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TBT - Outing myself

Looking back at some posts from years gone by I came across this one. I know most out here keep their spanko side very private. I sure started off that way, but one friend wouldn't let it go. She suspected something and she wasn't going to let it go. This friend had met, Eve, one of my first friends in the blogging world. This happened back in the summer of 2008.

It was just a few weeks ago that I outed myself to my best vanilla friend. I can’t say it was exactly my choice – she made me tell!

I have written about Jane before. Eva met her before Eva’s gastric bypass; Jane had had one the year before.  We are very, very close but of course the subject of D/D relationships, erotic spankings – well, let’s just say it never came up.

She knows me better than any other vanilla friend and she was certainly aware that in the past sex was NOT one of my favorite activities. We discussed it often, how I wanted to want it but I just didn’t. Two years ago she was one of the first to comment on the sudden change in me. And she wanted to know what was going on. I would just laugh and shrug. I just couldn’t tell her.

She was also the first to link the change to the internet and my meeting Eva. Occasionally she would ask “Now just exactly how did you and Eva meet?” I would give a vague answer and she would pin me with one of ‘those looks’ – you know how teachers are with their ‘looks’. I would usually get a stupid grin on my face and change the subject.

But about a month ago she called me to go to lunch and said “And I expect to hear the ‘secret’ you have with Eva. Don’t tell me it’s nothing, I ain’t buying it!” I talked to Eva and told her what Jane wanted to know and if she wouldn’t let up, could I tell her. Since Eva knew her too I wanted her permission. Eva told me to go with my gut but she wanted to know everything she said if I did tell her.

We went to lunch about a week later but to my great surprise she did not mention it or ask me one question. I really did not know whether to be relieved or a little disappointed. We headed to our cars and Jane said “Come to my car with me”. I walked her down and she said “Get in.” I just looked at her and she said “No one is going to over hear us. Just get in.”

LOL! I guess the time had come! She started driving around and waited for me to talk. So I started “Listen, it’s nothing really strange you and Dick probably do it to. I have always found it interesting, I never told Nick until two years ago, but I am fascinated by spanking. I am turned on by having Nick spank me.” There it was out.

“You are kidding!” was Jane’s first comment. “Nope” I told her. And I went on to tell her that it was by finding blogs that I met Eva who was just like me as well as the dozen others that I talk to regularly. By this time she was laughing like crazy and peppering me with questions. “With what?” she wanted to know. I told her spanking toys could be found everywhere! Belts, hair brushes, spatulas, slippers – well you guys know how the lists goes on. In fact I told her Eva and I had suspected her as a spanko because of the beautiful shoe horn hanging in there kitchen. She just cackled! Then assured me they only used it for putting on shoes. How boring.

She wanted to know if it hurt – yes. Was Nick surprised when I told him – yes. Are there really more than a handful of people who do this – yes. Did it really improve your sex life – “Duh, Jane” I said “you know the before and after me, what do you think?” I was really enjoying the question and answer session. And she readily admitted how much I had changed and how obviously happy I am now.

We talked a little more about pervertibles (she loved that name BTW). I told her kitchen stores are fantastic for finding toys. And I mentioned 2 in our area that are my particular favorites. When I told her that you could order spanking implements off the net and that there were venders at spanking parties she was absolutely dumbfounded!

We ended our conversation with her telling me that was the most surprising thing I could have told. She was just thrilled for me and my friends. She was happy that we had found something that made us so happy and that we had the nerve to tell our guys and have them go along.

I came home and told Eva all about our talk and we laughed a while. She asked me if I had asked Jane what she had thought ‘the secret’ might have been since she seemed so surprised by what it was. I hadn’t thought of that. I planned to ask her the next time we talked.

That was about a week later. I called her and all I had gotten to say was “Hey, how you doing?” before she said “YOU HAVE RUINED MY LIFE!” Me? What did I do?

She proceeded to tell me. She had gone shopping with her sister and cousin. They go to a kitchen
supply store where her sister finds the multi-colored spatulas and begins talking about how beautiful they are and how she has to have some. Jane burst into fits of uncontrollable laughter which she can’t explain in any way. She said no lie came to mind (and of course she promised me that she wouldn’t tell anyone) she just had to leave the store until she got hold of herself. Two stores later her cousin picks up some toy she wants to get for her grandchild – something with a paddle. Once again Jane loses it! “Now” she yells at me through her laughter “they both think I am nuts and I can’t tell them any different!” Bless her heart.

