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Friday, January 11, 2008

Fantasy Friday - Two in the Bush

My readers and fellow bloggers always come through for me!! Thank you! I didn’t have a Fantasy Friday for this week until late Wednesday night but we have it today!! Enjoy…

Two in the Bush

Julie and Jayne sat together enjoying a coffee break after four hours of shopping.

“OK, now remember when we get back, not a word to Barry about the chocolates or shoes,” said Jayne.

“He'll figure it out, he always does. As soon as he asks me anything I'll just blurt it out,” said Julie, already agitated.

“I'll drop you off home then.”

“It's already arranged, I am coming for dinner, remember. He will think it strange if I am not there.”

“We're in trouble.”

“Yes, we are.”

“I have an idea; we'll leave the chocolates and shoes outside in the shrubs and retrieve them the next day.”

“Alright,” agreed Julie, knowing disaster loomed.

Jayne had an issue with chocolates and Julie with shoes. Jayne had asked her husband Barry to help her with it and had agreed it would be dealt with through disciplinary spanking, something that was a part of their marriage for various things.

Julie who had an issue with shoes had split from her partner and had asked Barry, with Jayne's permission, to be her disciplinarian as she felt she needed someone to help her keep a handle on some things in her life.

They arrived home before Barry and had soon stashed the contraband into the shrubs as discussed. Feeling comfortable their deception would go unnoticed they prepared dinner together and delivered a delicious meal of grilled chicken, baked potatoes, fresh tossed salad and a mango mousse for dessert. Everything was going well with light conversation over the dinner table after the meal had been consumed.

“Wonderful ladies, thank you,” Barry said

“You're welcome Barry,” said Jayne kissing her husband as she passed by him clearing the dishes from the table.

“Oh, I almost forgot, how was your shopping?”

“Great, I got a couple of new dresses and some other things I'll show you later,” Jayne said with a wink. Barry chuckled.

“Puleeease, do I have to listen to this? Get a room,” said Julie.

“What about you Julie, what did you get?”

“Oh, well, the usual, I mean some clothes and things,” Julie fidgeted as she spoke.

“What sort of 'things'...no shoes I trust?”

Julie went bright red. “No Sir, no shoes.” She wouldn't look at him and focused on Jayne who was stood behind Barry shaking her head vigorously in an attempt to shut Julie up.

Barry swung around to look at Jayne who had stopped shaking her head and was now smiling sweetly at him instead.

“So it's like that is it?” Barry asked.

“Like what darling? She said she didn't buy any shoes. Check her bags if you need to,” Jayne was trying to remain calm in the face of Julie's crumbling resolve.

“Hmm,” Barry sighed and pulled Jayne into his arms. “What about you? Did you buy any chocolate?”

Jayne gulped but kept her face steady. “No,” she squeaked out, her calm dissolving rapidly.

“Go get them, wherever they are,” Barry said sternly.

He knew when Jayne was lying and Julie's attempt was even more pitiful.

Jayne hung her head and retrieved the chocolates and shoes from the shrubs; Julie was already wringing her hands in anticipation of the punishment to come. With the goods laid out on the table their guilt was assured.

“What do you have to say for yourself ladies? Jayne?”

“I...I got them as a present for Aunt Mary's birthday and was worried you would think they were for me.”

“You want to compound your misdemeanors by adding further lies, and thereby adding to your punishment? That's fine with me.” Jayne winced at his words.

“Julie?” Barry turned to her next.

“I'm sorry Sir, they were just so lovely.”

“I know but you asked me to help you with this didn't you?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Alright then, I want you both over the back of the sofa.”

Jayne and Julie new arguing wouldn't help and were soon arranged, bottom up, over the back of the sofa. Barry was behind them before long with the punishment paddle, a large heavy paddle not used for 'good girl' spankings, occasionally the cane was used but only for severe infractions.

“Julie, how much did those shoes cost?”

“They cost sixty dollars Sir.”

“Then that's how many whacks of the paddle you will receive. Explain to me why this is happening.”

“Because I asked you to help me with my shoe purchases, Sir.”


“And, because I broke the established rules. ”

“Good girl”

“Jayne, how much did the chocolates cost?”

“Ten dollars Sir,” Jayne was hoping that would mean only ten whacks but doubted her luck.

