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Friday, November 07, 2014

The Business Woman - part 1

I nearly always participate in Saturday Spankings over at PK Corey's Reading Room. Many of us put up 8 sentence snippets from some of our books. I'd love to have you come by.

A wonderful Friday to you! This begins a four day weekend for me. I'm off Monday for a regular check up and I'll use the rest of the day to begin my Christmas shopping and then I'm off on Tuesday for Veteran's Day.  I'd like to think I could get some writing done during those four days too. I'm waiting - not quite patiently to see if my publisher is going to take the fifth Cassie book. I hope they do,
it's a good one!

And today we have a Fantasy Friday from my friend Carye. We had lost contact over the years and I was very happy to hear from her again. She wrote for us way back then and I'm reposting them for the next three weeks. If you've started reading after 2009 this should be new to you. Please enjoy...

The Business Woman 
Part 1

            As Kent sat double parked with his blinkers on he sighed an exasperated sigh. Where was she?  They had just discussed this last week with her over his lap. He thought that would take care of it.  As he looked out his rear view window he saw a police officer driving his way in the next block down, sighed, and threw the car into drive and started around the block.  After two more rounds, he finally found a parking place, parked, and slamming the door, headed for the 30 story high rise that held his beautiful wife hostage.  As he passed the guard the guard smiled at him and said, “Hey Kent! How you doing? Rescuing your wife again?”  Kent just nodded glumly and headed for the 27th floor. 
            As the elevator rose, he thought about his wife.  She was so successful. A top executive with a corner office, yet at home she needed his guidance, and lately with work too.  She had started the bad habit of staying until all hours of the night. They rarely saw each other.  She often set him up with him waiting in the car, then finally trudging up and finding her only to find out she was planning on staying several more hours.  He’d finally had enough last week and they had discussed it. They agreed that she would always call if she needed to stay late, and never stay past 8 unless it was an emergency. It was working too. They had really enjoyed the last week together. She was much happier and relaxed and despite being a little sore for a few days afterwards she was all smiles.  They’d agreed that if it happened again, she would be punished, this time with the hairbrush that he’d gotten that last weekend on an enjoyable getaway. 
            Kent stepped out of the elevator and immediately froze. He could hear his wife’s loud shouting from all the way down the hall.  She was really laying into someone for something. He couldn’t believe his ears. She just wasn’t like that around him. She definitely had a temper, but he didn’t think with all her success it had come with her to work.  He didn’t know who was on the receiving end, but no one deserved to be called the things that they were being called. Whoever it was was very calm and trying to appease her.  Kent waited for about 5 minutes and out came a gentleman he knew well. It was Lori’s right-hand man. She relied on him heavily and always had great things to say about him. What could he have done to make her so mad? As they passed in the hall, John stopped and said hi but looked rather embarrassed.  “Boy” he said “sometimes I wonder how you put up with her! She has the temper of a Tasmanian devil!”  Kent was shocked. “Is she like this often John?” 
            “Well, only when we have short deadlines, and unreasonable goals. Today was one of those. Our best efforts were good, but not good enough for her liking. I guess I’ll be here most of the night revising everything so hopefully we’ll be back on schedule tomorrow. Well, I better get at it! I don’t want her more ticked than she already is! See ya later!”  
            “Bye John” was about all Kent could muster. He was shocked. It sounded like Lori did this regularly.  He was going to get to the bottom of this somehow and it was going to happen tonight. 
            Kent walked to her door, and knocked. Without waiting he swung open the door and leaned against the door jab crossing his arms.  Lori looked up about to give someone a piece of her mind for just walking in on her.  She saw Kent and immediately stopped and furtively looked at the clock.  “Oh sorry” she said. “I was in a meeting until a few minutes ago. I’ll get my stuff and we’ll be out of here.”
            “Yes” Kent said calmly but coldly. “So I heard. Do you always treat your employees like this?”
            Lori’s heart stopped. She knew that look, and a pit in her stomach suddenly grew.  “Um, how much did you hear sweetie?” she smiled…
            “Enough to know I’m going to ensure it doesn’t happen again” he said dryly. “I guess we’ll be discussing two things tonight.  How to use a phone when one is running late, and how to treat people with respect.”
