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Friday, August 16, 2013

Fantasy Friday - Encounter in the Wood

This is the last Friday before I begin school, yep summer has gone and I'm heading back. I'll soon put up one big moaning post, then try to get my attitude right, take a deep breath and make the plunge.  Today we have an excellent story buy a fantastic writer. This story is by flopsybunny/AKA Lucy Appleby.  Lucy writes a wide range of spanking stories as you can see over at her blog, Lucy Appleby's Spanking Stories.  Lucy is also the co-director of LSF Publications (who publishes Sunny's books) so this fine lady knows spanking stories.  Lucy, thank you so very much for sharing a story with us.

Please enjoy...

by flopsybunny/AKA Lucy Appleby

In her dream, Bryony stood outside the cottage which lay sleeping, enfolded in the warm silence of the summer night, its mellow stone bathed in swathes of silver moonlight. Stepping lightly down the garden path scented with the sweet fragrance of lavender and wild thyme, she walked down the rough track which led to the entrance of the wood.

Ash, copper and beech congregated, beckoning with slightly swaying twisting fingers, and behind them, massive-girthed and towering in a solid silhouette against the vast moonlit sky, stood gnarled and ancient oaks.

The hoot of a tawny owl cut through the still air as a long, eerie shriek. Bryony peered ahead into the dense coppice, to see the faint outline of an old way shining under the moon. Treading softly, she followed its course as it wove around humps and hollows. She was aware of new sounds now - little scurryings of the creatures of the night as they caught her scent and darted out of sight.

Pausing on the path, Bryony remained perfectly still, listening. Someone deep within the shelter of the trees was calling her, and they were moving inexorably closer.

"Hello? Where are you?" She looked round but could see only shadows.

There was no answer save for the soft rustle of leaves in a gentle breeze. A slight chill danced over her bare shoulders and she shivered, trembling as the wind rose suddenly and howled a lament through the swaying treetops.


His voice whispered her name. He was close now. Very close. And all the night-time noises were stilled, morphing into a strange expectant silence, as thick and impenetrable as the densest thicket. For long moments, all Bryony could hear was the thud of her own heartbeat pounding in her ears.

Moonshadows surged, racing over the dark swell of hills to the north, and then the glimmer disappeared as the moon hid behind a cloud and night prevailed. In that moment, a hand gripped her shoulder, and she shrieked out her alarm.

"Come to me," he murmured, drawing her closer.

"Who are you?"

He laughed, his eyes sparking darts of white hot fire in the darkness. And as the moon reappeared and rode the skies once more, his form was revealed to her - tall, lean and dark haired with glittering eyes that held all the secrets of the ages. He looked upon her lithe form, and his hand reached out to touch her hair, as dark as his own, thick tresses tumbling down to her waist.

His touch was electric and Bryony gasped at the wonder of it, her voice turning to a horrified wail as in one fluid motion he ripped the fabric of her nightgown from neck to belly, pulling it over her shoulders and down over the fullness of her hips as she stood naked before him under a rising wind.

Casting off his cloak, his hands moved to the belt at his waist. Bryony watched in an agony of helplessness as his long fingers unbuckled it and drew the leather through his fingers. She could smell the leather. He rubbed it over her breasts and her nipples hardened further, demanding attention. Then he lowered his hand, trailing the thick leather down over her belly, her groin, her thighs, pausing to trace it over her most secret places. The scent of her arousal pleased him. After kissing her fleetingly on the lips, he placed one hand on the small of her back and pushed her down on to his cloak on her hands and knees.

Glancing over her shoulder, she looked at him fearfully, and yet there was a deep aching hunger in her eyes.

"I know," he read her mind. "I know exactly what you want ... what you need." He looped the belt over and gripped it tightly. "Scream all you like, Bryony." He raised his arm and brought the belt cracking down over her pale flesh.

His arm rose and fell repeatedly, fuelled by her cries and writhings, as her once milk-white creamy skin began to mottle magenta under the moon. Her shrieks rose and were carried on the back of the wind, deep into the night. The crack of the leather snapped and thwacked as it flayed the tender skin of her buttocks and her thighs, and her tears pooled silver on grass and leaf.

Time was meaningless in this place. All she knew was pain - a frenzied agony tempered with a growing excitement. As the strap bit, criss-crossing the curves of her bottom, she threw back her head and howled at the scudding moon, flinching as each blow landed, and then rocking her hips, eager to embrace her torment.

The air shimmered. He paused and his hands caressed the red and welted flesh beneath his fingers.

"Come to me," he whispered.

Bryony awoke with a start, bathed in sweat, her heart pounding. Her bedroom lay in a patchwork of greying shadows, sliced through by a ray of moonlight filtering through a gap in the curtains. She got out of bed and looked out of the window, the sound of his voice urgent in her head.

Wide awake, Bryony stood outside the cottage which lay sleeping, enfolded in the warm silence of the summer night, its mellow stone bathed in swathes of silver moonlight. Stepping lightly down the garden path scented with the sweet fragrance of lavender and wild thyme, she walked down the rough track which led to the entrance of the wood.


This story is available within the e-book, Six of the Best: Book 6 by Lucy Appleby, in a variety of electronic formats including epub, mobi and pdf.  http://www.lsfpublications.com/index.php?id=23

Lucy, thank you so very much for sharing this story with us. I know you have your own site and that makes your willingness to share even more special. I'll be heading to your site to read more.  If anyone else is willing to share a story with us pleased send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. I'm so glad you made a connection. Great story. Thanks Lucy and PK for sharing.

  2. Great story. Thanks very much for sharing :)

  3. Lucy writes great stories. Love this one. Thank you.

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  4. Great story Lucy.
    Thank you for sharing the story with us


  5. Lucy,
    interesting and different, I'll have to look you up.
    Hi PK.
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  7. Thanks for sharing my story PK :) And thanks to the people who have commented. I'm really glad you liked it.

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  8. I enjoy Lucy as well! Love the descriptions, they really have great detail! Thanks Lucy! Thanks PK!

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    I really enjoyed this story and I too liked the level of detail.


  10. Hi PK, :) I enjoyed reading Lucy's story! Thanks for posting it! Many hugs,

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