I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Badass comes home!

Yep, she has come dragging her sorry ass home!  Wimpy in tow.  Their arrival was completely unexpected.  Not only that, they had a friend with them.  It was the real Nick, the one who sprang to life when I first came out to him. It sure was nice to see him.

I’m doing terrible on my attempts at weight loss, mostly because I’ve completely given up (that’ll do it every time). This past Friday it was really up there.  I had a cold and it was the first week of school and Mollie had been home and, and, and…  Nick never mentioned it and I was resigned to the fact it wasn’t something he wanted to mess with anymore.

I was planning to give up my gym membership – have haven’t been in a couple of months. But suddenly, Monday, Nick hands me a check and tells me I’m going back.  Hmmm… always nice to be told, then I don’t have to decide for myself.  How many times I have to go each week, according to Nick, is going to be based on how much I lose.  Again hmmm…

Today I decided to go, but I wasn’t all that enthusiastic about the idea. When I got there, although I’d remembered my gym clothes, I hadn’t remembered my tennis shoes and with only sandals I decided to head on home.  Nick was out mowing and I found the following email:

I hope you aren't thinking I have ignored your last Fri weigh-in.  With Mollie and colds I put things on hold... however.  As you get settled in today give some thought to your lack of progress.  Beyond the numbers and reasons or excuses for.  Where have you been on effort and attitude?  

 While reflecting insert one of the plugs.

Then when have thought things over come to me and tell me what you deserve and why.  Be specific.

Um – what?

The man has acted like he’s ever known anything but vanilla for, well for a long time, and now this?  Can’t say I was really in the mood, but what the heck. If he’s willing to give orders I was more than willing to go along.  He may have wanted me to come talk to him, but I swear me trying to T-A-L-K about TTWD is the same as me trying to read ancient Greek aloud.  I just can’t, words will not come out and it’s not very productive.  Hand me a computer, however and I can usually make myself understood.

I never got the chance.  I had barely gotten the computer in my hand when Badass burst through the door, shoves me out of the way, and begins typing!  I just sat and watched as she typed away and Wimpy stood behind shaking her head.  Basically she said what was needed was a long, hard spanking – belt, hairbrush and strap were the implements she mentioned.  Actually we all ended up agreeing, even Wimpy.  And we gave the computer to Nick and went to wait in the bedroom.

All I’ll say is that the man obliged. It made me think of our early days.  Back when he was trying to see how much I wanted with out going too far.  He did a great job.  I could have taken a bit more (except for that darn cane), but I almost felt like we were starting over and for that it was perfect. 

Sometimes I feel (and I’ve complained about) Nick only spanking for sex.  That’s fine at times, but there are other times I just want it to be about the spanking.  However this spanking was so good – it was intense and it went on for a pretty good while.  And by the time he finished I was eager to move on to that ‘dancing’ thing everyone talks about.

It’s been a very interesting day. Nick even sent another email asking for feedback – I mean what constituents a long, hard spanking is based on what an individual needs and wants.  So we’re talking.  I’m happy.  That’s want I really wanted – to know that Nick was still interested.  Seems he is.  The house is becoming pleasantly crowded again, the real Nick, PK, Badass, Wimpy and even Cassie.  A crowded empty nest – what more could anyone ask for.


  1. i'm surprised. and i bet you were too. and in a happy way :)

    and i'm so happy for you !! all of you, and you and you... and did i miss anyone?

  2. PK,
    now this looks promising, I'm happy for you, and all the others. Badass, Wimpy, Cassie et al.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. I'm always happy to hear that I am not the only one that still has a problem talking about ttwd. So many people are surprised to hear that married couples have a difficult time.

    Good to hear you all back together again.

  4. It does sound crowded there - at least they are all willing to participate. Sounds like Nick has been saving up for your alone time.
    Have fun.

  5. Hip-hip hooray! Woo!Hoo!
    Need I say more?!

  6. Things are looking up. Good for Nick.

    I'm doing a happy dance for you:)


  7. And did you hear me cheering during the entire procedure?
    Ahh, I like Badass, she just says what she wants. No excuses, but specific details.
    That's what we want to hear.
    I trust Nick to do some useful things with your feedback.

  8. YAY!

    This empty nest stuff sounds fun!



  9. PK: Like the rest of your blogger friends, I am so happy for you at this latest turn of events. Let's hope this is the start of a new chapter in your empty nest TTWD. Let's hope you have more good news to report soon.


  10. Guys, Thank you, thank you ! I'm feeling better. I hope and pray it's something that we can / will keep up.

  11. How wonderful, for all of you, including Nick. Isn't it great that he can still surprise you like that?
    And so nice to hear the gang's back.

  12. Anonymous9:42 PM


  13. Patty9:44 PM

    The new start of something good.

  14. It really says something when this one thing turned you around so fast! He DOES know what you need!
    Rosie Dee