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Friday, August 03, 2012

Fantasy Friday - Accidents Happen

I am really enjoying having all my kids at home!  It's definitely a full house with Mollie, L J, Collin and a few others that I'll tell you about soon. All the rest of the reunion folks will be in tomorrow and I finally have my gas range hooked up just in time to do my yearly cooking.  

I know it's time for Fantasy Friday and I wouldn't want to miss that.  Sunnygirl has helped me out once again.  Not only has she done our Fantasy Friday, she also has a great story going over at her site.  So there should be plenty for you to read this weekend.  Please enjoy...


Yesterday had been one helluva day for Jimmy Gentry. He overslept and was running late for an important meeting.  He just barely made it to the meeting on time to find out it had been cancelled.  At lunch he found his debit card had expired and he didn’t have any cash.  Then he was involved in an accident.  He was driving back from an appointment and was stopped at a light when the car behind him didn’t realize the traffic wasn’t moving and plowed right into him.  Thankfully, the guy hadn’t been going fast enough to deploy the airbag in either car.  He was fine and so was the other driver.  It was the cars that needed help. He would be driving a rental for the next couple of weeks.

The only good thing about it was that he met a great girl.  At least he thought she was great.  He invited her out for dinner on Saturday night.  Mara McDonnell was the insurance adjuster that came to survey the damage to his car.  She was a 45 year old single mom.  In her job she didn’t meet a lot of single men so when Jimmy invited her for dinner, she figured why not.  He was easy on the eyes at over six feet tall with salt and pepper black hair and piercing blue eyes.  He had an athletic build with wide shoulders and narrow hips. It wasn’t much of a risk because she had access to a great deal of his personal information because of her job.  Not that she would use it, although she might Google him to see what else she could find.  Didn’t everybody do that these days?


When he picked her up on Saturday he was surprised when a young girl answered the door.  He thought he had the wrong address.  She introduced herself as Caitlyn, Mara’s daughter, and said her mother would be with him in a minute.  She offered a glass of wine and led him into the living room and sat down.  She began grilling him like a father for his daughter’s date.  He chuckled to himself and thought Mara had to be a wonderful mother to have a teenage daughter so concerned for her welfare.  He had a son and daughter of his own from his previous marriage and he couldn’t imagine either one of them being so involved.  Mostly, he was a donor.  He and his ex wife had not had an amicable marriage or divorce.  There was little contact.  Jimmy missed his children and hoped; as they grew older they would realize he wasn’t the ogre his ex-wife painted him to be.

When Mara came into the living room, he greeted her and surprised himself when he heard his voice asking if Caitlyn would like to join them for dinner.  She declined and said maybe some other time.  Mara couldn’t believe his actions.  Did that mean he didn’t want to be alone with her? Was he a pervert and wanted young girls? WTF. 

After the farewells to Caitlyn they walked to the car.  She asked him what that was all about?

“What do you mean?” he responded.

“Asking my daughter to join us.  Do you not want to be alone with me or is it that you just prefer younger women, or are you into child molestation?

Jimmy wondered how things could go so wrong so fast.  He was just trying to be a nice guy.

“No, I am not into child molestation.  That isn’t even funny.  I just thought about her being alone and that having her join us for dinner was the right thing to do.  I definitely want to be with you or I wouldn’t have asked for a date.  I didn’t know you had a daughter and was surprised when she answered the door.  I have to tell you she can be intimidating.  I haven’t experienced an interrogation like that since I was a teenager. My palms were beginning to sweat”.

She laughed and agreed Cat could be quite the interrogator.  She wanted to be a criminal investigator and was fine-tuning her skills every chance she had.

“Okay”, Jimmy said, “now can we start again?  First I want to tell you how nice you look.  Second, you don’t look old enough to have a daughter that age and thirdly; where do you want to go for dinner?”

Mara laughed again and Jimmy thought okay - he made it through the initial screw up.  He liked that she immediately called him on his actions and that she could express her displeasure and move on.  He loved laughter and thought that most people were much too serious. He took her to his favorite restaurant.  It was a little neighborhood place that served great food and had an atmosphere that allowed you to converse without shouting.  After dinner they went to the piano bar in the hotel nearby and continued learning about each other.  Some of the things he learned surprised him but he was more than interested in continuing to date her.

When he walked her to the door he leaned in to kiss her goodnight and she backed away. 

“Not yet.  I had a great time and would like to see you again.  I just don’t want to start something that isn’t going anywhere. Think about what we talked about tonight and if you think you want to continue, ask me out again.”

 Jimmy invited her out for the following week.

