're not even trying!" His excited voice rang through the garden as he sped past her on his Griffon 2007. Lazily flicking her hand the bludger gained speed and Arthur laughed in delight as it narrowly missed his head. "Arthur! Stay away from the tree!" Jay bellowed as she watched him fly straight at the old Beech. Too late. Arthur and his broom parted company as his sweater snagged on a branch. "I warned you!" She giggled as Arthur struggled to get free. "Just go get Dad." He giggled back. Heading up the path to the house Jay jumped as a jet of red light shot over her shoulder and hit the front door blasting it to smithereens. Death Eaters! The crash brought her parents running. Orion reached the door first and sent a hex over Jays head at the advancing Death Eaters.

"Jay, take Arthur and run!" He yelled as he pushed her out of the way. Not waiting to be told twice Jay cast a Notice-Me-Not charm, sprinted down the path and to her horror saw Arthur being used as target practice. Not even thinking about her next move, Jay ran full tilt into the Death Eater knocking the two of them to the ground. Clapping her hands together a second before her skull struck a paving stone! Jay sank into a cold darkness and knew no more.


"Arthur!" Jay awoke, launched herself out of the hospital bed and landed on something soft. "Oofff!" The something sounded like Sev. "Arthur! Remus!" She yelled as she scrambled off of a now winded Sev and ran out of the hospital wing calling for Remy as she went. Slowly standing up Sev stumbled over to the fireplace, grabbed a handful of floo powder and jumped into the fire throwing the powder down. "Headmasters Office!" Engulfed in green flame, Sev vanished.

Gliding out gracefully at the other end and rubbing his stomach he turned to Remy who was sitting on the sofa. "Jay’s running around looking for you." He wheezed. Remy jumped up and left immediately. "How did she seem son?" Sev grimaced, flopped down onto the sofa and closed his eyes. "Bloody heavy!" Meanwhile, down in the entrance hall, Minerva watched as Jay changed into a Phoenix, Remy grabbed her tail feathers and the pair flashed away.


Remy looked around and groaned. Lupin House stood before him. Blinking furiously he turned away. (too many memories there.) Jay stood at the base of the Beech tree staring intently up into the canopy. Not having a clue what she was doing, why the were here or how she had managed to flash this far, Remy slowly walked over to her knowing that he had to handle this carefully. As he got within arms reach his face lost all colour as he saw what she was staring at. "Arthur!" Jay turned to Remy with an excited grin on her face. "Remy you have to levitate me up there. He got caught on a branch and I have to free him." Remy closed his eyes, was this healthy? Arthur was dead. Is dead. Has been for a year and a half. Maybe she wants to bury him? Sighing deeply he opened his eyes, pointed his wand at Jay and spoke the incantation. "Wingardium Leviosa!" With a swish and flick, Jay rose into the air and Remy steered her towards Arthur. When she was close enough to him Jay took out her wand and called down to Remy.

"I’m gonna levitate him down to you, don’t drop me Remy!" Reaching behind Arthur she untangled his sweater and before he could fall, cast the levitation charm on him. It was a very strange sight to behold. Remy levitated Jay who levitated Arthur. Too soon, the youngsters
reached the ground and as hard as he tried Remy could not stop the tears from falling as he got a close up view of his little brother. He very nearly wailed when Jay laid her head on Arthur’s chest. As Remy gave a loud sob Jay turned and gave him a wide smile. "Aww Remy, shut up you berk, he’s breathing!"

Remy was about to rebuke her for being disrespectful in the presence of the dead when he heard the last two words of her happy sentence and his jaw dropped. "What the hell does that mean? How in Merlin's name can he possibly be breathing?" There was definitely shock and a fair amount of anger in his tone. Jay's face darkened as she gave him a sneer worthy of Sev. "It means that his respiratory system is functioning. Now you carry Arthur while i flash us back to Hogwarts." And with that she changed back into a Phoenix and waited for Remy to grab her tail.

Madam Pomfrey got quite a shock when her no longer comatose patient appeared with Remy holding Arthur’s body. "Aunt Poppy. I need you to run a full work up on Arthur. I need to know his exact medical and magical state." Poppy was shocked. "Jay, I’m a healer not a pathologist. There is no safe way to bring someone back from the dea....oh my goodness, he’s alive?" "Of course he is Poppy dear."

Dumbledore glided into the hospital wing and stopped when he reached Remy's side. Sev, Minerva, Potter and Neville walked in behind Albus. Jay spotted Sev and threw herself into his arms. "Dad Arthur’s alive an you got to help me brew the Revimundi Potion!" Sev looked down at Jay sternly. "Excuse me? I've got to help you have I? After you jumped on me and didn’t apologise miss?" Jay blushed. "Sorry Dad. Please will you help me?" She begged. Sev stroked her hair and gave her a smile. "Alright brat lets check the damage first." Walking over to Arthur's bed (Remy had finally put him down), Sev did a swift diagnostic. "A Stasis Charm. Hmm... minor spell damage. The potion will not harm him. Jay, an explanation please?"

