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Friday, August 02, 2013

Fantasy Friday - Saving Beth

They're coming, they're coming! A whole house full of relatives are on their way. This is the twenty-nineth year I've been hosting our family reunion. I really do like all my cousins, we are all heading to another cousins lake house early Monday morning, until Wednesday.

Today's story is really, really good. It's from Daisy Christian and you can read more of her work over at her blog, Guide Me Gently. I know many of you know her from over there, but here is a short bio I asked her to share. I'm putting this story up in two parts so don't forget to come back tomorrow.

I've been married 17 yrs started dd 3yrs ago. I spent alot of years in charge and in control putting down his man hood for years. I was 17 he was 22 when we got married and had 3 kids by the time i was 25. We made this long but at13-14yrs we were running out of luck. Thats when I decided I needed spanked. When we started dd I felt so free. Free of the control, free of the junk and it was like a reset. I fell in love with the man i married all over again. I had the dominant man I married and he had the submissive little wife back. We found what we lost and dd filled a void in our lives. Then I became a spanko lol well sometimes a spankNO lol. Dd has brought things out in and out of our bedroom that I never thought about before.

Please enjoy...

Saving Beth

      Beth was sitting in the old rocking chair feeding her 2 month old little boy she had yet to name. She was watching him as he suckled deep in thought about what to do.  The idea that she would be giving him back to the Andrews was still up for discussion. They were her neighbors and Mr. Andrews was her Pa’s best friend.   She had decided to give him to the Andrews shortly after his birth but he wouldn’t take a bottle or drink cow’s milk so she had to nurse him. How she became pregnant with him was not a good thought.  Beth knew living out here was no place for a baby. She wouldn’t move in with the Andrews because she was determined to get this farm back on its feet and she didn’t want to be a burden on them the rest of her life. Beth kissed her baby just as she heard someone riding up. She jumped to her feet and peeked out the front door.  There was a strange man riding up.  Putting the baby in the bottom drawer of the dresser to keep him safe she grabbed the rifle and ran outside to confront the stranger.  He was no one she recognized and as he rode closer she got scared. This wasn’t the first time a stranger came around and she was going to make darn sure he didn’t hurt her like the last one had.
As he got closer she started yelling, “Get out of here mister! I don’t want no trouble and this here rifle is loaded.  I aim to use it if need be.”
The rider Simon just ignored her and started getting of his horse.
“Mister if you get down I will SHOOT!!”
She watched as he got off his horse he sure was handsome all 6ft 4 or more of him. With coal black hair and his body seemed like he worked hard with those big arms.  As Simon was getting of his horse he was watching this shaking young girl. Beth couldn’t believe how tall he was as they stood there staring each other down.  Simon noticed her worn dress and thought to himself that she couldn’t weigh more than 110 pounds and she looked like she worked hard.  She had what appeared to be dark blonde hair, but it was pulled back in a tight knot and she had a bonnet covering most of it so he wasn’t completely positive.  The one thing he was sure of was that this young woman was scared to death.
“Mister did you hear me?”
He just started to walk towards her “Ma’am Mr. Jo…..”
Before he could explain she took a shot at him the bullet hit the dirt beside him. He was getting quite angry at this woman, she could actually kill him.  Yes, she was scared but this was crazy.  He continued to stomp towards her.
She thought there was something about him.  She didn’t want to kill him but she was still nervous that he might want to hurt her.
Before she knew it he had grabbed the rifle.
“I should take you over my knee right here.” He grabbed her arm “Now Miss Elizabeth Jane…..”
“How do you know my name mister?”
“If you would let me finish I will tell you. I am Simon Andrews. Joseph Andrews is my uncle he said you could use some help on the farm. He sent me a telegram and asked if I would come here and help you.”