Mara McDonnell had married young to a lieutenant in the Marine Corp.  He was newly commissioned when he proposed and after a year they decided to get married.  They moved every year during the first five years of their marriage.  Mara was a stay at home wife which suited her husband just fine.  Gene was a take charge guy and took care of everything, Mara included.  Sometimes it was a little stifling but she eventually liked the freedom it gave her.  She didn’t have to make any decisions and as long as she followed Gene’s rules life was good.  If she strayed off the path she was quickly treated to a trip over his knee.  During their sixth year of marriage, Mara became pregnant.  They were both thrilled.  Within six months, she was a new mother, homeowner and a widow.  Gene had been killed in a freak training accident and Mara was on her own.


Throughout the week Jimmy thought about what Mara had shared with him.  Mara wanted a take charge guy.  She told him about Gene and said if she was going to get involved with someone he would have to be another take charge guy.  Until she had to become the breadwinner and the decision maker, she hadn’t realized how good she had it with Gene.  She wanted that again and so she made it a point to lay it all out on the line in the beginning.  If the guy wasn’t interested he never called again and nobody’s time was wasted.  She said it probably explained why she was still single sixteen years after Gene’s death.

Jimmy’s first marriage was an equal partnership and it was a disaster.  They constantly fought each other for the upper hand and it destroyed their love for one another.  Unfortunately, the kids had front row seats to the unraveling.  For the first few years after the divorce, Jimmy tried to maintain a civil relationship with his ex-wife for the sake of the kids.  Year after year she continued to sabotage his relationship with them until there was no relationship at all.  Contacts were few and far between.  He sat on the sidelines at plays, games, scout outings, PTA meetings, birthdays, holidays, etc. but received no acknowledgement of his presence or his paternity.  The only contacts were requests for more child support.

 Jimmy was interested enough in Mara to give her way a try.  He figured he wasn’t getting any younger and he was lonely.


Mara and Jimmy had been dating for over a year when the first real obstacle arose.  Cat had graduated from high school and had gone away to college.  Up until now, and since he lived alone, they spent most of their together time at Jimmy’s.  Now that Cat was no longer around, Mara wanted to spend more time at her house.  Jimmy was not opposed to spending time at Mara’s once in a while but not often enough to suit Mara.  One of the main reasons was that Mara had a double bed while Jimmy had a king making it much easier for a good night’s sleep as far as he was concerned.  They argued and Jimmy suggested she get a larger bed for her house as a solution.

Mara was not pleased with the solution.  She noticed that Jimmy was giving in again.  This was not the type of relationship she desired.  When she was behaving unreasonably she wanted to be held responsible.  Jimmy just kept stepping back.  The further he stepped back the harder she pushed.  She wanted him to step up and take her in hand.  When he made the suggestion about the bed she decided this was going to be their Waterloo unless he stepped up.

When he went to pick her up the following day to go to his place, she told him she wasn’t going. She wanted to stay home.  He was about to give in yet again when a little voice in his head said this was a game.  He remembered she wanted someone to be in charge and he had not taken the reins.   Well, that was about to end.  He had a grueling week and also had another run-in with his ex-wife today. He was going to show her who was in charge.  He told her if she wanted to stay home that was fine with him but they would be staying home the whole weekend.  Mara objected to that because they had tickets to a concert the following night.  He told her to make up her mind. It was her choice and whatever it was she better not be pouty about it.  She chose to stay home.  Based on past experience she was pretty sure he would change his mind about the concert.

Later that next afternoon she started to get antsy.  He was not suggesting she get ready.  Maybe he really was going to forgo the concert.  She started pushing, he pushed back.  She let it drop for an hour and then began teasing and flirting with him.  He told her it was not going to work they were in for the evening.  That’s when she realized he was serious and began throwing a tantrum. He listened to her carry on and walked into the kitchen.  Her mistake was, she followed him. He went over to the utensil jar, selected a wooden spoon, and pulled out a kitchen chair.  She was over his knee and bare bottomed before she realized what was happening.  He started with his hand and very quickly switched to the spoon when she began fighting him.  By the time he was done she was whimpering and begging him to stop.

He helped her up and caressed her back and face.  She tried to rub her backside but he wouldn’t let her.  He told her to feel the burn until it faded. He told her she wanted a take charge man and from now on that is what she would be getting.  If she wanted out she had better say so now because this was the way it was going to be otherwise.

When she didn’t say anything, Jimmy figured this was it.  He started to walk away when she reached out and grabbed his land and led him into the bedroom.

“I don’t think this bed is too small for what I have in mind but if you do we can always go over to your place.” she told him in her soft sexy voice.


Sunnygirl, thank you! You have come to my rescue more than once now, and I really appreciate it.  I'm hoping others will try and help out too.  If you're out there sitting on a story idea - write it up and send it to me!  We'd love to read it.  Send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


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    PK thanks as always for FF!

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    PK, XOX
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    PK, have a terrific weekend with your family!

  9. Thanks everybody and PK you are more than welcome. I will help out any time I can.

    Enjoy your children and your family reunion. Hope there are pics to follow.