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Friday, August 09, 2013

Fantasy Friday - The Doctor's Assistant

Happy Friday everyone. It's nice to be home with just Nick and me for a while. Mollie has another week of camp and then it will be time for her to go right back to school. She's one busy girl. Yes it will soon be back to school for me too, but I refuse to think about it just yet. K sera, sera - what will be, will be... 

Today's story is by Del Fonte, her stories are wonderful fun and I really enjoy them. You can go to her blog, A Place of Fancies,  and find out more about this wonderful writer.

The Doctor’s Assistant

“So let me get this straight,” said the Blonde, “you’ve picked me to accompany you on wild adventures through time and space?”
“Yep,” he replied. “I’ve searched high and low, well no, actually more like back and forth, and found you. You’re perfect.”
“Perfect?” she queried crossing her arms and slouching on one hip. The blonde hair was tossed to one side with a flick of her head.
“You have that look about you,” he clarified. “That rebellious, danger seeking, carefree approach to life. It’s brilliant. When we’re on the brink of disaster and the end of the world, you will be there saving it all. With me, of course. Oh, you’re young and pretty too. That helps.”
“Look,” she pursed her lips and wondered what that look really looked like.
“I’ve also noted you screech my name perfectly when we’re in a crisis.”
“Your name,” she said. “I don’t know you name.”
“You say Doctor beautifully,” he smiled.  “Since the position as my Assistant became vacant, I’ve missed the sound of my name being shouted down corridors, across deserts and in dark mysterious houses.  Whispered too, sometimes you’ll have to whisper it in a nervous kind of way.”
“I’m sure I’ll get the practice,” she smirked. “So how do we do this travelling business.”
“Let me show you.”
Lilly thought he was going to take her to some invisibly cloaked spaceship or maybe a portal, like a magic mirror. She was taken to a blue scruffy antiquated box in a side street.
“This!” she exclaimed, “is a time machine? Where are the rockets for blasting off?”
“I sort of forgot to add them as a feature. In any case, I need to be subtle and fit in to my surroundings,” he gave the box a pat.
Lilly disagreed. “I would prefer a rocket.”
“Noisy things, you’ll prefer this better.”
“It’s too small,” she pointed out measuring up the external dimensions.
“Small!” he said indignantly. “She’s special. What goes on in here is beyond your dreams. Once this door is shut, we can do anything we like and nobody will know. It’s vast inside here because our imaginations are enormous too.”
Now Lilly felt a twang of excitement. She was about to leave her boring, unadventurous life behind and travel the universe with a strangely dressed man who seemed incapable of speaking slowly or coherently. She followed him through the narrow open door into the interior and instantly gasped.
It was a creation made from junk.  Before her she saw the leftovers of many eras stuck together. If she looked hard she was convinced she could see yoghurt pots, cereal packets and other items commonly thrown out. In addition the room had been painted with the kinds of colours that nobody ever bought; dark ominous shades. She liked it all; it was quirky and fun.
“Wow,” she said softly. “It is big. Is this the only room? Where do we sleep?”
“Oh, there’s loads more,” he waved an arm about. “If I gave you a tour we’ll be doing it for all eternity.”
After a brief exploration, during which she touched things he told her not to touch, they came to another doorway. “What’s behind here?”
“There is one important thing I’ve not told you about Lilly,” he pulled a slight face. “Before I throw the switch and sent us flying through time and space to the furthest reaches of the universe, we need to discuss protocols.”
“Protocols?” she grimaced. Lilly did not like rules and procedures. She considered it her duty in life to push back at everything and everyone. She was Miss Unconventional and she kept an air of mystery about her person as well as being the girl next door in appearance.
“See, this is how it works,” he began to explain. “We will go someplace innocuous and then disaster strikes and the end of the world beckons. We will have a few scrapes with baddies and then at a critical moment, I will instruct you not to do something and you will naturally do it.  The end result is you save the universe and we go off to have a cup of tea.”
“So by doing the opposite of what you say, I make good?” Lilly liked the sound of her role.
“Yes,” he said nervously. “But I will be a little cross with you, for being disobedient.”
“But I will save the world!” said Lilly bemused by his attitude.
“By disobeying me. Which means we have a trust issue,” he noted.
“Oh, I suppose so,” she sulked.
“To rectify the situation, I have a remedy,” he said optimistically.
“Oh jolly good,” she said with a grin and the expression sank away; he looked very pensive.
“Each time you do the opposite of what I ask, we’re going to come here. After the dust has settled of course, and I’m going to… spank you,” he rushed the last two words out quickly.
“Spank me!” she shrieked.
“Wow, you are so good at that aren’t you. I mean the voice is perfect for me.” He looked at her gleefully, rubbing his hands together. “So in this room are the few bits and bobs with which I’ll need to spank you.”
“A few what?” she asked cautiously.
“Well, when you’ve been travelling as long as me, you pick up a few things. It was just a little hobby at first. A hairbrush from that system, an item of clothing from that planet, something indescribable from this moon. I got carried away a bit. But you mustn’t worry. I would never harm you. I am a doctor after all.”
Lilly felt intrigued. “So if I travel the galaxies as your Assistant, don’t do as I’m told, you’ll take me in there and spank me?”
“Yep, basically.”
“Cool,” she said cheerfully. “When do we get started?”


Del Fonte, thank you so much for sharing another story with us. Your work really give me a pick me up and I know others feel the same way.  I hope more of you are writing and you will be willing to share your stories with us. Send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Del Fonte,
    that a new take on The Doctor, mind you it would have been a pleasure spanking some of his assistants.
    Hi PK.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Wonderful fun story DF. You are so creative! Really enjoyed this and love the last line LoL

    Thank you PK for continuing to bring us FF. Have a wonderful weekend :)


  3. DF,

    That was a different story. Really enjoyed it, thanks.

    Thank you PK.


  4. Agreat si fi story. now you gotta come up with some adventures


  5. That was fun ... thank you for a wonderful story!

  6. Got to read this to my husband , he is a fan!!
    love Jan.xx

  7. Very cute story. Thanks so much for sharing.