I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanks guys!

Happy day before Thanksgiving/ Thanksgiving Day! Good time of year for thinking about what we are thankful for. When it comes to blogging, one huge joy is having a place where I can express myself on any topic. I am especially happy have to have a place to discuss spanking, a formerly taboo subject. Totally unbelievable!! But the best, the very best thing are the friends that leave comments.

I am grateful for anyone that reads what I write; I am always surprised when I see how many people actually stop by each day. I love those of you who don't yet feel comfortable leaving a comment, I love those of you who have just started leaving comments recently; Shy, Sugarpie, Snow, Debbie, Reesa and several other. I know that there are more out there and I look forward to getting to know many of you better. Thank you for letting me know what you think.

But my special thanks goes to my friends that comment, or try to when blogger allows, every day. When I see your names on your comments daily I really feel surrounded by friends. I feel comfortable, safe and like someone understands me. Making friend (although in a fairly unusual setting) in your forties is somewhat tough. Making friends that I feel this close to, that I can discuss spanking, sex, kids, jobs, and fantasies with is incredible wonderful! I never expected this in my life and I find joy in it every day. I am talking about the following people; Tiggr, CeeCi, Suzq, Lily, Bonnie, Todd and Suzy, Anne Elizabeth, Maggie, Theresa, Cassie, Grace, Sky, Paul and last, but hardly least, my twin, my buddy Eva. I love all you guys! I still look forward to our future PJ party. I can only imagine Todd and Paul will really enjoy themselves! Thanks for always being there and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


  1. Anonymous1:10 AM

    And thankyou for your comments as well :)

  2. Thanks, PK! Happy Thanksgiving to ya!

  3. Anonymous7:51 AM

    Happy, happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, PK. And thanks for allowing me a place in the circle... you guys are the best.

    Now don't stress yourself too much with your turkey TV dinners!

    ::big Thanksgiving hugs:::


  4. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Morning, Elis!

    You're welcome. I truly enjoy what you share. I love the humor that has come through the shared postings from Theresa, Eva, and the others.

    Did I lose a week? Why does your post have a date of Friday, December 1st? Will there be no words of wisdom from you for a whole week? :)

    Have a great Thanksgiving day.


  5. Anonymous9:29 AM

    PK~ Thanks... but did you hear what Debbie said? You're getting a bit into this editing stuff, huh? There's an assignment for you.... go in and fix the date.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

    Big hugs~
    the twin

  6. I see you have recovered enough from the pre holiday planning to have written us a special post, and found a great pic.

    What an idea? We can speed up time. Transport ourselves to the future.

    I need it to be 020107, so I can get to work on my taxes! Do we all have to do it together in order for it to work?

    Happy Thanksgiving. You also know I will come here every day to read!


  7. Anonymous10:26 AM

    Aww... what a sweet post. Have a great day!

    ~Todd & Suzy

  8. Elis dear girl, I am so looking forward to the PJ party. WEG.
    Love you PK have a wonderful day.
    Warm hugs,

  9. Love you bunches and my jammies are packed... where are we all meeting up? And when?


  10. Gem and Snow,
    I am looking forward to getting to know both of you better.

    You are a permanent member of the circle! All the crazes will be sitcking together!

    Debbie, Eva,
    I have no idea why it put the wrong date! I think the computer hates me. Oh well, I don't put the date on and I couldn't find where to fix it.

    If I am going to bother going ahead in time it going to be time for summer vacation.

    Todd and Suzy,
    Hope your day was great too.

    Paul, Tiggr,
    When we get details worked out its going to be a great party!

  11. PJ party? Oooohh, I feel a post coming on - thanks for bringing back memeories of some of my wilder times (hehehe!).
    Happy Thanksgiving, Elis :)

  12. I'm late as usual but Thanks, Elis, for the wonderful Thanks!

    IMO, I'd like to reverse the time, not go forward! I wanna back up and get MORE time!


  13. Happy belated Thanksgiving! I have had a week of craziness!! I will be back on schedule this coming week. Hope all went well and that you are satisfactoraly stuffed! D :)

  14. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Thank you Elis for the nice words. I so enjoy reading your blog and many others. Hope you enjoyed a wonderful turkey day. Pajama party with the girl?? Now this could get crazy!!