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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A good day and a challenge

Today sure did start off great. We got a two hour delay because of a little ice on the roads. Now I have to tell you Nick and I took full advantage of this delay! In addition to some truly wonderful early morning loving I got a warning about the evils of snacking during the day, Nick makes such a good point with his belt. Honestly just seeing him standing there holding it makes an impression.

I had to break down and tell him yesterday that the diet was not going so well. Now I am no dummy, I did choose a good time to tell him, I was putting away my laundry! He wasn’t too happy about it. We skipped weigh in last week since I was in Florida. But I have one looming this Friday. My weight is no secret now I was down to 178.2 but as of yesterday I was back to 182. Nick wants me back to my lowest or below by Friday!! And I want that too. He made a new rule for the moment. No snacking in my recliner! I can snack but I have to get up off my butt, get off the computer, and go to the kitchen to eat there. Not unreasonable I guess maybe it will help.

My twin (soon to be known as Skinny Minnie) is helping me again with another challenge. This one mostly rest on me. The challenge is for me to lose 15 pounds by June 1st. My usual average is ½ pound a week, so this is going to really push me and I can’t let up any. The fun part… when I win this challenge I get to pick 3 implements for Adam to whip Eva’s butt with!!!! I just can’t wait! I will have to look back through her blog and see what she has said about some of their toys as I think over my decision. Oh the wonderful choices!!

So to be clear, on June 1st if I weigh 167 or less Eva gets her butt beat at my direction!!! And she will tell us all about it! Of course this is just a side bet. I still have to answer to Nick each and every week and I have to show him a loss each week or he’ll take it out of my hide! Keep watching over at Todd and Suzy’s site for weekly updates. Meanwhile please cross your fingers for me for this Friday, it’s going to take a miracle to save my butt this week!


  1. Now you know I'll be nipping at your heels every step of the way.

    Sabotage can be FUN!!!

    Want a donut? How about a twinkie?

    I GOT IT!!!

    Sending some oreos your way!!!

    Love you twin,

    PS - My money's on you. My butt's in trouble, huh?

  2. Looks like you and I both have challenging weigh-ins this weekend. I'm rooting for you. Nice to hear that you made good use of that delay this morning. That belt can make one think twice about snacking.

  3. oooh!!! What a challenge!!! I know you can do it!!! I'm pulling for you!!!! Anything to get Eva spanked!! hehe.. just kidding Eva! :-) Little sisters are such trouble aren't we? hehe.....

    Sounds like a great trip and I know you can drop that off by Friday! :-)


  4. Anonymous2:07 AM

    Oh best of luck PK, you can do it. Yet I feel kind of bad cheering you on, knowing that Eva will get a beat bottom for your good work.

    Sorry Eva.


  5. Pk, I know you can do this, I have complete faith in you. Just think how great you are going to look in that new string bikini when you go on vacation this summer!

    Hugs and grins*

  6. PK, I do hope that you make both challenges.
    Doesn't Nick allow any leeway for stress eating.
    Of course because I want you to win Eva's challenge, doesn't mean that I want her butt beat, chuckle.
    But what happens if you don't hit the target, apart from Nick hitting your target, that is?
    Love and warm hugs,

  7. Boy those twinkies and oreos and donuts sound good. Good luck..

  8. You CAN do this, PK!!!!!! The June 1 deal, I mean. As to this Friday... hate to sound pessimistic, but that is just coming up WAY too fast to drop those necessary pounds. But maybe he'll take your effort into consideration. LOL. Plus, maybe this is exactly what you need to re-motivate you for the long haul!

    Hugs and love and soft pillows for Friday!

  9. Yeah I think you are toast in the morning. But the June 1st thing is doable. I might join you..since I will soon have my own personal motivator and trainer. Not to mention there will be a walking trail right out my door, and fitness center in the complex!

    Count me in!


  10. I wish you the best on reaching your goal. You can do it! I may have to challenge myself to do the same. And good luck this week!:-)

  11. Wow, he's really coming through for you on the diet thing! Congrats!
    Now, this is a new thing - your twin gets rewarded for you losing weight! How cool is that?


  12. Eva my twin, I do love you but your butt is going to lose this one. However I am going to have to work mine off!

    That belt can make me think twice about anything.

    Yep! Getting skinny and getting Eva spanked, who could resist that!

    Don't worry about her you know she loves it!

    String bikini? As soon as I see you in you speedo!

    Since I am planning on winning I didn't get around to my penalty if I don't. Eva may have thought of something.

    Sadly you are right!

    I really want this one badly!! For many reasons!!

    That personal motivator can do wonders!

    There are a lot of us working on the same thing out here

  13. Reesa,
    She gets rewarded but I get to choose how! I love the feeling!