I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Feeling better

I had forgotten how much I worried about LJ when he is home. The good new, Theresa, is that I hardly ever worried about him when he was away at school. Crazy isn’t it! When he is here I am always listening for him to come home, worrying if he is late, wishing he would call. Somehow when he is totally away from home I feel that God is always watching over him and protecting him. When he is here I feel God needs my help in accomplishing this task!

There is also the selfish side of this. We know Mollie’s schedule and when she is likely to be gone for a few hours. But LJ? He is rarely home but you never know when he might pop in. So I do share Eva’s dilemma about adult children at home. He does have enough sense not to walk into our bedroom when the door is shut but these days who’s to say we are going to be in the bedroom with the door closed? We may be feeling adventurous! Actually I feel we should make it a goal to make love or at the very least spank in every room of the house. I mean if we did it in my mother’s living room – truly no where should be off limits! And of course we have the new pool to christen this summer - after it gets warmer.

As Eva said in her post, summer cannot get here fast enough to suit me. Last summer was the most wonderful summer, the most wonderful time of my life. It was my first summer of freedom since 1975. How old do you think that makes me feel! I worked or went to college every summer until 1988 when LJ was born. Now the next dozen or so summers were lots of fun I got to spend them at home with my kids, it was wonderful but very kid oriented (as it should have been then). Then my parents began to need more help and I was glad to be there for them.

But suddenly last summer, after both my parents had passed away I realized that my kids mostly had there own agenda and I wasn’t particularly needed. I guess some mothers might have been hurt – I was thrilled. They were having fun and I had just discovered blogs. Maybe it was mom’s turn to have a little fun and freedom! Mom and dad were due a turn to get to know each other and boy did we take advantage of it! But in a strange way it contributed to my rough school year, I didn’t realize it at the time but I think I really resented having to give up that magical summer and return to school and maybe I stayed a little mad all year. I think I was always worried that everything was going to go away. It has taken a while to accept and believe that what Nick and I have now is real. But I do believe it, and I now know as long we want it we can keep it!


  1. Here is to many more wonderful summers!


  2. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Summer is knocking at your door. You have both your son & daughter at home for one more summer. Time for you and blogging. A husband who loves you and wants to play. A new pool to christen and play in. What could be better? Have a wonderful summer, rest & rejuvenate!!!


  3. Pool Party at PK's!

    I know you'll have a terrific summer. You'll find ways to do the things you want to do.

    ciao bella~

  4. Hey Everyone, This is actually Eva. I broke into my Twin's blog. She had this post up twice with comments on both so I'm moving the comments from the duplicate to here.....

    At 12:24 AM, david said...

    I have a feeling this will be the best summer for you. Make plans and enjoy them.

    A pool, wet buns lots of ouchies coming your way.

    *big grins*

    At 3:16 AM, Paul said...

    PK, now this post sounds so much better.
    Strange, it seems God always needs a mother's help when it comes to the offspring. *G*
    I hope that this summer is the best yet, hope that you receive all of what you need and plenty of what you want.
    Warm hugs,

  5. I know exactly what you mean about not worrying about kids when they are away at school or whatever, but worrying when they are home again. I hope you have a great summer!!!!

  6. Theresa,
    You are right and I can't wait!

    You are absolute right and I am most grateful!

    Yes! Pool party and you are all invited!

    Eva! It is so nice to have a twin who can take care of things and look our for me! Thanks!

    A spanking by the pool! That would be wonderful. Now if we can get the neighboros to go on vacation at the same time!

    I trust God completely but with my kids, well its hard to feel that I can ever let my guard completely down when they are close by.

    It is strange how that worry can come and go. I hope your summer is fantastic too.

  7. PK, I just feel happiness in all your words! It will be a wonderful summer!
    Many hugs!

  8. The excitement and happiness of summer coming just vibrates through you and your words! I know this will be a fantastic summer and you can even look forward to next year in school because you now know what you have with Nick is real, and it will be there the summer after as well! Here is to a fantastic summer for All of us!


  9. Hi, PK, I'm glad you're feeling better, and looking forward to the summer!


  10. Cindy,
    Thank you! I hope you and Dave get to spend as much of your summer together as possible!

    It has taken me a long time to realize we do have the power to keep our love alive forever.

    Thanks Reesa, I plan to do a lot of reading!!