That was bad enough but I called her tonight as I began writing this. She is at the beach with her whole family. Earlier in the evening her husband gave gifts to his son and son-in-law – long shoe horns from the golf store. Jane said she was holding it together by biting her tongue and not looking at anyone, until her son takes his and smack his wife’s butt with it! Well there went Jane!! She said she laughed until she cried and then quickly left the room before she peed on herself! “Now my whole family thinks I am nuts” she yelled “and its all your fault!!”

 “So your boy is one of us?” I asked. She is still laughing. I asked her if she still felt I had ruined her life. And between giggled she admitted, “Well maybe not but you sure gave me a different way of looking at things!” I bet you can guess what we will be giving each other for Christmas this year!

My suggestion to you all, if you have a vanilla friend you're this close to, out yourself – it has been a blast!

Oh yeah, and what did she think the secret was? She was a little worried that I was having an affair - with Eva! Nope, I love Eva, but she's just not my type. Nick is my type and he will never have to worry about me having an affair.

Written by PK at 5:30 PM



At 12:54 AM, Blogger Cat said...

Love this post PK! Is Jane a spanko yet? Does she still crack up at the different pervertibles? Thanks for sharing. ;)

Hugs and Blessings...

At 6:06 AM, Blogger Roz said...

Love this PK! I'm curious about the answers to Cat's questions too :)


At 9:58 AM, Blogger ronnie said...

I don't think I'd read this before. Super post. Yep, me too, interested to know the answers to Cat's questions.


At 10:07 AM, Blogger Florida Dom said...

Great to hear that outing yourself worked out so well.


At 11:39 AM, Blogger Blondie said...

It's nice you have such a good friend that you can be honest with. Not happening over here with me. Cat has some good questions that should be answered. Lol

At 1:54 PM, Blogger Jay said...

LOL! Loved this post! Thanks for sharing, PK. :-)

At 3:28 PM, Blogger PK said...

I think she still cracks up at the occasional prevertible, but sadly no she is not a spanko. She is just as vanilla as they come. They have almost no sex life as a matter of fact - she has no interest in sex she says. Oh, if they would only try it our way!

At 3:29 PM, Blogger PK said...

Check my answer above. But it was really fun telling her.

At 3:29 PM, Blogger PK said...

I wish Jane would give it a try, but I don't think it will happen. It was a lot of fun.

At 3:30 PM, Blogger PK said...

I had no doubt that Jane could be trusted and if I'd have told her Eva and I had begun robbing banks she wouldn't have minded seeing how happy whatever it was made me.

At 3:32 PM, Blogger PK said...

I've told Jane, my sister, and several cousins - all thought it was terribly funny and had a more power to you attitude. My BIL is a phycologist, I know he's dying to talk to me about it, but my sister has forbidden him to. Don't know why - I'd be more than happy to talk to him about it. And sadly no, Jane isn't a spanko.

At 3:33 PM, Blogger PK said...

Thanks Jay! It was scary thinking about it, but it was fun.

At 3:40 PM, Blogger Leigh Smith said...

Loved reading this, thanks.

At 4:15 PM, Blogger PK said...

I'd love for you to come meet Jane sometime. I think you two would hit it off!

At 5:03 PM, Anonymous Jon said...

When you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
When you only have a tush, everything looks like ... a pervertible?

At 5:29 PM, Blogger PK said...

You got it, Jon!

At 7:05 PM, Blogger Imani Bey said...

Hi Elis. . .kind of shy.

At 7:19 PM, Blogger PK said...

Drop by any time.

At 9:40 PM, Blogger Minelle Labraun said...

I love how you say things in such a simple but great way.
This warmed me heart!
I never look at kitchen utensils the same way these days!

At 11:02 PM, Blogger Meredith Malloy said...

Love this post, PK

At 9:28 PM, Blogger Terpsichore said...

I remember this post. Such a fun happy and upbeat story of lasting friendship. :-) Hugs


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