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Friday, July 01, 2016

Fantasy Friday - Red and Bruin

I'm home, it's summer and I'm chillin' at the house. I've had one fantastic trip this summer. There is another one coming later and I've got some summer writing time to look forward to. Life is good.

Today we have a brand new Fantasy Friday for you. This story come from our own Lindy of Downunder Dreaming. Since it's winter there I guess she needed something to warm her up and this is a fun story that could do that for sure. Please enjoy...

Red and Bruin

Little Red Riding hood skipped into the woods singing merrily to herself.  She came across a patch of bluebells, so bent over to pick some.
“Ouch!  what was that for?” she yelled springing back up.
 To her amazement stood a huge, handsome bear. She didn’t know whether to run or stay to see what he wanted.
“Hello little girl, what brings you to this neck of the woods?” asked the bear. “Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m Bruin Bear, nice to meet you.”
“Nice to meet you also, I’m Little Red. I wanted some wild flowers to brighten my cottage,”  she replied. “Why did you swat me Bruin Bear?”
“I can’t tell a lie, a beautiful back side presented before my eyes, was just too much of a temptation to pass up.”     Bruin Bear explained.
“That’s not nice you know, to greet someone in that way.  Couldn’t you just say hello without swatting me. It really stung!” Little Red said with a pout.
“Shucks, sorry, please forgive my bad manners. Would you like to come to my cave for some lunch after you’ve finished picking flowers?” he suggested as a peace offering.
“Sure that would be nice as long as you don’t swat me again, alright!   I’m starving anyway after all this fresh air.”
Off they trotted to Bruin Bears cave where he made a roaring fire, set a large pot on top and proceeded to cook lunch. Little Red was too busy exploring her surroundings to notice what Bruin Bear was cooking. Once finished Bruin Bear dished up two bowls of steaming, hot porridge topped with honey and blueberries.
Little Red blurted out “I’m not eating your porridge!” without any further explanation.
Bear was not happy, so tried to shove a spoonful into her mouth.  Little Red spluttered to keep it from entering, which made Bear extremely angry. He sat on the nearest boulder, hauled Little Red over his knee, hitched up her cape, skirt and lowered her frilly panties.  Before Little Red had a chance to register what was happening Bruin Bear was laying into her bare bottom in a rapid tattoo of sharp swats painting Little Reds bottom to match her red cape. She finally found her voice yelling……
“Stop you can’t do this to me.”
Bruin Bear didn’t take any notice of her, just kept on until he thought she had learnt her lesson.  When he let her up Little Red quickly straightened up her clothes, gathered her basket and ran as fast as she could to get away from the brutal bear.  Through teary eyes she found her way to her cousin’s house, knocked on the door and waited for her to answer.
Goldilocks came to the door looking very dishevelled, after all she had a reputation for trying other people’s beds and sleeping around.  
“Oh sorry have a disturbed you, cuz?” Little Red asked as she went inside.  
Goldilocks assured her that it was alright seeing how upset Little Red appeared.  So through sobs, Little Red told Goldilocks about her dreadful morning. Telling her that the mean bear had tried to force her to eat porridge.  On hearing this Goldilocks began to laugh and her friend came out from the bedroom wondering what was happening. Little Red couldn’t believe her eyes
as she thought she was seeing double.  In front of her stood an exact replica of the bear she had just run from.  Goldilocks introduced her bear friend Rupert Bear, who turned out to be the other one’s brother. Together they worked out that Bruin Bear must have mistaken Little Red for Goldilocks.  The word had got around about Goldilocks breaking into The Three Bears house eating their porridge.  So the bear Little Red came across naturally thought she would eat porridge also. Rupert Bear said he would explain the situation to his brother, once he knows why you can’t eat it he will understand.
So Rupert Bear rang on the bush telegraph to his brother Bruin Bear to tell him about Little Reds predicament and why she can’t eat his porridge as she is intolerant to gluten.  Bruin Bear felt a fool not realising it was to do with dietary reasons and wanted to make it up some how to Little Red.
It took a lot of persuading for Little Red to want to see Bruin Bear again.  He was really pining for her as it was love at first sight for him. She was finally coaxed into it and had a lovely picnic with her cousin and the two bear brothers. Goldilocks and Rupert Bear left early allowing Bruin Bear and Little Red to chat.  Bruin Bear apologised to Little Red for not understanding.  Once everything was sorted out, he asked her if she was interested in becoming his life partner, as he thought she was very special.  Little Red was thrilled as she quite fancied Bruin Bear also.  They started dating then Bruin Bear moved into Little Reds cottage as it was more comfortable than his cave.
One day Little Red looked at Bruin Bear saying “Bear what big eyes you have!”
“All the better to see your pretty face with my dear.”
Then she said “Bear what big paws you have.” Not expecting to hear his answer.
“All the better to spank you with my dear.” With this he gave her a few playful swats.
Bruin Bear sat Little Red down saying he liked his house run smoothly and expected her to follow rules, if not she would face being punished.  Little Red was quite shocked by this yet decided to give it a try.  They wrote a list of rules to follow with both of them deciding on what the consequences would be.  Bruin Bear also explained there would be fun times also with Good Girl spankings.  Little Red preferred the sound of this, thinking she would never require a punishment spanking anyway.
It wasn’t long though before Little Red broke a few rules, being very disrespectful when they had visitors. Once everyone left Bruin Bear told Little Red to go to their bedroom and stand in the corner.
“You can’t treat me like a child, Bruin Bear,”  she said indignantly
Bear said “We set the rules and you broke several today, so you are being punished my dear.  Now go stand in the corner or your punishment will be more severe.”
Little Red stomped off to the bedroom slamming the door on arrival, which didn’t go down too well with Bruin Bear.  He left her waiting for 10 minutes then he entered the bedroom, surprised to actually see her in the corner.
He sat on the bed, called her over and began lecturing her about her behaviour.  Then took her over his knee lowering her pants and panties.  Bruin Bear didn’t need any implements, his paw was huge and felt like a paddle when applied to a naughty bottom. He started massaging her cheeks before starting a steady rhythm covering all of Little Reds bottom.  She soon started wriggling and spluttering out apologies promising never to be naughty again. 
“Please I’ll do anything, I promise.  It’s hurting, ouch, ow, stop!”
Bruin Bear didn’t listen though, he kept spanking until Little Red went limp over his knee.  Then he pulled her up for a cuddle, being careful not to sit her on her sore bottom. Little Red cried so hard she finally fell asleep.  Bruin Bear lay her on her tummy in bed and gently tucked blankets around her. 
In the morning she woke up with a huge smile on her face even though she could still feel the effects of the spanking from the night before.  Over breakfast Bruin Bear asked Little Red “Would you like to organise a party with your cousins and friends.” 
 Little Red was excited as she hadn’t seen some of her cousins for a while and was dying to introduce her handsome bear to them all.
Bruin Bear planned a special secret for the party only a handful of friends knew.  He bought Little Red a very exquisite dress which made her look like a fairy princess and a diamond tiara to wear in her beautiful hair.
Everyone gathered in the meadow where Little Red and Bruin Bear had first met.  Little Red was led blind folded to this location by her cousins Goldilocks and Cinderella.  On arrival she was excited to see all her friends gathered and Bruin Bear looking ever so handsome in a dinner suit.  Bruin Bear got down on one knee asking if she would marry him.  Little Red flung herself into his arms saying
 “Of course, I thought you would never ask.”
The wedding ceremony was over in the blink of an eye. Then everyone enjoyed themselves eating, drinking and dancing the night away.  It was the best day Little Red had ever had in her whole life.  The guests left for their respective houses, Bruin Bear picked Little Red up and carried her over the threshold to start their married life blissfully as husband and wife.
He showed Little Red how a Good Girl spanking can feel like heaven sending her into subspace.  For the next few days they enjoyed exploring each other’s bodies only leaving the bed to eat something to keep their strength up. 
Little Reds cousins couldn’t believe how radiant she appeared next time they saw her.  They said married life obviously agrees with you.  So Little Red explained to them about the wonderful life style Bruin Bear had introduced her to, known as This Thing We Do.  Her cousins were jealous so discussed this with their partners. 
Soon everyone in the woods practiced their own versions of TTWD and lived happily ever after.


Thank you so much Lindy - I love getting new stories and this one was so much fun! Keep writing for us please. I have a new story for next week too - see people are writing. I think it time you joined in! Give it a try and send your story to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Hi Pk, Hope you have a wonderful summer. Cute story Lindy, keep writing!
    love Jan, xx

  2. Lindy, that was great fun.
    Glad you're enjoying your break PK.
    Rosie xx

  3. This was great Lindy and fun to read. I hope you will write some more :)

    Thank you PK for bringing us another wonderful Friday story. Enjoy your summer break :)


  4. Lindy, I loved your story. Thank you.

    Thanks PK. Hope you have a wonderful summer break.


  5. Thanks, PK, for bringing this little story from Lindy. Of course, Ella was hoping for an Ever After!

  6. Deena8:03 AM

    Giggled through this whole story! So clever!

  7. Lindy, that was ADORABLE!!!

  8. How cute Lindy - I really enjoyed reading. Do it again.

  9. Lindy that was so much fun to read! You are quite creative! Keep writing!

    Pk hope summer is relaxing for you!

  10. Thank you once again for allowing me to write for you PK and everyone's comments. It was fun writing this one and yes I needed something to warm me up. Very chilly and wet over here.

    Hugs Lindy