            She knew better than to argue here. He wouldn’t care where he spanked her, and she certainly didn’t want it to be in her own office! Someone might hear.  “Ok, let’s get out of here. Let me just pack up my briefcase.”
            “I believe you have something to do prior to us leaving” Kent prompted.
            “I do? What would that be?” she asked indignantly.
            “Apologize to John, and give him the night off, or else offer to stay to help him until it is done. Now don’t you think that would be a good idea?” Kent said raising his voice slightly. 
            “Certainly NOT.” She retorted. “I am not going to have you tell me what to do or how to run my staff without any idea of the day I’ve had”
            As the last words came out, she realized she’d made another grave mistake. He was around the desk in a flash and had her arm dragging her up and pushing her into the corner as he swatted her butt hard.  “You can’t put me in the corner in my own office” She whined piteously. 
            “Wanna bet?” He retorted quietly in her ear. “You’ll stand there until you decide how you’re going to handle this. Afterall, I wouldn’t want to tell you how to run your business.  So, I’ll let you decide young lady, you can be spanked here and now for all to hear, apologize, and then be spanked at home, or you can loose the attitude, apologize, and then deal with the consequences of your actions later at home.”
            “I…” she sighed and stopped herself. She knew better than to anger him any more.  Instead she used the time to reflect as she was supposed to. Yes, she hadn’t treated John the way she should have.  She was just frustrated with the day and the deadlines. He was her best employee, and she relied upon him heavily. He had worked many long hours in the last few months and sacrificed precious family time. The stress was getting to him and she knew it.  She had probably just made it worse. 
            After a few minutes, she sighed and said “Sir? I think I’ve made my decision”
            Kent smiled to himself. She sounded much more like herself already.  “Ok honey; come here, what have you decided?”
            “I’ll go talk to him. I think if we work together tomorrow we can get back on schedule. I’ll tell him to go home and offer to buy his family some dinner too.  Ok?” she offered.
            “Ok, lets go” he said as he grabbed her briefcase and headed out the door.
            “Um, Kent?” She paused.. “I can do this alone. I’ll just meet you outside.”
            “Wrong answer honey. I want to make sure you appropriately show your remorse. You will do that” returning her pause “Won’t you?”  He smiled to himself. He knew she wouldn’t want a demonstration on attitude adjustment in front of John. 
            Exasperated she rolled her eyes, earning another swat, as she headed down to find John.  She worked very hard at a good apology, but John was not helping the situation by acting so surprised at her change in demeanor.  There wasn’t much to do about that with Kent there though.   John even joked with Kent on the way out about how quickly she had changed! What in the world had Kent done, and could he learn somehow?
            Kent wouldn’t tell him, but did reply “Well, if you get any of that type of attitude again, just give me a call; I’m sure I can turn it around in about 2 minutes flat.  See ya later John and say hi to the family!”
            “How could you guys joke about that? That was very uncomfortable for me you know.”  She said as they headed for his car.
            “Not nearly as uncomfortable as it is going to be when I get around to punishing you.  I plan on ensuring that you never let a temper tantrum like that come out in your office again.  I figure between that and forgetting last week’s session, you have a really long night ahead m’dear.”


Thank you so much Carye! The story is great and we have two more parts to go. Don't forget to come back. And please, please think of trying a story for yourself. We really need more stories. Send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Wonderful story Carye, looking forward to the next part. Oh dear, she is going to be very sore! Thank you PK. Hope you have a wonderful long weekend and that your check up goes well.


  2. Great story Cayre! Can't wait to read the rest again!

    Thanks PK! You work so hard to bring us FF, and we love it!

  3. Carye, Great story. Enjoyed it, thanks. Think I agree with Roz, she's going to have a very sore bottom. Looking forward to the next part.

    Thanks PK, enjoy your long weekend.


  4. Great story Carye! Thanks so much...definitely looking forward to part 2.

    Hope you enjoy your long weekend PK.

    Hugs and Blessings...

  5. I like how there is a chain of command. He is in charge of her at home but at work she is incharge of others. It challenges the idea that submissive in one place means submissive in all situations.

  6. Hi Pk, great story Carye, thanks a lot. am looking forward to part two
    love Jan,xx

  7. Anonymous5:17 PM

    Love part one, can't wait for the next installment! clara

  8. Thank you all! I enjoy writing on those rare occasions that family gives me time!