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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Fantasy Friday - Saving Beth, part two

I'm still entertaining family, but as promised, here is part two of Saving Beth. You can find the first part here. This wonderful story is coming to us from Daisy Christian, over at Guide Me Gently.  Please enjoy...

Saving Beth
part two

As they rode through town she saw people starting to stare. When they stopped in front of the mercantile he turned to her and tilted her chin to so their eyes met.
“You sure are beautiful Miss Beth.”  He then got down.  She handed him the baby and he helped her down. As he wrapped his arm around her and holding on to the baby he really hoped she would want him as her husband some day and want to keep the baby.
They walked into the mercantile. Mrs. Oleson the merchant came out “Well hello how can….Ohhh.” She looked at Beth and a sour look crossed her face as she continued. “Its’ you. I’m just stepping out.”
Beth leaned closer to Simon he grabbed her hand and squeezed it. “Well, we won’t be long or we can wait but Miss Beth needs some gloves and she needs to be fitted for some pretty new dresses. She also needs material to make things for little Simon. ” He said as he kissed the baby’s forehead.
Beth looked at him in surprise.  She had not had any knowledge about the dresses and did he really just call the baby Simon?  He smiled at her.
“Or I suppose we can go to Granite City and they will take our money.” He said as he pulled his money out of his pocket. Everyone knew local merchants can’t turn away good paying customers.
Mrs. Oleson Huffed “Well, let me see what I got.”
“Thank you ma’am” Simon said as he gave Beth’s hand another squeeze.
“Jez… I mean miss come with me.”
The town’s people all called her Jezebel rumors went around because of her living alone and all the men that foraged by and the baby she had. Simon his eyes were narrowed at Mrs. Oleson.  “It’s alright Beth. Miss I’d like it kindly if you treat her with respect or else I will speak with your husband and maybe I will teach him how to learn you some respect.” 
He winked at Beth and she smiled and whispered “thank you.”
She picked out some material to make things for the baby then Mrs. Oleson got her measurements then came out and she and Simon looked through some catalogs. He told her to pick whatever she wanted. He could tell she was trying to get the cheapest dresses and when he saw some that were more expensive he could tell she liked he would make a mental note so he could secretly add them to the order. When they were all done he said “Mrs. Oleson is there a good seamstress in town that could have a dress or two made in a day?”
Beth looked at Simon “I can sew Simon and plus these dresses are plenty.”
“Beth your hands are not well enough and I want you to have a pretty dress for church on Sunday.”
Beth looked wide eyed at him. She was not going to church; no way! Not that she didn’t want to attend church but then everyone would stare at her.  She would discuss it later with him in private.
Mrs. Oleson snorted at the thought of her going to church “Well yes pick out the fabric and pattern and you can come here and get it tomorrow afternoon.  Two of them can be made.”
They got the fabric and pattern picked out. Simon paid for everything including the 2 dresses to be made. They found a couple pairs of gloves and some new shoes for Beth as well.
When they got into the buggy and headed home Beth Said “It will take me a while but I will pay you back someday.”
Simon smiled at her. “Someday?”  He smiled to himself, he rather hoped that someday she would end up being his wife and no wife pays back her husband.
“Yes.  I don’t know when I might be able to come up with so much but I will find a way.”
“Darling, I would like….” Simon didn’t want to say anything that would scare her anymore than he knew she was already scared around men.  “Well, I think I would like to court you.  And if things work out…..well someday I would like you to be my wife.” He looked down at the baby; “Be a Pa to Simon.”
She frowned up at him, “Your wife?  But why would you want me? I’m sure in Texas you could have any pretty girl you want and someone towns people don’t call a Jezebel. And as for the baby…..”
He abruptly stopped the wagon turned to her and took her chin to look him in the eyes.
“Elizabeth talking bad about yourself could get your behind blistered. So this is one time I will let it go but I will not have you talk bad about anyone I care about especially you. Besides just because a woman is pretty on the outside doesn’t make her pretty; it’s what’s on the inside. Do you understand me?”
“Yes Sir….but I Still…..you care about me?”
“Yes Beth and if you will let me I believe I could easily love you.  Besides to me you are very beautiful.”
