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Sunday, May 05, 2013

A rant, a spanking, and finally, my surprise gift

I’ll tell you all about the gift in a moment. First just a short rant about work.  I had bus duty last week – not horrible, just time consuming and I can’t get anything done before or after school.  We also had end of course tests for social studies.  You remember when I took over social studies and asked what I was to be teaching, I was told ‘ancient civilizations’. I never could find anyone who could or would tell me which ancient civilizations.  We received no new textbooks or pacing guide. We were told that there were hundreds of great websites where we could gather information.  The only clear directive was that I was to teach ancient civilizations up until 1450 and the next grade would start from there.

Some time mid-year we asked if we could see some sample test questions so we could know we were heading in the right direction.  Our request was generally ignored until about three weeks ago when they sent us two questions.  Sigh… So our kids take the test.  At least three questions clearly ask about events that occurred after 1450.  So even if I’d taught every ancient civilization up until the time I was told, the kids still wouldn’t have been prepared for the test. Pardon me while I bang my head against a wall.

Rant over except to say that these kinds of events annoy me to no end and I am an aggravation eater.  I was aggravated this week and I gained nearly 2 pounds. Nick, as great as he is, does not accept ‘I was really pissed’ as a valid excuse to over eat. Therefore, Friday night he brought out the big wide leather strap with the holes in it and the cane. I suppose I shouldn’t complain, he had threatened the tawse, the back scratcher and the cane.  We don’t have three more horrible implements.

As I write this I still have my ‘ladies choice’ afternoon ahead of me.  Now that’s a wonderful way to forget my troubles and just have a great time!

And finally I what to tell you about the surprise gift Nick made for me.  I just got up one morning and there it was.  I was something I wanted, something I needed, but I never thought he'd do anything about it other than tease me. Honestly I never thought he was paying that much attention.  Not only did he build it for me, he decided to pretty it up and when out and got fabric so he could cover it.

Now I suppose I could just tell you what it is, but where is the fun in that? I’m going to show you a picture of it and I’d love for you to guess how it’s used.  If used correctly it could help me lose weight.  I won’t leave you hanging; I’ll have a picture up tomorrow showing you exactly what it’s for.


  1. Ancient civilisation after 1450? Ancient to me is Greek and Roman, not the middle ages! that definitely deserved a rant.
    I'm intrigued by your photo. Tuning in tomorrow to find out more!

    1. It was ancient civilization and then up through 1450 - but they tested us on after that? What gives?

  2. PK,I am sorry for your work situation, it's so depressing to have "idiots" decide what is right and not right ..
    Hmm ... 1450 Unbelievable!

    Now I'm curious and want to know what what is hidding there. What a good man you have, PK!

    1. Mona Lisa,
      He is really so great. Not to mention handy, he can fix or make nearly anything. Reveal tomorrow!

  3. PK,
    having idiot superiors can be stressful, I know.
    My best guess, a laptop stand so you can record your 'impressions' while being spanked by Nick.
    Love and warm hugs,

    1. Paul, you can be right about laptop stand. We will see..

    2. Paul,
      Thankfully only this last principal has been truly hard to get alone with, he's right and thinks everyone else is stupid. Those in the past have been much better.

      Hmmm... not a bad guess.

  4. Why do the idiots have to have jobs over people that try to do a good job?

    sorry about your day but I have no clue on what it is a abs exerciser maybe?


    1. Bob,
      I'm ready to go back to the little red school house where I'll be the only adult there. That might work.

      Well I do need something for my abs.

  5. I just can't believe the way they are running the schools. And how does 1450 qualify as ancient. Don
    t they Columbus discovered America 42 years later?

    And will be curious to see how your sift is used and where it is in the house and what are you going to say if the kids ask about it.


    1. FD,
      I guess they thought 1450 was a good cut off date. I don't care what they give me if they would just pick something and stick to it.

      This is one the kids can see.