Joe Andrews had helped Beth on her farm since her Pa had been sick then passed away.  For the last 2 months she had been there all alone. In the past the farm was booming with crops of corn as well as abundant livestock but now things had gone way downhill.  Beth had tried hard to keep it going with what help she could get from Joe. The problem was Joe had his own farm to tend not to mention a family he was trying to support.  The farm was just too much for a young girl to handle all alone.  It had been hard to keep it up and the men that came by didn’t help either.  This was largely an unsettled area.  There was little law around and most of the men were disreputable at best.  The other actual settlers were good people but the land was full of thieves that were stealing her horses and cattle in the middle of the night or drunks that wanted…..she shuddered at the thought.  Joe had contacted his brother who had 5 boys Simon was the only one of the oldest 3 who didn’t have a wife picked out so Simon’s Pa set him down and asked him if he would come and take care of Beth. He could bring her back to Texas if he wanted.
“I’m sorry Mr. Andrews. It’s just that when strangers come out here they just want to take my cattle and horses, or worse.”  At this statement Beth started to cry.
He pulled her close “Shhh its ok Miss Elizabeth my uncle told me everything and I’m here to help.”
As she cried into his chest something about his touch and smell made her feel good but this feeling scared her even more. She had never had a beau or anyone interested in her.  Actually the only man that touched her… She violently pushed that thought out of her head.
As he held her she may not be the prettiest thing and she sure looked like she worked harder than most.  He honestly felt that if she had someone to take care of her and if she had some decent clothes she would be quite pretty.  She was just too thin and the fear in her eyes gave her a guarded look.  He felt drawn to help her and protect her from the harshness life had dealt her.
“You….you can call me Beth” She said in a quiet voice.
“Alright Beth, please just call me Simon. I’m going to put my horse in the barn. Is your loft a good place to sleep? Can I trust that you won’t be using this here rifle on me?”
“Yes sir the loft is safe but there’s a bunk house on the hill and no I won’t be using this rifle on you.”
“The loft will be fine I want to stay close to the house and barn. After I get settled I will start the chores if you will start me some dinner I haven’t ate good in a few days it was a long trip from Texas.”
Beth nodded and headed into the house. It was near dark when Simon finished the basic chores that had to be done and went in to eat. There were so many things that needed to be done that he knew it would take a while.
Meanwhile Beth finished feeding the baby and put him back in the drawer. She wasn’t sure what her new guest thought of babies. She was certain she would find out soon enough.   
“MMM Smells good Beth.”  Beth smiled and began dishing up the simple dinner.  It wasn’t much; just a thick stew and homemade bread but Beth had always been a good cook.  She had needed to be since she had lost her mother at a young age and had to cook and clean for her father.  She was grateful to her mother that she had started teaching her to cook at a very young age and by the time she was ten she could hold her own in the kitchen.  Her mother had died that year leaving her and her Pa alone on the farm.  Beth’s mom had been sick for a year or two before she died so Beth had been tending to the house and helping with the farm pretty much alone since she was 9.  It had made her grow up quickly but she didn’t mind; Beth had been glad to be there to help her Pa when he needed her.
They ate dinner in silence as they studied each other. Beth didn’t know what to do or even what to feel.  She was weary of all men because of her experiences, but she trusted Joe and if Simon was his nephew then he should be safe.  So far he had not done anything to cause her to doubt him.  It did feel a tad bit safer having a man around rather than being alone.  Still he was a man after all, and she didn’t really know him.  He was terribly handsome and she couldn’t get over how good it felt when he held her tight and calmed her earlier. Just then the baby started crying and Beth jumped up.
Simon jumped up with her following her. “Was that a baby’s cry I heard.”
“ummm yes” She replied wearily as she picked him up “It’s umm my baby.”
“And he sleeps in a drawer?” Simon looked at her forlorn.
“Well he umm…..well it’s for safety mostly. Strange people come and I don’t want them to find him. And besides I don’t have a cradle for him or anything.”
“What’s his name?”
“He doesn’t have a name yet. You see…….” She started to cry
“Beth, its ok I’m going to take care of you now.”
Simon left Beth to tend to the baby and as he walked to the barn he thought to himself “I’m going to give that poor girl and baby a better life than what they have had.” He shook his head as he looked around at the run down farm but knew he could make it a good place for them.
The next day when Beth got up Simon had already started the chores so she went out and took him some Lemonade.
“Morning Miss Beth”
“Morning Mr. Simon, I brought you some lemonade.”
He looked at her with a smirk “Mr. Simon huh?”
“Well you keep calling me Miss Beth and it seems strange so I thought I’d show you.”
He chuckled “Ok Beth the chores are almost done.”
