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We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Where are we at the moment?

Not sure, but I have decided to be patient and let things move at Nick’s pace.  I like the feeling, but I also know that sometimes Nick really steps up and sometimes he just kinda lets everything go.  This time I really have hope – don’t know why, but I do. He gave me such a good spanking he other day, it was like a tiny light came back on in my head.  I just hope it grows stronger instead of fading out.

I stayed the same on weight this week so he gave me the choice of going an extra day to the gym next week or to go walking Saturday afternoon and maintenance.  I chose the walk and maintenance.  We took the walk, but there was nothing else – no maintenance.  So I wonder, is he waiting until today or did he forget? I am working on not over thinking – something damn near impossible for me, but I’m trying.

I thought I’d give a school update.  It’s not as bad as I feared.  Although it’s a 4 person team, I really only have contact with Megan.  Mr. K and Ms. T seem fine together and I just stay in my room most of the time.  I miss teaching math, but at the same time, teaching social studies is much more relaxing.

In math they had to understand a concept before I could move on, but it was so hard for some and I still had to move on – big test at the end of the year to see if they did ‘get it’.  It felt like there was so much pressure, on them and on me.  I feel like I can relax some and have more fun with the class.  Right now we are talking about ancient Mesopotamia – they don’t have to get it to function in life.  We can go at a slower pace, and do artwork and projects. It’s different.

Friday we (each teacher in the school) were each given an ipad.  It’s ‘ours’ as long as we work at that school.  It’s cool for sure, but I don’t see how it’s going to help me teach.  I mean I know how much the Internet can help – but I have the compute at home and at school.  The one at school is hooked up to my screen so I can project it to the class. Sooo… I’m not as excited as I could be, it does belong to the school so I’m not going to feel comfortable visiting my sites or writing on it any.  We’ll see, you all can give me some ideas.


  1. PK, I'm glad things are not too bad at school.
    Hopefully Nick will meet your expectations, keeping my fingers crossed for you.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Definitely stay away from the school pc.
    Hope you get a good weekend spanking.

  3. Just getting caught up on your last few posts...thigs sound very positive, I am betting maintenance happens today! Glad school is tolerable..I loved teaching SS...had to give it up for LA.
    hugs abby

  4. Glad things at school are better than you anticipated.

    I bet you will get your maintenance today after your usual Sunday PM brunch.

  5. Your message sounds hopeful PK and so that is good. And, I am glad things are going pretty well at school. All in all...thumbs up for you. Enjoy your Sunday.

  6. Glad to hear things at school are settling down some. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that maintenance happens for you today. That should keep that spark going :)

  7. So glad school is better. I love that you are able to do more art projects and such with the kids.

    I am sure Nick is just waiting for today!

  8. I know its hard to go at the hubbys pace sometimes I'm the same way. Good luck with the school thing.

  9. I can see that not knowing everything there is to know about Mesopotamia will not really cripple them in their future life.
    I see more problems in adapting to Nicks pace. As I have learned to know Nick, he could definitely do with some cheering along.
    I recognize that, because I would need it too.

  10. Sounds like things are getting better though I'm sorry there was no maintenance and hope that you get what you need. *hug* Let us know about the IPAD. I love mine but I can't imagine using is solely work based...I guess you could download different educational games and texts. :)

  11. Paul,
    Trust me, he met them!

    You bet, I’m staying away from the good stuff on the ipad.

    Things are definitely looking up! I want you to be sure to read FF this coming week. I just think you will particularly like it.

    LOL, before and after!

    I’m so glad the year has gotten off to a better start than I was picturing. I know it’s better for the kids when I’m in a better mood too.

    That worked great, now would you cross your fingers that I win a million dollars?!

    I’m looking forward to more art projects myself. It’s something I love.

    It is hard. I want to go, go, go, and he will move when and how he wants to.

    You have honestly taught me a lot in the short time we have been talking. I think you’ve helped me see all this more through Nick’s eyes. We tease about wishing our men could read our minds. I think is some part of my mind I was thinking he could – it’s all been in my head for 40 years it’s all soooo clear how can he help but pick up on it… but of course he can’t. You’ve help me realize that HOH can be unsure at times and for him to be dominant, I have to … listen to him, even it’s I’m not exactly submissive.

    I know I can find stuff from the Internet on it but my computer at school is better for sharing it with the kids. I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

  12. glad that school is turning out to be positive...