  6. UGH. I remember wondering about the idiots that made up the rules, seemingly as the thought them up....hang in there another year is almost over. No idea about the gift, but curious.
    hugs abby

    1. Abby,
      With retirement so very close I am much more able to just shake my head and laugh in wonder at the idiots. I used to worry because Mollie is entering the circus just as I leave, but she's a big girl and it's her choice.

  7. Hi PK,
    So sorry about school. They are doing a great disservice to their teachers and to their students by not giving accurate and useful information. I find that so incredibly frustrating...and I don't even teach there...I can't even imagine how frustrated you must be. Hopefully they will wise up...
    As for the gift I will look forward to hearing more tomorrow...but so nice that he listened and noticed and made you something you wanted...what a nice guy.
    As for the weight...I hear you...this will be a better week! :-) Hugs

    1. Terps,
      The kids only have 14 1/2 days so hopefully I'll survive. This weight week better be better - I'm sporting enough cane stripes as it it!

  8. PK Hi!

    Sorry to hear about the weight gain and the spanking. I am in the same quandary at the moment with the weight. Two pounds on and then two pounds off week by week. Hopeless. Maybe when I have no more stress with school I will only ever eat salads! (Sigh!) Did you get striped just down one side again? (Heh Heh!) Don't know why I'm laughing, I'd be terrified. I just nearly impaled myself on a garden cane when it snapped unexpectedly as I pushed it in amongst my sweet peas, and that is as near a cane I ever want to be!

    Now for the exciting bit. I am very impressed with Nick if he made that? And covered it too? I need one badly, does he take orders? It's a wedge you lucky girl! Great for aching joints! I am so envious because pillows have a tendency to sag in the middle and then it's hard to keep in position. I certainly look forward to the pictures of one in action! When they see it, everyone will want one!

    Many hugs


    1. Ami,
      This time he moved around and I'm striped on both sided (didn't like it, but I'm still proud of the stripes.)

      And about the gift... not exactly...

  9. 1450 Ancient? We call that "getting old" and probably in need of repair.

    I wonder how many civilizations occurred around the globe before 1450. Must be many, many thousands.
    Do we take into account the Neanderthals?

    Isn't it customary for these people that tell you what you have to teach, that they know at least a tiny little bit about the subject themselves?

    Oh my, you're going to lose weight, using that thing!

    1. Bas,
      We were ancient through 1450 - but you're exactly right, which of those 1000's of civilizations did they think we should cover. What was wrong with telling us the top 10? All I know about the ones in charge - principals, superintendents, leaders of workshops, curriculum creators and the like is that they no longer want to teach school for a living. That should tell you something.

      Will I lose weight with this - my butt says I better!

  10. Ouch to the motivation Nick imparted. However I am also a stress eater so I get it. Sometimes it is easier if I stop eating except the basics...easier said than done!
    School...You know what I think! They sabotage us at every step. The sad part is that the kids are stuck in the middle. Idiots at the helm!
    I really am stymied as to what Nick made you! I am looking at the plug next to it...I bet Paul is on to something!

    1. Minelle,
      I'm not a person who feels that I'm stressed. But 'they' can make me mad and that's my trigger. When I actually get to the point of true stress I stop eating.

      You'll have to come back to see.

  11. My guess is a laptop stand to use on a treadmill. I could use on of those myself, lol. So sorry about the frustration with school, but it should be over for another year soon.

    1. Faerie,
      Now you're a pretty good guesser, come back and see.

  12. Hey PK...so sorry about the weight gain (definitely understand stress eating...am there, doing that *sigh*) I really would have to ask the 'idiots' in charge for their definition of ancient...sounds as if someone wasn't prepared and that is why you didn't get any answers.

    As for your gift...I would say it is some type of spanking bench.

    Hope the rest of your school year is a bit less stressful.


  13. You teachers deserve gold medals you really do so at the very least you deserve to have a rant. Are you still going to weight watchers? Glad nick helps you in that regard. I've just joined so I hope my sir is as encouraging - I think he will be . Now I'm gonna read your next post to see what your gift is. Xo