“You didn’t have to do the chores all by yourself.  I could have helped you. I have been doing them myself for a long time now.”
“Well I will be doing most of them.”
“I can’t pay you much.”
“You won’t pay me anything.  Room and board is all I need.  I’m not here for money; I am here to help you.”
“No, that wouldn’t be right. I will pay you.” She then stomped of to milk the cow and take care of the chickens. After that Beth went to hitch up the team up so she could begin to plow the fields.
“Woah, what are you doing Beth?” He took the reins from her.
“Well the fields don’t plow themselves.”
“I told you I would do most of the farming the chickens and cows you can do. the rest is man’s work.  Besides the baby needs you.  You can’t tend to him while you are plowing the fields.”
“MAN’S WORK!?” She put her hands on her hips squaring up to him.  “I will have you know Mister this woman can do man’s work better than some men.  And I tie a sling around me and take the baby with me when I am going to be away from the house for more than a few minutes.”
He let go of the reigns squaring up with her.
“Also I don’t have much money to pay you and if you think I’m gonna pay you in other ways then you should get on your horse and leave.”
He started walking towards her grabbing her harm “First of all WOMAN I don’t need or want your money and secondly” He paused as he sat down on a bucket pulling her over his knee.
“What are you doing?”  Beth demanded trying to pull out of his iron grip.
“Secondly I don’t take kindly to you thinking I’m gonna do you wrong.” With that he started smacking her bottom over her thin worn dress
“Owww, stop you’re hurting me. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that.”
He gave her a few more swats and he stood her up.
“Those were just love pats you will mind me and do as you’re told or you will be a sorry little girl.”
She huffed, “I am a grown woman.  How dare you spank me?!”
He gave her a look that made her question herself for a moment.  “I am here to take care of you, even if that means I have to protect you from your own foolishness.  So if you want to push me now you know how I will deal with it; don’t you?  Now, Elizabeth I’m going into town and getting a few things I will be back to plow and I better not catch you plowing do you understand me? If you touch this team while I’m gone I will make that spanking I just gave you feel ten times worse do you understand?”
“Yes” She huffed, in a none too respectful tone.
“Elizabeth Jane” He said as he grabbed her arm “You best listen to me.”
Something about him saying her full name and the heat still coming from her back side made her feel loved and cared about for the first time in years.
“Yes sir I understand.” She stomped off.  “Who does he think he is riding in here with his spankings and threats and taking over my farm?” She kicked her foot on the ground kicking up dirt.
He chuckled she was cute all sassy.  She was talking to herself and not him but he overheard every single word.  “I’m Simon Andrews.  Us Andrews take care of a pretty lady in need and I’m here to take care of you.  That is how my Pa raised me.”
She didn’t know he had heard her and she just stomped off in the house and yelled “I’m not a woman in need MISTER!!” then she slammed the door.
He just tipped his hat and rode off with a grin. “No you are a little girl in need of a very good spanking.” He chuckled to himself.
While in town he got a lot of greetings. When he told them where he was staying of course the women started gossiping right away.  They always thought Beth was poor and too lower class to be around and then she had that baby. He was glad when he ran into his uncle.
“Hey Simon; how are things with Beth?”
“She sure is a handful but I like the spit fire. The way the town’s folks talk about her you should’ve just sent her to us. Especially since she has a baby.”
“I tried but she wouldn’t go. Me and your aunt were supposed to take the baby and we still might. She gave him to us at birth but he wouldn’t drink cow’s milk or even take a bottle at all.”
“Give you the baby? Why on earth would she do that?”
“Son do you know how she got that baby? She’s never had a husband not even a beau for that matter. That’s why I didn’t say anything about the baby in my letter. I didn’t want the whole family knowing her business and the baby was supposed to be with us. The baby doesn’t even have a name.”
Simon shook his head. “I figured as much that she never had a beau.  I’m ok with the baby and I’m glad she didn’t give him up. We will figure it all out.”
“You are a good man Simon.”
 “Thank you sir. I’m just gonna try and do want any good man would. She is a woman in distress that needs someone.”
“That she is son.”
“I best get back to the farm and see what she is up to. I’m very glad you sent for me she needs me. I also think she could be good for me in a way.”
“Does she think that?”
