I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Anybody Home?

*** Clink ***

** Clink **



You home??

Now WHERE could she be?

I come all this way to see her and she’s nowhere to be found.

Have you seen her?



Well how do you like this? PK invites me over and is no where to be found when I get here. Wonder if she’ll be back soon.

Hey!! Check this out.

I’ll be darned. She left the door unlocked. Maybe I’ll just go inside and wait for her. She’ll probably be back soon.

Oh, cool. There’s her laptop. Should I? Could I?

Nah, that wouldn’t be right. I’ll just check my email real quick.

Well…..maybe later.

Wow. Look at this place. She sure had me fooled. She talks like this place is always a wreck but it looks great to me.

Okay, okay. I can’t resist. I just have to check out the bedroom. And it’s just as I thought …… the toy box is right here at the foot of the bed. I knew it would be HUGE. I knew it. I mean think about it. It would have to be good sized to hold all the toys she has bought, ; Nick has made, AND those thirty butt plugs.

Wait there’s only twenty eight here. What do you suppose she’s done with the other two?

Oh wow…. Her crop is amazing!!! Gosh, I want one like it. A girl can never have too many crops you know.

What’s that? Where’s the hair brush? Let’s see, I think she said it’s in the bottom drawer of Nick’s nightstand. Ahhh….there it is and boy oh boy is it beautiful.

Okay okay… I’m going to just sit and wait for PK.

Where could she be anyhow?

Boy oh boy she and nick have quite an extensive video collection. What is this one?

"Strip poker with Grace and Bossman."

What the heck? When did she meet Grace? And why in the world were they playing strip poker together? I don't believe it. I have to see this for myself.


Welllllll.......alrighty then.

I think I've seen quite enough.



Gosh I wish she’d get here. I think I’m stuck here inside her blog.

Maybe I should just play with the chinchilla. It’s awfully cute.

Could someone let me out please??








Let me out. Please?


  1. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Eva, are you still trapped inside?


    Debbie :)

  2. Eva, I'll lower a rope, tie it around your waist, what do you mean, not long enough. *G*
    Hang on I'll fetch the winch. Chuckle!!!
    Only joking dear girl, hay you said in five weeks!!!
    Warm hugs,

  3. I'm off to graduation. I'll come help you afterwards!


  4. LMAO, you are so funny Eva!
    Hope you get free soon ;-)

    Em x

  5. PK, nice video, do we ever see ourselves the way we really are.
    I see see myself as a young man at least in my dreams. LoL *G*
    Warm hugs,

  6. That video clip was really something! I hope you got out????

  7. Very cute! I'm laughing and no one here knows why - bet you do that all the time, huh?


  8. Debbie she must have found the way out she is no where around here.

    I can't wait for Eva and Adam to get here! And as to the video that is exactly how I look in the dark when our eyes are closed!

    I guess I didn't fool her. I can't wait to hear about graduation

    Hey Em,
    Don't believe everything she said about the toy box!

    I like the illusion better that reality.

    I am always bursting into laughter while reading and Mollie just rolls her eyes and says "mom is getting weird again!"

  9. WAIT one minute!

    I did NOT know that Pk was filming us playing strip poker! I just wanted you to know, the first part is indeed us. But we got bored and went out for pizza. When we got back, the old people were there.

    Yep, that's what happened alright, I remember it like it was yesterday!

    Isn't that right PK?


  10. Grace,
    I agree completely. That is exctly how I remember it. I was only filming so I could remember the evening clearly. No telling what video's I'll get when Eva visits!

  11. You two are TOO funny... what is this? How to mess with the bounceless Tiggs with the cloudy, achy head and a touch of dizziness and confusion week?

    I loved it anyway, so that just goes to prove that I am not the only certifiable one amongst us! Huge hugs... GREAT post, too! ROFLMAO. Thanks! I needed that belly laugh!

    Love you, both of you!