I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Saturday, May 05, 2007


I wanted to give you a few details about my Thursday afternoon. It’s been a pretty good week. My cold kept me down at first but was back at the gym by Thursday. I came home tired but feeling pretty good. I was about to settle down with the computer when Nick mentioned that I hadn’t put away my laundry the night before even though he had remember me. I had still forgotten about it the night before but wanting to be the obedient wife I put down the computer to take care of it. Evidently that wasn’t good enough; he said I should have done it the night before without needing a reminder.

Once again I found myself standing by the laundry basket with Nick pulling my pants down. He started spanking with his hand and it wasn’t just love taps! He then took off my panties and told me to stretch out on the bed. He pulled out the toy box and retrieved the tawse. Now that thing can create a sting with very little effort and Nick was putting some effort into it. Then he asked

“So you say that there are really some implements that you don’t like?”

I answered, “Well yes, but I am not sure I am ready to share that information yet!”

He said “That’s what I thought, you have ever posted it.” He was still going to town with the tawse during this conversation. He went on “Maybe I should just keep this up until you tell me!”

Okay it seemed time to spill my secrets! I told him I didn’t like the hairbrush (Cassie has scared me!) and I don’t think I would like the handle part of the crop. Nick understood my choices. “He said I guess a good wooden hairbrush doesn’t have much give and the crop handle can leave a few good stripes when I need it to.” I still wasn’t sure it was the time I wanted to share this information but he was being most persuasive!

We did end up with some fine love making to finish off the afternoon. I got all my laundry put away afterwards and I put away the next batch too. I’m learning, honest I am, and the lessons are so much fun!!


  1. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Twin~ I thought you learned your lesson last week about that laundry!!! Oh wait... not learning is part of your plan, yes??

  2. Learning AND connecting, in all the very best ways, he, he, he...

    Love you, girl!

  3. Still sounds like fun to me...and what a sneaky plan it is....

  4. I sure hope Nick hasn't checked out my site lately. Although, I could probably get his e-mail and I could PROBABLY e-mail him a picture of my new toy AND I could probably even tell him where I got it.

    Yep, I could PROBABLY do all those things. Yep, I could!


  5. Oh, forgot to mention!

    Your site looks terrific!

    Do we thank Ceeci for the beautiful site? I'm thinking we do.

    Nice Job Ceeci!


  6. Wow, your site changed! Really neat looking, too! Humm, sometimes those lessons just take a while to learn, right??

  7. Twin,
    Well now last week he was talking about socks in the living room I didn't know he was talking about ALL my laundry!

    You better believe it!

    Well as long as it's working!

    You think so huh? Okay girl, give it a try! I dare you - email Nick if you think you can get his address!

    And what makes you think I didn't do all the changes myself?? Oh yeah, I forgot I have no idea how to do it! Yes, of course it was our wonderful CeeCi!! I love it!

    Thanks about the site, all praises to CeeCi! And yes I am a bit of a slow learner.

  8. Anonymous5:37 AM

    CeeCi~ PK's site looks awesome!!!

    Grace~ Oh Grace... pssst.. over here. I have Nick's address. You just email me anytime you want it!!!

    PK~ Socks in the living room? Fess up Twin. It was about more than just socks and you know it!!

    Why am I responding to people like this is my blog? ROFLMAO

  9. Sounds like progress!!


  10. Sounds like laundry is one of the best chores in your household lol!
    Glad you guys are connecting much better, sounds like a whole lot of sexy fun going on...

    Big hugs
    Em x

  11. Hey, PK, love the new look on your site! Love the new interactions, too! He's a born Dom, I tell you!


  12. There is nothing wrong with slow learners. We can't all be perfect. Where would the fun be in that!