Her eyes filled with tears she didn’t understand all of this.  She never would have known how such a nice looking man like Simon and with money could care anything for her, let alone say that he could love her but he said he did. He also wanted to keep the baby and had given him his name.  The one thing she was sure of was that Simon wasn’t a man to fool around like that.
He could see she got quiet and maybe scared.  “Beth, are you ok honey?”
“Yes.” Did she tell him how she felt that this was all different for her and she wasn’t sure about her feelings?  She wasn’t sure of anything at that moment.  Yes it felt right to be in his arms.  Yes she liked being taken care of for a change.  But…..she had never even considered anything other than growing old all alone and a complete outcast. What would happen when he learned her whole story? Does he already know and how much? Does he know how I became pregnant? She whipped tears from her eyes as she thought she might be able to keep the baby and wondered if she could.
Simon decided not to push her right now; they could talk later. Maybe she’s worried about me knowing the truth. Should I tell her I know or let her open up? He started the buggy back up and she leaned against his arm. They rode quietly the rest of the way home.
Once they got back at home they settled in and she sat down at the table telling Simon how to cook lunch because he wouldn’t let her do anything.
“Simon I could wear my gloves while I cooked.  They would keep my hands safe and well…..we could have an eatable meal.”
He turned with a wooden spoon pointing at her. “Look here woman I told you that you weren’t doing anything till your hands were healed. So you set right there and keep giving me directions. I can follow directions you know and this meal will be eatable.”
She squirmed in her chair she knew he would not hesitate to enforce his words and she wondered if he might do more than stir with that spoon if she wasn’t quiet. “Yes Simon.”
They had ham and beans and corn bread. She hadn’t had such nice meals in a long time that she hadn’t cooked herself.  Simon was a big eater and he ate well.  They agreed Beth was a good teacher and Simon was a good student.
They sat there quiet for a min and then quietly Beth said “Ummm earlier when you called the baby Simon; was that just to keep things simple or do you want him to have your name? You know that I might be….well the baby is supposed to go live with the Andrews when we know he will take cow’s milk. And you know that I….”
“Beth….Beth.” He walked over from where he was doing the dishes and grabbed her hands and stopped her rambling on and on. “Beth slow down ok? Let’s just see where everything goes. I do want his name to be Simon if it is alright with you.  And if you will have me as a husband I want the 3 of us to be a family. Let’s slow down; I know you’re scared and nervous. We have a lot to fix around here so let’s take one day at a time ok. Right now Little Simon is not going anywhere and neither am I.”
The next couple of weeks went pretty good. Beth stayed out of trouble. They went to church that Sunday despite Beth’s arguments.  She had pushed so hard not to go that she had nearly gotten in trouble.  Then they went the following Sunday as well and she didn’t even try to argue with him about it. Beth and Simon were really getting to know each other and things were going good. The town’s people were treating her better. Beth thought that Simon put a buzz in the ear of the husbands of the busy body wives. Simon had privately told the preacher they were getting married soon. The preacher was pleased. He also told the preacher he was staying in the barn.
Beth’s hands were better so she made dinner that night then after they ate and tended to little Simon Beth went in to start sewing and knitting while Simon finished up the chores. Simon came in to talk to Beth before he settled in for the night.
“Chores all done.  Come over to the table Beth. I wanna talk.”
She picked up her stitching and took it to the table. She was a little fidgety she didn’t know why he wanted to talk but it sounded serious.
“Beth I wanna talk about getting married. I would like to become a family with you and Simon. Do you want that?”
She didn’t answer she was scared and nervous.  He didn’t know about how she got pregnant, He didn’t know a lot. Simon stared at her as she knitted very fast.
“Beth did you hear me?” He said as he grabbed her hand and then her chin lifting it to look at him then he got down on one knee and said “Elizabeth Jane Markham will you marry me?”
“Simon I need to tell you something first. I need to tell you about how I got pregnant with little Simon.”
“Beth honey you don’t have to tell me anything. I know that you aren’t a widow. I know about nasty men that came around here. However many took advantage of you I don’t care. I know the woman you are and I love you. I know that you love the baby and care about him no matter what. I hope that you love me too.”
