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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Love having Mollie, hate having this cold

It’s Mother’s Day and I'm lucky enough to have Mollie here with me.  We’ll see Nick’s Mom and Dad after church for lunch – but don’t worry, we aren’t making her cook.  She hasn’t been feeling great lately.  Last Sunday we showed up at their place to see a ladder placed against the side of the house where my FIL had been up cleaning out the gutters.  No problem, I mean he won’t be 92 until next month!  He has three sons and a grandson who are usually there at least once a week and who would have been happy to do it – but what are you going to do?  Thank goodness he managed to get back down in one piece.

Nick gave me what I asked for, for mother’s day.  I asked for no weigh in this week – I’m doing terrible!  I’ve been overeating and then coming home with NO energy or desire to exercise at all. Of course he told me I’d have to show progress from last week or I’d be paying double this coming week.  Scary thought especially with Mollie home for the week, she cooks and we’ll want to take her out some too.

Then there’s this cold.  This is the worst cold I’ve had in years. My head, ears and chest are all involved.  I know doctors can’t cure a cold I may go next week if I’m not feeling any better.  I’ll be testing at school soon and I have to be able to stand up and walk around and right now I’m not sure I can even manage that. If I’m not commenting or writing as much it’s because I’m trying to use my energy on getting well.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s day. 


  1. Rest and be pampered. Hope you feel better quickly.
    Hugs DF

  2. Happy Mothers day, Pk´. In my country we will be celebrations this day last Sunday in May.
    Rest,Pk, as much as possible. That is what is needed to cure the cold ..

  3. PK,

    Happy Mothers Day to you.

    Hope you have a restful day and that damn cold goes away soon.


  4. Nice that you have Mollie home. Have a happy Mother's Day and hope you get overe the cold soon.


  5. Hi PK, Happy Mother's Day to you! Lovely you have Mollie with you to celebrate.

    You just rest up as much as possible and concentrate on getting rid of the cold. I hope it goes soon!


  6. PK,
    I hope that you have as good a Mothers day as possible, I'm glad that Mollie is home for you.
    Hope that you feel better soon.
    Love and warm hugs,

  7. Have a happy mother's day. I do hope you are feeling all better really soon! Hugs

  8. Happy Mothers Day! I am happy that Mollie is there to celebrate.
    You may think it is a cold but maybe it is more! Definitely go and visit the docs if you do not feel better!

  9. HMD. Glad you are enjoying Mollie and hope you are feeling better soon.

  10. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. Get better soon.
    Happy Mother's Day.

  11. Happy Mother's Day. I think that you are an awesome mom!