“Ten isn't enough and since you thought up a second lie I say ten times ten would be more appropriate.”

“Yes Sir,” Jayne said with an undertone of disappointment.

“You think I am being unfair young lady?”

“No Sir.”

“Explain why you are to receive punishment.”

“Because I bought chocolates when I said I wouldn't and because I asked you to hold me accountable.”


“And because I didn't tell you about.”


“Because I then lied to you.”

“Good girl,” Barry said softly, “are you both ready?”

“Yes Sir,” they said in unison.

Barry started in and gave both women twenty on their clothed bottoms as a warm up. With warm posteriors and minor 'ow's' being uttered the skirts were then pulled up and the panties down for the real punishment.

Alternating between the two they received twenty each until sixty were delivered, both of them already with tears of contrition flowing freely.

“Jayne, remain where you are.”

Julie had cooling lotion applied to her bottom and was allowed to pull her panties up and stand up.

“I'm sorry Sir,” she sniffed.

“I know you are,” said Barry, who then gave her a hug. “Everything is OK, all is forgiven.”

“Thank you Sir, thank you for caring.”

“You’re welcome, now I have further punishment for Julie, will you be OK to get home or do you want to stay over the night.”

“No, I'll be fine,” she smiled at him. “I don't really want to listen to Jayne crying any more.”


“Night Jayne,” said Julie and Barry saw her to the door.

“Jayne,” Barry said in his most determined voice upon his return, “I want you to go upstairs, remove your clothing and lie face down on the bed in the usual position....understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

Jayne scurried upstairs with an already burning bottom and did exactly as she was told. She waited face down on the bed with two pillows under her hips raising her bottom up in the air. Barry came into the room a moment after she was ready.

“You've got forty more, young lady, and they will hurt. I am not impressed that you lied to me like that, right to my face.”

Ten harsh spanks were delivered to Jayne's bottom with her crying out with each one.

“I'm sorry Sir.”

“I know but I don't want you to forget this any time soon.”

Another ten with Jayne gasping through them.

“The shoes are one thing, the lying is completely unacceptable.”

The next ten were very hard and Jayne was sobbing uncontrollably but somehow managed to stay in position.

“I won't do it again Sir, I promise.”

Another five were delivered, the cracks resounding through the room.

“I think you believe that, Jayne, but for this to work we need trust. I can’t be forever wondering if you are telling me the truth or not.”

“No Sir.”

“The last five will be with the cane.”

Jayne's heart thudded in her chest but she had given herself into his care. “Yes Sir.”

Without further discussion the first strike landed and the second just below as Jayne cried out. Two welts appeared.

“You won't forget this anytime soon.”

“No Sir.”

Barry let her rest until her breathing was calm and delivered two more like the first two. Jayne jerked but managed to stay in place, her sobs coming in broken pants. Barry didn't wait this time and made the final strike. Jayne cried out and Barry immediately laid the cane aside and pulled her into his arms soothing and kissing her hair.

She sobbed quietly into his shirt for a while but felt a great relief and a feeling that she was free again. Hugging Barry fiercely she was thankful she had found a man who would give her what she needed.

Jayne felt an urge to thank Barry more intimately and helped him undress running her hands over his body, caressing and arousing him. Pushing him back to lay on the bed she kissed down his body stopping to take his erection into her mouth. His groans told her he enjoyed what she was doing and she worked her wet mouth up and down his shaft.

“No, baby, I want to be inside you.”

Gripping her waist Barry pulled Jayne up to him, she kissed him as she straddled him taking his full length into her warm body.

Barry cupped and pinched her breasts as she rode him to ecstasy where they peaked together. As racing hearts subsided Julie whispered, “I love you Barry, thanks for taking care of me.”

“I love you too, Jayne. I need to get some lotion on your stripy butt before you fall asleep on me.”

Jayne did indeed fall asleep while Barry rubbed the soothing aloe vera lotion all over her bottom and thighs, then tucking her in and snuggling in beside her he too drifted off to sleep.

Two for the price of one!! I loved it! Our choices and easy this week. I won’t make you make your own guesses this week but I may do that again some time. Several of you said that you liked that. Our choices today are all fellow bloggers and so you can go by and check out there writing before you vote. Problem is they are all fantastic writers so how are you going to know? It’s all a game folks!! Vote anyway, it fun!!

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