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Friday, May 10, 2013

Fantasy Friday revisited - Ending or Beginning?

I woke Thursday with a sore throat – not the best thing for a teacher to have near the end of school.  I need my voice to keep control!  Thankfully I’m old enough and had a severe enough stare to hold them at bay for a day or two.  Hopefully I’ll recover some over the weekend.

This story is a repeat, but it’s one that really gets to me and manages to push all my buttons. The writer is Kim a long time reader who didn’t want to share any information back when I first posted this.  I hope to hear from her again.

I have no doubt you’ll enjoy…

Ending or Beginning?

Beth woke as they pulled into the garage a little after 2 AM. The first clear thought she had was, well that’s that. Her third child’s wedding day had gone beautifully but since all three kids had married in the past 18 months all Beth could really feel was exhaustion.

Russell opened the door without speaking. Not that that was unusual they rarely spoke these days anyway. She knew Russell was getting ready to leave her. All the signs were there, the lack of communication, the loss of intimacy, and in the last few months she would catch him staring at her for no reason. She wondered if he too wondered what had happened to them after 35 years of marriage. It was all gone, the love, the passion, the closeness all gone. And I never even realized it was going she thought to herself.

Although she knew it was coming, it was a shock the next morning. Russell woke her before leaving for work, “I need to talk to you about something important. Can you plan on being home this afternoon?” Anger hit her harder than she expected. Got the kids married off and you’re getting the hell out of Dodge! Is that it? Beth thought to herself. To Russell she answered “Yes, I’ll be here.” She couldn’t say more without crying and she wasn’t crying about this in front of him. If he wanted out so damn bad then good riddance!

She spent most of the day trying not to think at all. The thought that did creep in were mostly wondering what in the world had happened. Did she still love Russell? He was still easy on the eye, she had to admit that but he wasn’t the man she had married. He seemed to be a pale copy. She still loved the Russell she had married. She still wanted love – romance – passion but at 55 would she be able to find it again? Was she going to be alone for the rest of her life? Bitterly she realized that Russell would have no problem finding some young thing but how many men were looking for a middle aged, mother of three, grandmother of one with no remarkable talents to her name. Tears came then and Beth found herself sobbing for the changes that were coming.

Russell came home early in the afternoon. She didn’t go to greet him she stayed in the den on the computer but she could hear him moving around upstairs and wondered if he were packing to leave. Nearly an hour passed before he came to find her.

“Would you close the computer so we can talk?” he asked.

Beth’s hands were trembling as she sat the computer beside her on the table and turned to face Russell. He began at once.

“Our marriage isn’t working. I think we’ve both know this for a long time. We lead separate lives. I’ve felt for years that we were both here out of habit and that’s no reason to be married. Have you felt that way too?”

Beth stared at him “This is your conversation Russell. I have nothing to say.” She answered coldly.

Russell sighed and went on, “We used to be so good together. Beth I still love you. But I know I haven’t been the husband I should have been. I’ve thought a lot about the old days. We’ve changed so much that I don’t know if we can get it back. But what I want to know is, are you willing to try?”

“You’re not leaving? I thought you had already made up your mind.”

“Beth I don’t want to leave but I don’t want to go on like this. I want to try to regain what we’ve lost and I think we can. Are you willing to listen to my ideas and at least try them? I’m only asking for a few days. Don’t you think our marriage is worth that?”

Russell seemed sincere but what could they do in a few days that would matter? “I… I guess I’m willing but I don’t …”

Russell interrupted her. I’ve moved some things into the guest room. Come with me please.” He held out his hand. Beth hesitated as anger faired again. He wants to work on the marriage by moving into the other bedroom? Perfect!

But Russell was looking at her calmly and repeated “Please?” Beth took a deep breath and took his hand. At the guest room Russell opened the door for her and stood back as she entered the dark room. Stepping in and closing the door behind him Russell flipped on the light.

Beth gasped and stood stock still. Where?… what?…how? The bed was covered many items. Many were from their past and many were obviously brand new. Her eyes couldn’t take it all in at once. Many she remembered, the paddle with the holes in it, the wicked hair brush (it often left bruises she remembered), his old black belt (she thought it had been thrown away long ago), old spatula, wooded spoons, ping pong paddles, paint stirrers – her ass tingled as her eyes passes over each one. But that wasn’t all that was on the bed, there were restraints, several new butt plugs and a few items Beth couldn’t even identify.

