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Monday, January 14, 2008

If I'm not around much this week...

So much to, do so little time! My evenings are pretty predictable. Come home, go to the gym, veg out on the computer! My day have been messed up and will continue to be for a bit longer. This past weekend my cousin spent Saturday and Sunday night with me. I love her and was very happy to see her but I couldn’t sit and blog as usual. And anytime I am deprived of computer time I start to get antsy!!

But my cousin really did catch my attention late last night. Now although she is my 1st cousin she is not someone I grew up playing with. She is 77 now and all her kids are older than I. She has been a widow for about 6 years now and she began talking about a ‘boyfriend’ of course she spent more time telling me how there was not really anything between them but my ear could hear through what she was saying. I don’t know which surprised me more that she has a ‘gentleman friend’ or that she told me about it. She asked me not to mention it to any of her children but obviously she wanted to talk about it a little. I would love to see something bloom.

Now the other reason I can’t be on as much as I want in the next week. I am off to Florida again! For those of you who were not around last year you need to go read here to see what I am up to. Yes! I am crazy and I know it but going to Disney World with over 100 twelve year olds is something everyone should experience!

We are leaving Thursday night at 9 PM, driving all night and seeing the first place we visit all day Friday before me hit the hotel. We go out to supper that night and the next day at one of the big parks. Saturday morning we head to the last amusement park to stay all day before boarding the bus and driving all night to arrive hope at 8 AM Monday morning. Can you say exhausted?

So I will be getting ready for the next few nights as well as trying to decide whether or not to take my laptop. Obviously I will not have much time on it but it relaxes me more than anything else I can think of. I will call Nick and Eva of course but your emailing calms me too. But I wouldn’t want anything to happen it. Guess I’ll decide at the last minute.

Never worry though; Eva has said she will help me get our Fantasy Friday up while I’m gone. Don’t know if I will get the chance to post again before then or not but I can take all the prayers and good wishes you have to sent my way this weekend!!


  1. PK,
    You are truly a dedicated educator to bravely take on such an adventure, repeatedly! May your road be smooth, the wind be at your back and the kids perfect little angels. Best wishes for a FUN and HAPPY trip to the Magic Kingdom!
    Hugs, Sally

  2. Have a safe trip, PK. I know you'll have fun! And that's so cute, your cousin has a boyfriend!


  3. Anonymous3:31 AM

    Wow PK, all the best with that, you a superwoman to take those kiddies on.

    A safe trip for you all.


  4. You are indeed a brave woman. Stay safe and SANE!!!
    Big hugs..

  5. PK, you most definitely will be in my thoughts, Thursday through Monday.
    You are a Hero 100 12 year olds, how many parents will be along.
    Take care, are you going to have time to get on the laptop and sleep.
    Love and warm hugs,

  6. Brave woman at least try to have some fun for your self.

    *hugs and grins*

  7. Oh my gosh! How in the world to you keep track of 100 kids? You better get teacher of the year for this. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy the experience too. Disney is such a magical place. Be safe and PLEASE take your laptop. I'll have PK withdrawals if you don't.

  8. Thanks Sally, We swear every year we won't do it again but when the next year rolls around we are ready to go again!

    I couldn't believe she was talking so. It was a little like a teenager who just couldn't stop herself. I really wish her happiness.

    Thanks but the true trouble makers have already weeded themselves out!

    I will work on the safe part, sane seem a bit much to hope for!

    Thanks I can use you well wished. We do have may parents coming along to help. If I don't have time for sleep and the laptop, well I guess I'll sleep when I get home.

    The trip is always fun after the busses roll. It's getting ready that about kills me.

    Shoot Lori,
    I am the one with withdrawal from you guys! I love Disney too. My dad was the biggest kid in the world. He even took us to Disney Land before Disney World came along. I guess I have been there 15 times. I love taking kids who have never been.

    Dad also used to say that some day thousands of years in the future someone would discover the remains of Disney World and the only thing they would know about the place for sure was that they worshiped mice!!

  9. Have a safe trip and a good time. Tell Tinkerbell, Cinderella, and Snow White I said Hi!


  10. Have a great trip! I was a preschool teacher...the biggest trip we ever went on was a trip to the local post office or nearby museum! :-) Have fun and good luck! Best wishes, Terpsichore

  11. You are my hero!

    Either that, or you're NUTS!

    Either way, I love you! Be safe!


  12. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Have fun in Florida! We're only about 2 hours from Disneyworld... so be sure to wave. Musy say we've never gone with a hundred 12 year olds. You are abrave woman!

    Todd & Suzy

  13. Have a great time! I still laugh about your last florida trip! I hope you have some great stories this year too! :-)

    I'll miss ya! Bring your laptop... please? I'd love to email with ya!