I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Some Hair Color Meme

Alright Theresa, I like your meme - here goes!

What bad thing happened to you this week? A ton of extra stupid paper work was dumped on me on Thursday that had to be done by Monday. It took hours!! I had to stop teaching, get the kid a sub (babysitter) so I could write 38 plans telling how I was going to teach. Why couldn't I just teach!!!!

What good thing happened to you this week? Got Nick a lap top. Mollie swears that we are sitting in the living room IMing each other. Well, almost!

What did you have for breakfast? One bite of a banana. I had to come here and check on everyone and didn't have time to eat anything else.

What is your favorite color? Blue or Purple

What is your favorite fast food chain? McDonalds, I have already supersized myself!!

How much did your last fill up cost you? $42.00 all I can think if WTF!

Do you have a job? I do at the moment, but if they keep pissing me off like they have lately you better ask again tomorrow. It's not the kid, it's the stupid government regulations.

If you had one wish in the whole world excluding winning the lottery what would it be? Well if I had 2 I would use one to find out why Theresa wants me to listen to Nick so much. But if I only had one it would be that all the pretty leaves stay on the trees or at least fall in a nice pile by the road so they could be suck up.

What time do you get up in the morning? Between 5:30 and 6:00. I used to get up every morning and read the paper. Now I get up to check on everyone!

What are your pet’s names? Lincoln, Abbie, and Xander.

Do they have nick names? Not really, but the dog think his name is "You are not coming in here with those muddy feet!" Abbie thinks her name is either "Get off my arm while I am trying to type!" or "Stop scratching the couch" or "Get down before you knock everything off!" Xander thinks his name is "Sweet kitty, you are so good. Come lay with me!" We don't show favoritism in this house.

How many times a week do you screw up word verification? Take a wild guess, I took it off my blog. Trust me I had nothing to do with them. It's definitely Eva's doing!

What is your favorite spanking position? I don't know, that cold washing machine has a certain appeal. But if I can't have that probably on the bed OTK or over pillows.

What is your favorite spanking implement? So hard to chose!! Defiantly something leather. I guess the leather paddle or his belt.

What is your favorite food? Anything that I don't have to cook and any and all junk food.

Coke or Pepsi? Coke products. Diet Cherry Coke at the moment.

What is the best thing about blogging? The people, the people, the people!!! The feeling of acceptance, the feeling that I am understood, the feeling that I have resources. I have girl friend that I can talk to every day. And the best of all through all this I found my way to Nick and I love him more than I ever have.

What color are your toenails? The same color they were when I was born. When I put on nail polish I feel like I can't breath.

What is your favorite cocktail? Not a clue, I don't drink. I used to like Kalua and Cream, but it just put me to sleep.

What is the worse part of your job? Anything that takes me away from actually teaching.

Have you implemented any new words into your vocabulary lately? Nick is always asking if I have checked on my peeps or what my peeps are up to.


  1. Anonymous5:18 AM

    You all just need to forget about that washing machine!!!!


  2. Anonymous5:29 AM

    You did a great job with this, PK! I swear you're just blossoming lately. I love the nick names answer especially! I have a cat nicknamed "get down before you knock everything off" too!

    Happy Monday!

    *hugs* from one of your peeps...


  3. My favorite was: "Defiantly something leather." Just FYI, Elis, love, that's not the first time that you've transposed the letters in this word, which is why I noticed it! Oh, yeah, OK, I noticed cause I'm an anal, obsessive-compulsive bitch, er, um, I mean BRAT... and also because this is one thing we most definitely have in common.

    No, not the deiant part, not me, not ever, no way *evil grins and winks* but the leather fetish... both of us having worked in animal health, me as an avid vegetarian animal rights' activist-type, but yeah, I must admit, my all-time favortie spanking toys are anything leather.

    Hey, maybe we should inundate the site on Dante's blog that promotes "pleather" and ask if they can make a whole line of spanking toys just for us... something tells me that would be a HUGE money-maker... shhh, don't tell anyone. We will talk later, you and I...

    Love you and love your twin pussies... you and Eva sometimes just make me want to hack up a hairball... but you are fellow felines so I guess I gotta love you, right?

    Hugs and kisses,

  4. Good answers...same here with the pets! No favoritism! I feel the same way about my job, Medicare has taken all the fun out of nursing.

    Ok what the heck are peeps and what do they have to do with vocabulary words?

    Theresa...oh yeah I love the new kitties!

  5. Not sure what this had to do with "hair color", but it was fun!

    I simply can't believe you and Eva get up so early! I didn't even realize that time existed! Just reading that makes me tired!

    You people need to step away from the coke products!!! Pepsi is far superior!


  6. Anonymous2:03 PM

    How did you tell your hubby that you wanted to be spanked.?? Did he think you were nuts.I want this but I just dont know how to break it to him.I'll check back later for your response.

  7. Great meme Elis, so funny. I have three dogs and a cat and the all have multiple names.
    I've been meaning to tell you that all three films on your profile are favourites of mine, how good is that!!!!
    Warm hugs,

  8. I'm a lurker on your blog and just wanted to say hello. I loved your answers to the meme. I saw it on Theresa's blog. I'll have to give it a try sometime this week. :)

  9. Eva,
    Somethings are just hard to forget!

    Our cats must be related!

    We figured it was too cute for words but we liked them so what the heck!

    Peeps, someone else used that out here and Nick and I picked it up, peeps -- my people! Nick is always asking if my peeps are up to anything today. I really like the kitties too!

    Theresa called it a red-headed meme. I wanted to do it anyway!

    I will have to be up a half hour earlier next year when I will have to get Mollie to school by 7:10 in order to get out of traffic and back to my school on time.

    What time do you have to get up to get everyone ready for school?

    It was very hard! Not telling him but getting up the nerve to tell him! I did it by email. Kind of as a joke. I said I knew that it has to sound crazy but I thought it might be exciting to be spanked before sex. And would he be willing to give it a try. Saying this scared me nearly to death. He told be it did sound a bit nuts but he was more that willing to give it a try.

    If we hadn't had email it would have been in bed after sex in the dark. Not face to face in the daylight. A lot of this is in my early posts. I would love to talk by email if you are willing. I still feel so new at this I am always asking other for advice. If you want to email me and don't know how leave another comment.

    Just know it can be done! And it is worth it!!!!

    These are such wonderful films to watch on cold, rainy Sunday afternoons.

    Love seeing you here anytime!!!

  10. Anonymous12:21 AM

    I would like to email you thankyou.

  11. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Good post! Todd use to teach, and feels your pain!

    ~Todd & Suzy

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