Strangely among all these things her eyes settled on a bar of soap in the center of the bed and her mind flew back to a day when they had been marriage less than three months. They had been in the yard and she had been so mad! She couldn’t remember what she had been mad about but she had screamed and cussed and Russell for all she was worth. Neighbors had turned to look and she had pitched her temper tantrum.

Russell practically drug her inside and into their small kitchen. He had been nearly as mad as Beth. “What did I say I was going to do the next time you cussed at me like that?” he demanded in an angry voice.

“You said you’d wash my mouth out with soap! But that ain’t happening you son-of-a-bitch! Let me out of here.” She yelled! Russell muscular frame completely blocked her way out. Mad as he was he seemed to be calming down.

“What I said was that I would wash your mouth out with soap and then bare you ass and give you the whipping you deserve. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.” He told her in a calm matter-of-fact tone. Russell took a clean cloth from the drawer, wet it and rubbed it vigorously over the soap “Now open your mouth.”

“You are out of your fucking mind, asshole!” she snarled starting to panic. “Get out of my way!”

Russell grabbed her and quickly bent her over the counter. He reached for a wooden spoon and began laying into her ass full force. The pain was intense and Beth screamed at him to stop he was killing her. “I’ll stop,” Russell told her over her shouts “as soon as you're ready for me to wash your mouth out with soap. I told you cussing me would lead to this. Did you think I was kidding?”

The assault on her ass was too much to take “Stop, stop!! I’ll open my mouth. I will!”

Russell stopped and laid the spoon down. He re-wet and lathered the cloth again and Beth with eyes still blazing with anger opened her mouth. He rubbed the vile tasting soap on her tongue, cheek and even the roof of her mouth before he stopped. It was as horrible as she had expected but it wasn’t as painful as the spoon had been.

Taking her had he walked her to the living room and over to the corner. “You stand here until I’m ready for you to come out and get your whipping.”

“You just whipped me! You can’t do in again!”

“That was for not opening your mouth.”

“I hate you!” She cried “I’m leaving you!”

“Well I love you” was his answer “But your screaming and cussing me ain’t how our marriage is gonna be.” Turning her to face the corner he continued talking. “You’re going to stand here and think, and you think hard. Do you really want to leave? Are we going to be better off apart? If you stay are you going to let me be the head of the family? You need some discipline in your life and you know it. I’m here to give that to you. You got some important decisions to make and you’re going to stand right here in this corner until you make them.”

“In a few minutes I’m going to give you a choice. You can come out of there, get your things and leave me or you can bare your butt and take the whipping you’ve got coming.

She heard Russell sit down in a chair behind her. Her mind was spinning. She has only said that about leaving him because she was so angry. She loved Russell. Her parents had let her run wild since she was a kid. They had never cared. Russell did. He had care about her from their first date. She would never leave him.

Ten minutes later Russell spoke to her, “Beth, it’s time to decide. What’s it going to be?” Beth didn’t say a word; she just pulled down her jeans and panties and waited…

Beth brought her mind back to the present. That had been so long ago, they had been kids with little education, no money, nothing but a deep love for each other. Now they were middle aged, they had college degrees, they were affluent, they were parents, grandparents… they couldn’t go back to this it would never work. But the memory had brought tears to her eyes and she remembered the love and passion that had concluded that night.

Russell touched her shoulder and she turned to him. “Oh, Russell we’re not kids anymore. We stopped this long ago.”

“That was my fault. I let you down when we stopped. Beth, I want you and I want our marriage. Will you give me a chance to make it up to you? Will you give me, us, one more chance? Will you at least think about it?”

Beth stared at Russell as she stared at him. How long had it been since they had looked into each other eyes for more than a second? Could this possibly work, could she handle all that it implied? She really didn’t know but she knew that this decision could change her life. Taking a deep breath Beth said quietly “Russell this is a big decision. I wish I had somewhere quiet to think.”

Russell understood at once “I’ve got the perfect place.” He said and led her to the corner.


Thanks again Kim. I told her the first time I posted this that if it doesn't have a sequel someone needs a hard spanking! Thank goodness she came through for me back then.  I won't make you wait a week, I'll have it up tomorrow.  Although maybe I should make you wait.  If I'm not getting any new stories so I may need to stretch this out. We'll see.

Please send any stories you would like to share to elisspeaks@yahoo.com

You can find the next part here.


  1. This was great PK, thanks for re-posting. Definitely want to read part 2! I hope you feel better soon.


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  3. PK,
    as good now, as it was then.
    Love and warm hugs,

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