“No but she will in time.” They both chuckled as they rode off to their respective destinations.
Beth had been working the fields since Simon left. He had been gone for hours and a half days work would’ve been lost if she hadn’t done it. She was so faint.  It was hot and she hadn’t drunk or ate all day. At first she had the baby in the sling but it was so hot she was afraid it would be bad for him.  So she took him back in the house and then made frequent trips from the field to the house to check on him.  Between the work in the fields and the frequent trips back and forth all day she was very tired. On top of her exhaustion her hands had many blisters. The pair of gloves she had worn were thin and didn’t protect her anymore.  But she didn’t want Mr. Andrews to have to buy her more.  She started thinking about what Simon would do if he came back. She didn’t think it was likely he would return after he met the townsfolk.  She was well aware that the townspeople talked bad about her and that baby of hers as they said.  If he did come back, she would just explain that she didn’t think he would be back at all. She was deep in thought about how his hug made her feel and the night before. How it would be nice to not be alone. Then she thought about the spanking earlier and started to get annoyed when all of the sudden she felt a jerk on her arm.
“Elizabeth Jane I told you not to do any field work. And you left the baby in the house all by himself.” He grabbed her arm then turned her side ways, tucked her under his arm around her waist and began smacking her bottom.
“Stop it! Stop it!” She screamed
“I will not. I gave you full warning what would happen if you disobeyed me.  I told you” Smack Smack “not to plow.”
“You have no right to spank me.” Smack “OWWW!”
She started squirming away and he leaned against the plow smacking harder he kept smacking her bottom over her thin dress and then to her horror he started to pull it up.  Immediately she reached back to stop him and he saw her hands were bleeding. Instantly he stopped; let her go and turned her around turning both her hands over at the same time.
“Elizabeth you weren’t wearing gloves?” He growled
She was starting to cry from the spanking and from her annoyance at him treating her like she was a child. “Yes I was.  But they ripped so I took them off.  I don’t have any others.”
“Ride my horse back to the house and fetch some water. I will be in to take care of your hands.”
She stood there unsure exactly what to do.  She wasn’t angry, just a little annoyed. Yet, she hadn’t felt so cared for in quite some time. Her Pa had been sick for almost a year before he died and even before that he never spanked her, not since her mother got sick and then died.  She was his world.
“I didn’t think you were coming back.”
“Why would you think that?”
“Because, why would you?  Especially after going to town.  Maybe you didn’t talk to anyone.”
Inwardly he groaned, it was not right the life she had here.  “Those hands need tending.  I want you to go back to the house and do as I said.”  She stood there staring at him for another minute and he decided she was not going to listen to him without some encouragement.  He swatted her behind hard and demanded, “Go NOW!!”
She jumped and turned for his horse. “Yes sir,” she said then she quickly mounted and rode off.
She got back to the house and got the water as he instructed.  It wasn’t long till he came in with some salve.
She was standing at the sink pouring water over her hands. He grabbed a towel and led her to the table and sat her down.
“Turn your hands over darling.”
He started gently wiping them. She winced
“O honey these are bad, Look at me.” She looked up to his blue eyes full of care. “I don’t want you do anything except caring for the baby until these heal. No dishes or anything I will take care of everything till your hands heal. After that you will only do the work that is fitting to a woman.  Anytime you are doing anything that is going to be hard on your hands I want you wearing gloves and NO PLOWING. Understood?” He started putting salve on her hands.
“Yes sir. But I…I don’t have any gloves and I don’t have the money for any.”
“We will go in town tomorrow and get you some.”
She lowered her head He could tell she didn’t want to go into town. “They…..they are mean to me and stare at me.  They whisper behind their hands.  I know what kind of things people say about me.  I hate going to town. I don’t want to take my baby into that either.” She started to cry.
He gently grabbed her chin “Look at me. I will take care of you they will not be mean or rude. I will be beside you the whole time. I promise. I will carry the baby around and protect him as well.” He kissed her hand
“You need to go lay down now. You don’t look so good.”
“But I need to cook supper.” Just then the baby started to cry.
“No arguing with me. Now go feed the baby.” He said as he picked her up.
