I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Upcoming weekend

Is anyone going to be around this weekend? Is there anyone that will be out there to talk to me? I am being abandoned by my husband. And since he is going to be gone I am also farming the kids out. If I can’t be with the one I want then I am just going to be by myself. Nick is going golfing with some friends. They do this twice a year. Now I love being with Nick these days but twice a year it is kinda nice to have the place all to myself.

I suspect I will be on line quite a bit so please pop in to say hi! There are a million things I need to be doing this weekend both around the house and for school but I will probably spend most of my time blogging.

Now for the big question – will we be able to be alone to play before he goes?? LJ has been home a week but tonight was only his second night sleeping at home, so of course Mollie is spending the night with a friend. It seems that the kids are still doing a tag team number to keep us from being alone!!

I have to admit that I am as crazy as Grace. I bought a new hair brush. It’s pretty. I wasn’t sure if I was going to tell Nick about it right away. I put it in his bottom night side table drawer so it would be handy if I chose to tell. I finally decided tell him Mother’s Day but he had already come across it. So now it’s there we both know about it. We’re here, lots of people are here. Will we get time before the weekend?? Could be… it could be lots of fun… and if we do, if we do… I am not going to tell Grace!


  1. PK, I'll be here, so a golfing widow for the week end. *G*
    I do hope that you get to feel that new hairbrush, in a good fun way.
    Not long to go now.
    Warm hugs,

  2. Anonymous5:41 AM

    Hey Twin~ Have I told you that Adam has to be away Friday night? He'll be home around noon Saturday but I'm being "abandoned" also. Hmmmm.... wonder what kind of trouble... I mean fun we could find?


  3. Pk, I should be around some this weekend. Oh no, the evil twins are going to plan someting I can feel it.


  4. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Hi, PK! I'll be alone this weekend also! Mine's leaving tomorrow with his pals! So I'll be around from time to time and perhaps even late at night! I can't sleep well in these situations.

    Will we need food?

    Debbie :)

  5. Poor PK home alone (kinda)! I will be on and off at various times, so are you planning on posting a lot? *Grins*...

    I hope you get some playtime in, 'no play, makes PK stray'...
    Especially from the straight and narrow!

    Oh gosh you and Eva getting upto mischief this weekend, definitely means i'll be around to watch and laugh then! LOL

    Em x

  6. I can only imagine what you two will dream up! Hope you get to try out your hairbrush, PK!


  7. I'll be alone too PK! But not just for the weekend but for the whole week! Michael leaves this weekend for his senior trip! Let's do an email marathon!


  8. Paul,
    I am hoping too but it doesn't look too good at the moment! Please come by some this weekend!

    We are going to have to put our heads together for this!

    What do you mean! We are always good as gold!!

    Wow! Is no one's husband going to be home this weekend?? These guys better be glad we don't all live close to one another!

    Please come by if you can but I know you are up to your ears in wedding plans!

    I am dying to give it a try. Can my daughter come visit you this evening??

    Hang in there Theresa! We will be here for you!

  9. I'll be around!!!! :-) Sounds like you and Eva will be on the phone or IM all Friday/Saturday!!! Did you read Reesa's Story on Cell phones? It isn't you guys is it?? :-)

    I expect a full report on that hair brush! It is something we haven't done at least since the kids!!! I did get to try the belt for the first time since kids the other night!


  10. A nice wooden brush can be so much fun! I hope you have had a good workout with it by now. Spanky is home this weekend, so not ALL the guys are going to be gone. Thank goodness! I hope you enjoy your free time!

  11. Carye,
    I think you might reconsider that brush! Intense!! And Eva and I haven't been on the phone quite that much but it could happen!

    You and Spanky have a good time this weekend. I am glad someone is getting to keep their man!