All eyes turned to Jay expectantly. Without skipping a beat she began her tale. When she got to the part where Arthur was a human target there was a collective gasp. Sev merely nodded. "When I knocked the Death Eater down I wished Arthur invisible and silent. The Stasis must have happened when i clapped my hands." Sev nodded and called Professor Potter over. "Harry, I need you to go to Hagrid. He has fresh Unicorn hair, i need 5 strands. Then go to the forest and find me the Aconite and Fluxweed plants, one of each. Bring them to my classroom." Potter nodded and grabbed Neville’s hand on the way out. "Come on Nev, I don’t know what those plants look like." Potter muttered.

"Jay, come with me, we need to prepare the rest of the ingredients. You can start by telling me what they are." Falling into step beside Sev, Jay began reciting the formula as the two made there way down to the dungeons. There were a couple of obstructions along the way, Peeves was throwing Dung bombs at Mrs Norris and Filch. Oh and three fourth year Ravenclaw's trying to brew a Love potion in the corridor! Sev confiscated the potion and gave them detention for a week.


"Dad? Can we use your Silver Cauldron? The school one's dented." Jay called over her shoulder as she headed to the store room. Sev agreed while searching his desk for a Amber Stirrer. "Where's the Moon Water?" Salazar yelled from the stock cupboard. "Third shelf next to the Lion Fish spines!" Sev called back. It went on like this while the three of them gathered the ingredients. Eventually the fire was lit, the cauldron was half full and the potion was a deep blue colour. Jay sniffed the potion and wrinkled her nose in disgust. "Is it supposed to smell like this?" Sev looked up from slicing the Leeches to peer into the cauldron. "Yes. Now what’s the next step?" "Erm... juice of one Sopophorus Bean then add a clockwise stir after every seventh counter clockwise stir over three minutes."

Salazar handed Jay the juice and turned to the door where Potter and Neville were standing. They both looked like the Whomping Willow had used them as baby rattles. "Sev! Why didn’t you tell us that the Erklings don't like it when you pick their Fluxweed?" Potter snapped as they limped up to the desk. "If you would pluck up the courage to open a book now and then Mr Potter, you would learn that Erklings live and feed on Fluxweed. The correct procedure is to show some manners, impossible for you I know, and then ask politely for the required amount." Sev answered with a smirk. Potter scowled and mumbled something about snarky gits. "Jay, that smells weird. Are you sure it’s right?" Neville asked as he sniffed the air. "Yes Professor, It's the combination of Blundimum Secretion and Dom Ball's that cause the distinct smell." Jay answered innocently. "Really? Maybe I could help?" Neville offered eagerly. "NO!" Potter sniggered as Sev and Jay screeched in unison. Neville blew up every potion he went near.

Adding the rest of the ingredients and muttering quietly, Jay stirred the potion. "Five counter clockwise stirs, eighteen and a half clockwise, simmer for five minutes." When the potion had cooled Jay added three drops of her blood to a vial and poured the potion into it. Changing from a dark purple to shimmering silver, Sev watched closely as Jay's gaze dropped to the floor. The others left the room quietly as Sev sat down and drew Jay onto his lap, wrapping his arms around her. "Sweetheart, what's wrong?" Throwing her arms around his neck she sobbed into his robes. "I didn’t mean to forget about him, honest I didn’t. I’m sorry." Sev held her tight and rocked her, humming quietly. "You never forgot him darling; your memories were lost due to your fall. It's not your fault." Jay sniffed and gave Sev a kiss on the cheek. "I love you Daddy."


Standing around Arthur’s bed everyone waited anxiously for the potion
to work. Sev had Jay in his arms and Remy held his brothers hand. Arthur's eyes flickered a few times before he started screaming. Remy stroked his hand and spoke to him softly. "Arthur, its Remy. You're at Hogwarts. You're safe little brother." Arthur sat up and groaned. "Jay?" He whispered. "I'm here Arthur." Turning to face his sister he burst into tears. "Mum and Dad are gone aren’t they?" Jay gave a loud wail and hugged her brother tightly. The three Lupins cried and hugged each other for the longest time. Yes their parents were gone but they had each other.

© Jflame 2008

AND. A huge thanks to Paul
and PK. It’s so cool to have my fic on line. Thanks to the reviewers,
you guys are fab. I hope you liked it. Jay


  1. PK, thank you so much for giving us a home to post Jay's fiction.
    I am delighted and I am sure that Jay will be when she reads it.
    JKR needs to look to her laurels.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. That's a very creative story line J. I liked it very much. Nice resolution to several dilemmas from previous posts. I liked how it was organized this time too. Made it much more understandable as scenes unfolding separately. Great job!!

  3. Anonymous8:26 PM

    PK< Thanks so much for sharing Jay's fiction. Jay, keep writing

  4. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Well I'm trying again, should be easier now i've got a laptop. Greenwoman- thanks i'm glad you liked it, poor Paul spent ages correcting all my spelling and grandma mistekes. He should get an oscar or sumink. Jean- i have no plans to stop unless PK kicks me out. ta guys Jflame