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We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Decision made

I want to try to post more.  The more I talk out here the more I feel like myself.  

A few weeks ago I posted here, asking about what to do when you don’t have a dom/sub live style and you have to make a decision where you each want something different.  We’ve been struggling with such a decision.  As I said in that post, we both wanted the same thing, but that wasn’t possible.  With that not happening our choices were opposite one another.

I think Bas helped me see what was happening.  I thought Nick just wouldn’t make a decision when in fact he made the decision to let me decide.  I know it’s not the decision he would have made, but deep down I don’t think he’s too unhappy with letting me have my way on this one.  If you want to see what I’m talking about, scroll down.

I didn’t go looking for them; they just showed up on our carport one night.  The gray one followed me in (I wasn’t paying attention, I thought it was our other gray and white cat).  When I finally saw him, he was stretched out on the floor looking back at me as if to say,  “Do you live here too?”  He was so sweet and gentle.  But I put him out and didn’t feed him.  The next morning I found out he’d brought his sister with him. 

I said shoo! But they didn’t go.  I couldn’t let them starve.  Nick and I both tried to find them a home – we really did, but there were no takers.  I know having four cats make me the ‘crazy cat lady’, but what can you do? I hated putting them in a pound or shelter, even a no-kill one.  But I knew Nick didn’t want four cats.  I wouldn’t have been mad at him if he had taken them to a no kill shelter – but I just couldn’t drive them over and stick them in the cage myself.   he sure isn’t thrilled, but, well… we have four cats.  All vaccinated and fixed and they are both sweet.  The yellow one is a real snuggle bunny!  I just wish someone could solve the shedding problem.


I’m putting this in another color – this is how I’ll be posting my rants about Mr. K, for those that get tired of hearing me bitch, you’ll know what to skip.  I haven’t been to school yet and he’s making me mad already.

I am trying my best to take deep breaths... checked my school email and Mr. K has started. Writing 'parent' letters of introduction and signing my name - spelled wrong, I might add.  Writing a supply list for me that includes things I do NOT want and leaving off the things I need.  Deep breath...  I emailed him and told him that while I appreciated his working on this, NOT to run anything off for me because it was WRONG and I won't be using his versions.

I also talked to Megan today She said Mr. K and Ms. T (the other new one in our four way partnership) laughed and whispered and planned together all day.  She said she really felt like a fifth wheel.  She thinks that they will be sleeping together by the weekend.  I say fantastic!  They can keep each other company and leave Megan and me alone.

I’m guessing he is jumping in to try to be leader of the pack – not gonna happen.  I have seniority in both experience and age.  I have no desire to have him change to my way of doing things.  I think he should do whatever works for him, and Megan and I will continue to do what works for us.


  1. PK,
    so you are a crazy cat lady, makes me love you more.
    At one time I had five dogs and two cats, what did that make me?
    As for your problem at work, stand your ground, do things Your way, don't let him stress you out.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Oh, I think it's going to be a very loooooong year with lots of red ink.

    The kitties are so cute. I'm glad they have a lovely home - they're so sweet together in the pix. Sometimes no decisions are best.

    Try to have a good first day back to the grind and try to keep your hands off of Mr. K's throat.

  3. Oh...who could resist those kitties.

    Triple good for you for standing your ground right from the beginning!!! Megan is luck you are part of the foursome....hang in there.

    hugs abby

  4. We have 4 cats-- you don't reach crazy car lady status until 5 or 6

  5. The cats are adorable PK. I'm more of a dog person but I wouldn't have been able to take them to a shelter.

    Don't let him get to you. Let us know how your first day went.


  6. You-go-girl! He sure has some audacity! I think you are going to be butting heads with him, and winning the war!

    Maybe he will change??

    As to the kitties...how could you resist. We have two dogs and I would be hard put not to take in a stray that adopted us!

  7. My whole life I wanted a kitten.
    but when the Mrs wants a dog, a dog it is. Well its a dog who thinks, she is a cat.
    I am glad I could help a bit with the decision.

  8. I'm not a cat person, but the grey one is gorgeous. I wouldn't have been able to send him to a shelter either :)

    Sounds like Mr.K is going to be your biggest challenge this year. Good luck tomorrow with the first day. My money's on you and he should really beware, lol.

  9. Anonymous8:00 PM

    They are beautiful cats PK

  10. I was the crazy cat lady for awhile, because a mommy cat had babies in our back yard. We adopted the last 2 adolescent cats that stayed around, and meant to get her fixed before she got pregnant again, but it was too late. We were able to give all but one of those five away. We ended up with 4 inside and 1 outside cat. (and all fixed). Then my older cat got end stage kidney disease, and he had to be put down. Then later, I got the remaining 3 declawed because they were tearing up stuff. One died in surgery even though he had surgery to be fixed before. It broke my heart. But now I have a more normal litterbox routine with two indoor and one outdoor. The mommy outdoor is just too wild to come in. She stays on the back patio. I will come to the glass door, but runs away when it's open. With the last litter of kittens which was her second litter, I took them when they were old enough to wean. That way they would be adoptable. At that time I had 3 adult males, and 5 kittens in my house. No matter how hard I tried it smelled of cat poop. Your kittens are so cute. I just love cats. God Bless You and Yours (including your kitties too)- Belle L.

  11. Paul,
    I do love my cats and my dog when we had one. I think all animal lovers are pretty special. I’m planning on a good school year.

    LOL! Yeah, count on the red ink. They are the most laid back kittens I’ve ever known, and boy, can they sleep!

    I know I have to be on top of it. This is my first yellow cat, since college they have all been gray and white or black and white. But she is really growing on me.

    Mrs. Soft Bottom,
    Good, I’ll tell Nick I have couple to go.

    I always thought I was a dog person, but as I’ve gotten older I go more to cats. They are so self sufficient, no walking, just put down the food and cuddle them.

    He won’t change, and I won’t give up. I think we have the word “sucker” written on our house in big letters that can only be read by cats.

    Growing up our dog loved ever cat we ever brought into the family – and there were several. I think you really did help me understand it better, the whole decision thing.

    Gray is beautiful, and he’s going to be a really big cat. As for Mr. K, Sunnygirl told me to keep my hands off his throat. I’ll try to take that advice.

    Thanks, I think so too.

    I’m glad I’m not alone. All our cats can come and go as they please through the pet door. I’ve never had one declawed. True my furniture isn’t perfect but I like them going to the bathroom outside.

  12. Sometimes the choice is made for you so you acually idn't have to disagree or choose.
    Sorry about the red ink. I feel for you. Sounds like this guy is a real horse's behind.

  13. The kittens are very sweet and so are you for giving them such a wonderful caring home. As for Mr. K I am confident that you will be able to hold your ground and make the best of the year, though I am sorry that you have to have the extra challenge of him to deal with.

  14. I love kitties but am only allowed one - PERIOD!! If my DH had gotten his way, I would have NONE but I do have a bit of a stubborn streak at times. I'm just a wee jealous that you get to have four; but enough of that. (0=

    I also just want to let you know that you should let it rip about Mr. K anytime your heart desires. This is your blog and we are your friends. Besides, maybe through the school year we can collaborate together over his shenanigans and find a way to put him in his proper place and keep him there forever! Hmph!!

    Lastly, I would, if it were me, send out my own emails as if none were sent previously with my own information and my name spelled correctly and just completely in a passive-agressive move to undermine his "authority" in the eyes of the parents. Hahaha - yep, Ms. Passive Agressive, that's me. D: