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Friday, July 08, 2016

Fantasy Friday - In the Moment

As far as I'm concerned it's June 39th. I figure if I refuse to acknowledge July summer can last forever! As soon as you admit it's July you're a goner! All I'm sure of is that it's summer now and that we have a another brand new story today.

This is a first time writer for us and at this time she wished to remain anonymous which is fine - if you'll write a story for us I'll do whatever I can to make you feel comfortable. So please leave a comment to encourage this new writer and now please enjoy...

In the Moment

"Ah no no please don't!" Jessa pleaded as John's hand impacted her bottom. She didn't want a spanking. They hurt too much. But here she was, over his lap, getting one.
" Jessa, don't make this harder than it already is." John said to her. He kept spanking her, despite her protests. Her bottom was on fire from the force of the spanks. She wriggled, trying to get free. He landed several harder smacks in response.
"Ow ow ow!" She yelped. "Quit moving around young lady," he warned.
"Or what?" She sassed. "You'll spank me? Oh wait, you already are doing that," she added defiantly.
He targeted her thighs with multiple full force swats. She bucked and squealed. "Keep it up and you'll get the ruler," he admonished.
"Stop it!" She demanded.
"Honey you're not in the position to decide whether we are done here or not," he replied with a chuckle.
"John why am I getting a spanking?" Jessa asked.
"How about you tell me?" He shot back.
"Um uh," she mumbled.
"That's what I thought," he said. "Try again dear," he said.
Jessa took a breath and tried again. "Uh, I'm getting one because I was rude to you," she said quietly.
"How were you being rude to me?" He questioned. Jessa ducked her head and didn't answer.
"Jessa, I asked you a question," he said sternly, and swatted her butt hard a couple times.
"No more please," she begged.
"Tell me," he repeated.
"I was snippy and sarcastic and I also ignored your orders to go to the corner," she answered in a shaky voice.
"Good girl," he praised her. "Now I think you know what to do now," he added.
Jessa moaned. "Please not the corner," she groaned.
"Yes the corner," he said. He nudged her up. She reluctantly got up and walked to the corner. Before she was all the way in, she paused.
"John-" she started, but he interrupted her.
"No more fuss. Corner now." He insisted. When she didn't move, he made to move towards her. She immediately put her hands over her burning backside.
"No more," she said, shaking her head.
"Yes more, if you don't get your ass in the corner." He nodded his head at her. Shoulders slumped, she stood there quietly. John stood by the small chair in the corner of the bedroom by the bed and admired the view. He sat down and let his mind wander.
As she stood there in the corner, she thought of what might happen if she was to rub her bottom more. "If you rub your bottom, I will add on to what you already have coming," John warned her.  
"But nothing,” he interrupted her. She huffed. He made her stay there for thirty minutes more before calling her over to him.
"John please don't spank me again," she begged. "Honey I don't want to but I have to," he said. "You know how it works with our agreement," he added.
Before he told her to, she picked up the ruler and handed it to him. She draped herself over his lap and braced for the first smack of the ruler. Smack! Despite herself, she yelped at the sting it created. He wasted no time on targeting her thighs.
"Oh shit don't!" She yelled in pain.
He hit harder. "No swearing," he told her. The ruler hurt so bad when it was landing on her bare thighs.
"Please stop please no more," she wailed, kicking her legs in protest.
"No more of that attitude, you hear me?" He said.
"Ow! Okay okay," she squealed.
"You'll listen to me?" He asked.
Jessa squirmed in pain. He brought the ruler down a couple times. "Oh god no more!" she cried out.
"If you don't answer, I'll keep it up," he warned her.
"Okay okay I'll listen to you," she bit out.
"Good girl," he said.
"I'm sorry please no more," she pleaded.
"It's over honey." He promised. "You're forgiven and I love you," he told her quietly. He rubbed her bottom, soothing the fire.


I thank our new writer today and I hope this encourages her to write more stories and I hope it encourages the rest of you too. Send any stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Hi PK, glad it sounds as though you are enjoying a lovely summer. Counting down the days to summer here.

    Thank you for sharing another wonderful story. I enjoyed reading this. Jessa is definitely brave giving sass while otk.


  2. Thanks for another great story PK. Hope our anonymous person writes again.
    Enjoy your beautiful summer. Time always goes way too fast when you're enjoying it.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Hugs Lindy

  3. I enjoyed the story, PK! :) Thank you for writing, Anon writer! That Jessa is a bold one. Sheesh! OTK is not a great place to be sassy! LOL!

    What a great way to count the summer days. maybe we should count backwards and we can go back to the beach? Enjoy your days of fun and relaxation! Many hugs and love,

    <3 Katie

  4. This was a great story! I can't say I've never been sassy when OTK! ;)
    PK, I agree with you in some ways.... For me I get two weeks vaca in August so I'm wishing time speeds up some!

  5. Terrific story. I felt her pain and hate the corner thing. Hope he/she writes again.

  6. Loved the story PK, I hope Anon will write some more. We are having a wet and dismal summer in most of the UK but time is still rushing by way too fast.
    Rosie xx

  7. Anon I really enjoyed your story. I hope you will write more for us. Thank you.


  8. Anon, Keep Writing!!! Very nice job!!!

  9. I enjoyed reading your story....thanks for sharing it!
    hugs abby

  10. If that is her first attempt, I say she deserves high praise. Lovely little vignette.

    I always used to play the Alice Cooper song, "School's Out for Summer" very loud all through the month of June. July started the march toward the first day of school.


  11. June 39th! I love it. How wonderful to be lost in a month that is so grand, you don't want it to end. Hey... maybe I'll just be 29 forever. :) Hey world, I'm 29 again. Still. Ha ha.

    Love the story. Keep writing girl. You had my attention the entire time.