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Friday, August 17, 2012

Fantasy Friday - Bridget and Jon Host a Dinner Party

I sure am glad to see Friday roll around this week.  Nothing is better than a Friday during the school year. The week has gone pretty well.  I'm starting to get a handle on parts of what I'm doing.  But I don't want to think about work.  I want to think about Fantasy Friday.

Today's story is from Slightly Naughty Princess.  Clink the link to check out her blog and there are more stories to be found there.  For now, settle back and enjoy...

Bridget and Jon Host a Dinner Party

Bridget looked at the platter in front of her and turned to look at her husband Jon.

     “We need some black olives to put on this platter.”

     “Bridget, I just went to the store an hour ago to get the fancy tooth picks.  I am not going back to the store for olives now.”

     “Fine!  Be that way.”

And, with that statement, Bridget threw down the dish towel and stormed out of the kitchen.  Jon looked out the window and took a deep breath.  Then he went to find Bridget.  He found her by the dining room table arranging the glasses.

     “Okay, Bridget.  I can see the party has put you under some stress.  I should have done this earlier, but let’s head up stairs.  I think a spanking would help settle you.”

     “Help settle me?  What I need is some help.  All I said was that we needed some olives for the platter.  I just need some space from you right now, Jon.”

     “Well, I think you need to change your attitude here.”

     “The only thing I need to change right now is the table set up and then my clothes. I am trying to do all of this so everything will be great tonight and you are acting like a big jerk.”

     “Alright, Bridget that does it.  At first you needed a spanking just to help calm your nerves and stress level.  But, now you need a spanking not only for that, but your disrespectful attitude.  When you stormed out of the kitchen then I was not happy.  But, now you are calling me names and distancing yourself from me.  I won’t have that.  I’ll be up in two minutes.  You better be undressed and facing the corner when I come up.  Don’t push me on this, Bridget.”


Bridget started up the stairs and a few tears spilled out of her eyes.   The tears were a combination of stress, being mad at herself, and knowing the pending spanking was upon her.  She should have kept her mouth shut! 

Bridget went to their room and took off her shoes, jeans, and her shirt.  She walked over to the corner wall and stood in her panties and bra.  She stared down at her feet and shifted from side to side a little.  She heard Jon coming up the stairs and took a deep breath.  She was not scared of Jon.  She loved him and he loved her.  They were in a committed relationship that included spanking.   But, even so she did not look forward to what was in front of her.   She laughed to herself because what was to take place was really behind her.

Jon walked into the room.  He was pleased Bridget at least did as he asked.  She was standing in the corner waiting for him.  He went over and sat on the bed and then he spoke.

     “Bridget, I need you to come over here now.”

Bridget turned and walked over to her husband and stood in front of him.  He took her hands in his and looked up at her.

     “Bridget, you know I love you.  I want the party to be a big success.  I know it will be because you’ve worked really hard.  But, Bridget you started acting like a brat and I can’t have that.  I was willing to overlook a little bit of an attitude, but really that is a mistake on my part.  If we had done a maintenance spanking earlier then we might not be here right now.  I take responsibility for not reading the signs better.  But, distancing yourself and calling me names goes too far.  So, you have earned this spanking.  I want my sweet and happy wife at this party.  You know I’ll do all I can to help you tonight.  But, we’ve got to take care of this now and not later.  Take off your panties and go get the leather paddle.”

Bridget started to speak, but the words would not come out.  She knew everything Jon had said was true.  She deserved this spanking and so she would not protest.  She stepped out of her panties and walked to the drawer that held their implements.  She glanced at the flogger and quickly thought she wished she was coming to get that instead.  She picked up the paddle and closed the drawer.  She walked back and gave it to Jon.

     “Climb over my lap, Bridget.  Let’s get this done.”

Bridget nodded and put herself over Jon’s lap.  She braced herself for what would come next.  She immediately felt his palm on her butt.

     “Bridget, I was going to just paddle you, but I want to warm you up a little.  I am starting with my hand, but we are going to get to the paddle.”

Jon continued to pound her backside good with his hand.  She was starting to squirm a little and her backside was heating up.


Would he ever stop with his hand?  Bridget started feeling the burn more and more and finally she spoke.

     “I am sorry, Jon.  I know I acted badly.”

     “You did, Bridget.  Just a few more and we will move on to the paddle.”

Finally, he stopped.  He looked down at Bridget.  Her behind was pink.  He did not enjoy punishing his wife.  But, this was the lifestyle they agreed upon and he needed to follow through with his end of the bargain.  He ran his hand over her butt cheeks.  He loved his wife and her submission to him pleased him.

    “Okay, Bridget.  This paddling is for your behavior earlier.  We’ve already talked about this, but distancing and name calling are out of line.  I love you too much to let that slide.”

And, with those words the paddling began.  Bridget found it hard to hold her composure for long.  Gosh, that paddle hurt.   She started squirming around and then she become vocal.

     “Okay, Okay, Jon.  I am sorry!  I.....was.....ouch.....WRONG!”

     “Settle in Bridget, this is not over until I say it over.”

Bridget gripped the bedspread and soon the tears started to fall.  This hurt.  The pain was coming over her, but also her thoughts about her behavior.  She stopped being strong and gave over to her tears.  The paddle kept coming down all over and she cried.