She was so weak from the heat and the pain in her hands she just laid against his chest as he carried her to bed. His feel was right.  It had only been 2 days but she felt that she could care for this man.  Still she wondered why he would want anything to do with her.  He obviously considered her no more than a little girl with a baby.
As he laid her in bed he picked up the baby handing him to her, his heart went out to them.   She had endured so much for one so young and this baby needed his mamma.  His protective instincts were strong for both of them and as he got to know her he was finding himself attracted to her and liked the idea of making them a little family.  Her initial plainness seemed to be more of a mask.  As he studied her face he could see she had an inner beauty that could shine forth if her life had not been full of heartache and hard work.  For a few minutes Simon simply watched her being so nurturing to a baby that was conceived from tragedy no doubt but he didn’t care. He saw she loved the baby.  Maybe, just maybe he had found the right woman for him.  He hadn’t really been looking for someone to share his life with but there was something about this girl that made him want to hold her and never let her out of his sight.
Simon went out and did the chores and started working on a surprise for Beth and the baby. He got lumber to make a cradle when he was in town. When he came back in both Beth and the baby were sleeping. He watched them for a min they looked so peaceful.
Simon made dinner and carried a plate to Beth.  “I hope it’s alright.  I am not the best cook in the world but I made dinner for us so you could rest.”  Beth sat up sleepily and looked at him as if he had grown an extra head.  “What?”  He asked.  “You are looking at me as if I did something wrong.”
“I’ve not had anyone cook for me since my Ma died when I was ten.  I always do the cooking.  You should have woke me up I wouldn’t have minded cooking dinner.”
“I said I will do everything until your hands heal and that is what I meant.  I am not the best cook but I can manage simple things.”  He handed her a plate and then sat in the chair next to the bed to eat with her.  Conversation was easier this time than it had been the evening before.  Both were trying to feel the other out.  Beth was trying to learn more about this man and why he wanted to take care of her and what he thought about the baby. Maybe with him here helping on the farm she would get to keep the baby. She did love him very much despite how he came to exist.  Simon was trying to find out what all she had been through and learn more about how she had gotten pregnant.
The next morning Beth slept late so by the time she woke the sun was already up. She heard Simon come in the door as she was getting out of bed.
She jumped out of the bed and ran to the drawer looking for the baby and he was not there. She ran out of the bedroom and started yelling “Simon Simon the….” As she walked into the other room she saw Simon sitting at the table eating and next to him was the most beautiful cradle she had ever seen and her baby was soundly sleeping inside of it.
“Good morning honey. ” He had turned around when he heard her scream. “Are you ok?”
She walked slowly over to the cradle her eyes wide she ran her hands all over it smiling. “Did you umm….did you make this for him? It’s beautiful but…..”
“But nothing,” He interrupted.
“Well you didn’t have to your uncle has one at his place for him and…..”
“Beth he needs one here. For now he’s here and we will discuss that all another day. Ok?”
“Well I umm.’’ She stopped as she saw the look in his eyes that it wasn’t going anywhere so she went to a different subject. “Why did you let me sleep so late? There’s lots to do.”
He raised an eyebrow and chuckled a little, “Honey, I told you that I was taking care of everything till your hands are healed up. You are just so feisty you like to jump from one thing to the next.  If you don’t listen I will add some more sting to your backside.” He said with a grin.
“Yes sir.” She said with a half smile something about him calling her honey made her feel warm inside.
“Get ready I will fix you breakfast then we can go into town.”
“We really don’t need to go today.”
“Woman I’m gonna turn you over my knee if you don’t stop arguing with everything I say.”  She quickly jumped up to get ready as he swatted her bottom.
As they got closer into town she started scooting closer to him on the buggy and hanging on tight to the baby.  He reached over and put his arm around her “Its ok just stay by me and don’t talk to anyone. I will take care of it.”
“But they will say mean things behind my back. They make me mad and I….”
“You will not say anything back you are a lady and you will act like one. It’s my job to protect you now.  Just listen to me.”
“Yes Sir.” She said as she rested her head against his chest.


Don't worry, part two will be up tomorrow. Don't forget to come back!


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