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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Could have been better news

I have enjoyed FF this week, plenty of voting and great comments! If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet click here. You can vote until this evening and I will have the reveal up tomorrow.

I had to go back for another cat scan Friday morning. I am not wild about going to this doctor, they are catheterization happy there! I swear if I just stopped by to pay the bill they would have me catheterized before I could say “That’s not were I keep my money!” I wasn’t too worried I haven’t felt the kidney stone in a while so I was pretty sure I had passed it. Sadly that is not so. It’s still there and now the doctor wants to do something about it.

They scheduled surgery for Feb. 5. Now they call it surgery but they are not cutting so it doesn’t really seem like surgery to me. I think they call it lithotripsy (say that three times fast!). It is where they blast the stone into submission or at least break it into a size that will pass. Some of you may know a lot more about this than I do so you can tell me what to expect.

They say I will need to be out of work at least two maybe three days. I am not really looking forward to this. I know it’s better than the old days when they actually had to cut you open go into the kidney and get it but I understand this is a few day of passing gravel. Oh well, as long as my fingers work. I hope it won’t be too bad.


  1. PK, I hope that they get it right for you.
    It's an ultrasound treatment it might feel a little strange but shouldn't hurt.
    I've noted the date and will be thinking of you.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. And how will your working fingers help you to pass gravel?

    It will be fine, you'll see.


  3. Now I have two of the women in my life to think about. You will be fine and thinking of you on that day.


  4. Aw PK I am sorry! I have heard the treatment is easy, and hope you feel better soon! Sara

  5. My mom had it..it's pretty easy..bet there will be lots of blogging on Feb.6th and 7th...

  6. PK, I don't know about this procedure but I am very encouraged by what I have read in these comments. I'm wondering why the 2-3 days off being that it's an easy and painless procedure. Maybe someone could elaborate on that to explain. It sounds though as if it's a breeze. You know I'll be thinking and praying for you.

  7. Paul,
    Thank you! Your good thought will be most welcomed!

    Everything is better if you can blog during it, right?

    Only fair you have many women thinking of you too!!

    I have heard the same and I hope they are right too!

    If I feel like being on it might almost make the procedure worth it!

    Kidney stones are the most painful thing I have experienced. It's not a 'damn that hurts' it more lying on the floor in a fetal position praying 'make it stop, make it stop!'. The stone I have is not moving and hot hurting but once they bread it up and the smaller pieces start to move you can get the same effect even with all the little pieces depending on how small they are. I am visualizing them becoming so tiny they will not bother me.

  8. tootie8:47 AM

    as a recovery room nurse I noticed that the patients that had this done did better when they had Toradol its a drug that is an antiinflamitory they didn't have as much discomfort than the ones who didn't recieve it during surgery.You can ask your doctor about it. you need the time off to recover from general anesthesia the procedure etc.i'm sure you do fine lots of luck

  9. Sweetie,
    I am sorry you have to have it done at all. But like the others I hear it is not too bad. My thoughts and prayers with be with you and Nick on the 5. We'll be waiting to hear fromy you as soon as you are up to it.


  10. I will be thinking of you and sending healing energy your way! Please take care, Terpsichore

  11. It is a good procedure. They were doing it in the prehistoric days when I became a nurse. So if they are still doing it, it must be good!

    I'll be praying for you!


  12. I'll be thinking about you on the 5th. From what I hear, this is a pretty easy procedure.

    Enjoy the remainder of the weekend.

    Debbie :)

  13. I was just about to add my 2¢, then I read the comments that came before. I managed a urology practice for a while and wanted to let you know, this works and is definitely better than the alternatives.

    I've marked your date on the calendar and will be sending lots of love your way that day!


    *a note to Paul.*
    Is that some HTML I see you using?! Coolio!!!

  14. Oh my! I'm sorry you have to have this done, but won't you be happy when you don't have to worry about it flaring up anymore?

    You know I love you and things will turn out great!

    Extra HUGS!

  15. PK, will be thinking of you on the 5th and 6th to compensate for Australian time difference. I hope all goes well and you feel better for it. Take care.


  16. Our prayers will be with you then! I'll give you lots of email to read then! :-) and of course before hand as you have to keep your mind occupied... Nick will have to keep you very occupied I think!!!


  17. Tootie,
    Thanks! I will ask the doctor. I also want to know if I HAVE to have general anesthesia. I really don't like that.

    If I don't feel like posting that night I'll call Eva and ask her to give an update.

    I appriciate the good thoughts!

    I know it's been around along time. My mom had it year and years ago but I wasn't living here at the time and I don't remember how it was.

    Thanks and I would love to hear from you while I recover.

    I am not too worried but I still wish it was over. I like that you will be thinking of me.

    That's for sure. I really thought it was gone before I went to Florida. I would have worried more!

    It is a special thought to know that Paul in England and you in Australia will be thinking of me. Thank you!

    Thank you for your prayers and your phone call and your emails!! You are a good little sister!!

  18. Hi PK,
    You are much better off getting the stone blasted before it starts moving. My husband had one that he passed most of the way and then it got stuck. He was in a lot of pain! The whole process went on for a month because they wanted to see if it woud pass. After 2 weeks writhing in pain and zonked on percocet, they did surgery. No cutting, the stick a laser though your urethra and blast it out. Another week with a tube left in and then removed, so another 2 weeks in pain.

    Hopefully the litho makes it small enough to eliminate the pain of passing the pieces.

    Gook luck!

  19. BTW - Toradol made a big difference in pain control for my hisband as well.