     “You’ve done great, Bridget.  This is the last ten.”

Bridget cried, gripped the bedspread, and let herself lean into her husband.  Finally, it ended.

Jon pulled Bridget up and grabbed her in his arms. 

     “Shhh....baby girl.  I love you.  The spanking is over.”

Bridget felt safe in her husband’s arm.  She let him hold her and whisper words of love to her.

     “Bridget, I know you need to change and get ready for the party.  I know it is going to be great.  I want to make sure you stay submissive and on track.  So, I want you to get the butt plug out of the drawer.  I want you to wear that during the party.”

Bridget looked up at Jon and frowned.  She did not want to do that, but she did not say a word.   He took her chin in his hand and lifted her head to look up at him.

     “Bridget, I love you.  I want to have a great time.  But, when you sit on your chair tonight and you feel the plug and your backside from the spanking then I hope it will remind you to be a good girl tonight.”

Bridget wanted to protest, but she knew he was right.  She knew the plug would be a reminder to her to be on good behavior.  Her backside burned right now.  She did not want to repeat this later.   She went to get the plug out of the drawer.  She grabbed the lube and walked back over to Jon.  Jon motioned her to lean over the bed.  He put some lube on his fingers and placed the lube on her opening.  Then he took the plug and without much ceremony he pushed it in place.   Jon gently patted her behind and kissed her back.  He helped her rise and told her he would see to things downstairs so she could get ready.   She kissed Jon before he left and went to the closet to get her party dress.

The guests arrived and the party was a great success.  Jon passed by Bridget and overheard her talking to one of her friends.  She mentioned something he asked her not to discuss.  He stopped and asked her friend to excuse them as he needed his wife in the kitchen.  Bridget blushed as they walked away.

     “Bridget, I asked you not to discuss that subject with anyone and here I just happen by and you are talking about it.”

     “I’m sorry, Jon.  I know I should not have said anything.”

     “I thought the spanking and the plug would have kept you in line tonight.  Grab that wooden spoon and meet me in the laundry room.”

    “What?!?  Not now, Jon.”

    “Well, wife.  That is not your decision.   Unless you want me to spank you right here in the kitchen then I suggest you get the spoon and meet me in the laundry room.”

Bridget grabbed the spoon and made a dash for laundry room.

     “Bridget, lift up your skirt and lean over the washing machine right now.  I know you are sore, but you are still getting a spanking.   I can’t believe you broke our trust agreement.  The party is going great and I am proud of you for that, but I am disappointed in you right now.”

Bridget lifted her skirt up and put herself over the washing machine.  She grabbed a washcloth and bit into it to stifle any noise.  Jon started spanking her and took extra care to hit her sit spot.  Soon Bridget was dancing around and mumbling into the washcloth in her mouth.  Jon spanked her for a few minutes and stopped.  He did take a moment to push the butt plug in and twist it around, showing his dominance this way.

     “Bridget, it’s over.  Let’s go out and have a good time with our friends.”

 Bridget turned around and hugged her husband. 

    “Jon, I am so sorry.  I should not talk about that issue with my friend.  Thankfully I did not say very much.  You happened to walk by right when I started to talk about it.  I know it was wrong.  I am going to stay on my best behavior from here on out.”

    “That’s my girl.”

And, with that Jon gave her a long kiss and they left the laundry room.  About that same time Bridget’s friend came into the kitchen to help.   She saw Bridget and Jon leave the laundry room.   Bridget had a blush on her cheek and her friend noticed.

    “Hey, Bridget and Jon. What were you doing in there?  Were you fooling around back there?”

    “Ha, Ha.  Good one, Janet.   Jon was helping me put some dirty laundry back there.”

Janet looked at them and smiled.  Bridget grabbed some more food to take to the table and Jon went to get some more ice for the drinks.    The rest of the party went off without a hitch.  Janet told Bridget she would come back in the morning to help clean up the house.  Everyone left and Bridget and Jon made their way upstairs.  Jon told Bridget she could remove the plug.  They were tired, but passion took over those feelings and they made passionate love before falling asleep.   The next morning they got up and made their way downstairs.  The wooden spoon that Jon spanked Bridget with was still out on the table.  Bridget picked up the spoon and stood there and smiled.   Her backside still hurt today, but the memories of the rest of the night were sweeter than any pain she felt.  Jon walked into the kitchen and saw Bridget holding the spoon.

     “You better put that spoon back in the holder or I might decide to spank you again.”

Bridget turned to look at her husband.  His hair was a mess and he looked so good in his boxers.  She loved this man.   She looked at the spoon and back at him.  The next words that came out of her mouth surprised even her.

    “I’m counting on it, husband.  I’m counting on it.”

And, with that she put the spoon down and walked towards the laundry room.  She looked over her shoulder.  She couldn’t help but to smile.  Jon walked over, grabbed the spoon, and tapped it in his hand.  She caught his eye and laughed.  Away she went to wait for the husband she loved.


SNP thank you so much for your story.  I really appreciate my blogging friends that contribute so much to Fantasy Fridays.  I mean several have their own blogs and they are still helping out.  That means a lot to me.  I hope everyone who has a story in them is thinking of sending it.  If you do, send them too elisspeaks@yahoo.com


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