Beth was shocked.  She had not known that he was so well informed about her.  She felt honored that despite her past he still wanted her.  It was unbelievable and it made her very happy.  “I do love you Simon and Yes I will be your wife.”
Simon stood up and pulled her out of the chair swirling her around as she cried and they laughed.  They talked a little while longer and then Simon was getting ready to go out to the barn when all of a sudden they heard gun shots outside. Beth ran to get her rifle and she picked the baby up out of the cradle to put him in the drawer as Simon went to look out the window with his gun in hand.
When Beth came out with the rifle he said, “Oh no Elizabeth you go in the room with the baby and stay put. DO NOT come by this window or go outside.”
 “Simon I can take care of myself.”
“Elizabeth no arguing.”
There were 2 men shooting in the air. They were trying to take off with cattle.
He got on the front porch and was walking towards them. “You need to get off this land now.”
“Well we were told little lady lived here alone.  We didn’t know she had a man friend.”
Just then one of the men shot at him and he fell to the ground. Beth had been looking out the window and she thought he had been shot.  Terror ran through her as she slung the door open and stepped on the front porch shooting a whole in one man’s hat and then a shot right in front of the horses.  She was afraid she had lost Simon before they had even had the chance to get married.  The men looked at her shocked and took off.
Simon was picking himself up off the ground.  He brushed off his clothes and turned and glared at Beth with rifle in hand on the porch. She saw the scowl on his face, turned and fled back in the house as he stomped towards her.
She thought about putting the lock down on the door but instead she just shut it.  In seconds he flung it wide again and then caught it and her arm. He gently took the rifle out of her hands then sitting it down he took her over to a wooden chair as he pulled it out. He then pulled her down over his knee.
“NOO Simon. I thought they…..” Smack! Smack! He started in on her backside.
“If you were hiding like I told you to then you wouldn’t have known what happened.” His hand continued reigning down on her poor bottom as she squirmed and kicked.
“Simon stop. Stop now! I’m not gonna listen to you! But I can take care of myself!”
“When he decided he wasn’t getting through he stopped for a minute picking up a wooden spoon that was sitting in a dish in the middle of the table he then pulled up her dress and began spanking on her undergarments.
“OOO Simon you can’t. It’s not descent.”
“I won’t bear you completely until after you are my wife but then it will always be on the bare.  For now it is just your undergarments so it will be fine.”
Whack! Whack!  The spoon fell down on her bottom and the back of her thighs.
“Are you going to listen to me when I give you an order?”
The pain was awful and soon Beth felt she would promise anything just to get him to stop. “YES! YES SIRRR! PLEASE YOUR KILLING ME!!!”
“I’m spanking you; no one was ever killed by a spanking. You are not alone ELIZABETH I am taking care of you and you need to understand that!!!”  He emphasized each word with a swat and kept swatting.
She started to go limp and her please got quiet. He stood her up and walked her to the corner.  “Stay there and do not move unless the baby needs you.”
He went to check on the cattle and look around some to see if the men were gone. He hated going out to the barn to sleep tonight leaving her in the house alone but he also didn’t want to compromise her anymore than she already was. They had to marry soon.
Beth was standing in the corner where he left her.
“Beth, are you ok?” He said gently as he touched her shoulder.
She jumped to his voice and touch.  He turned her around and she fell into his embrace crying.
“It’s over now sweetie. It’s ok. I’m sorry I may have been too harsh on you but you scared me I don’t want to lose you.”
She started to cry even more.  “I don’t want you to go to the barn tonight. You were right I do need you.”
“Honey I don’t want to go to the barn either but I can’t stay in here till were married.”
She sat up quickly. “Let’s get married tonight.”
He chuckled “We can’t get married tonight but maybe tomorrow.  You need to get to bed and get some rest.  Would you like me to sit with you until you fall asleep?”
“Yes please.”  Simon waited until she was dressed for bed and called him and then he went into the room with her. He took little Simon out of the drawer and put him in the cradle. Then he rubbed her back until she fell asleep.
The next morning Beth got breakfast done early hoping that when Simon got done with the chores they could go to the preacher and get married. Maybe they would get married at Joe and Mary Andrews House.
Simon came in and walked over and gave Beth a hug from behind then turned her around for a very long kiss. This was the first time they had a real romantic kiss. He pulled her over to the table sitting her across from him he grabbed her hands.
“Beth do you really wanna marry me?”
“Yes Simon I think I do.  I am still nervous but I already trust you more than anyone else.  The only other person I could ever trust was Pa.”
“Well get you and the baby ready and we will go to my uncles and see if we can get married there tonight. I will get the preacher while you and my aunt prepare.”
“What dress would you like me to wear Simon?”
Simon then jumped up and walked out the door.  She looked at him not knowing what he was doing.  She was afraid she had said something to upset him but she couldn’t figure out what it might have been. He came back so quickly that she didn’t have much time to ponder what had caused him to leave so quickly. He had put the new dresses on the porch that she had admired the day they went into town.  He had not yet shown them to her.
“Here wear one of these.”
“OOO Simon those are the dresses I really liked in the catalog. How did you know?”
“I could tell how your finger paused over them and when you walked out I ordered them secretly.” He smiled
She went over threw her arms around his neck and kissed him all over his face.
“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”
He handed her the dresses playfully smacking her behind, “Go get ready future Mrs. Simon Andrews. Hurry.  Hurry.”
She squealed and took off for her room.
His uncle was more than happy for them to get married there. Beth and Mrs. Andrews made some dinner and got some flowers together for a bouquet . Simon and Mr. Andrews went to get the preacher and tell a couple people in town that Simon and Beth had been talking to. There were a few new people in town that had become friends with Simon and Beth and didn’t live far from them. The wedding went great. Beth promised to obey and Simon promised to cherish her.
When they got home Beth was nervous. Simon was going to the barn to feed the animals for the night and bring his stuff into their house.  Beth was inside feeding the baby hoping he would stay down for the night and then thinking about what would happen. She had never been touched in a marriage way except when she was raped and the thought of that made her shiver. Should she tell Simon how she felt and maybe he could help her? What would he think of her for thinking of that man while they are in their marriage bed?  When she had been raped, it had been nothing but pain to her.  She was scared of Simon taking her because she was scared it would hurt again.  She knew he would never do anything to hurt her on purpose, other than spank her but……she just could not quiet her fears.

When Simon came in Beth was pacing back and forth fidgeting with her hands and her dress. She never heard Simon coming in. He could tell she was talking to herself she was shaking her head and everything.
“Beth honey” Simon said quietly not to startle her.
“Simon I didn’t hear you come in.” She jumped and quickly whipped her tears.
Simon looked at her and walked over grabbed her hand and led her to the bed. He sat down and set her on his lap as another tear leaked down her face. He gently whipped it away.
“Tell me what’s wrong darlin?”
She put her head down and he gently raised her chin up.
“Beth you need to always tell me what’s wrong. I always want to help but I can’t if you don’t talk to me girl.”
“Simon I…I…. I’m scared. I can’t do this I’m scared” She put her hands over her face and started crying.
He sat there rubbing her back shaking his head he would love to get a hold of that man.
“Beth honey its ok we will go slow and I want you to keep your eyes open at all times so you can see me. Ok?”
She raised her head up and he kissed her lips then he showed her how a real man treated a woman and every time she flinched or closed her eyes he would stop and tell her to open her eyes and reassure her that it was him and he loved her.
The next morning she woke up to the sun in her eyes and realized the baby hadn’t woken her up but he had eaten sometime in the night. She reached over to touch Simon but he wasn’t there then she heard his voice talking to the baby and she listened closely and he was saying “say Pa say Pa.” then he laughed and said “Someday you will someday soon.” She also smelled something good and at this time had walked to the door way as she saw Simon kiss little Simons cheek and then said “I love you little boy and can’t wait to teach you to hunt and fish.”  She smiled and thought to herself that she was very lucky to find a good husband and Pa for them.


Daisy, thank you so very much for sharing this story with us. You did a great job and we hope you'll share more.  If anyone else is interested in sending us a story, please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


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