I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Good Questions, okay answers

Here are some of the great questions I got.  I'll have more up in the next day or so.  Thanks everyone for asking question.  If you have anymore ask away.

Have you ever been spanked for a misdeed that you didn't do and how did you handle the situation? 

How long did you wait before you told your husband that you wanted to be spanked, why? 

Have you ever fought your husband not to get spanked or because it hurt too much at the time of the spanking? 

We don’t do discipline at all really, maybe once or twice in seven years.  So of course I can’t say I’ve been spanked unjustly. I can say that there have been MANY times I’ve deserved a spanking and not gotten one.

We had been together for 25 years (married 23) before I told Nick I wanted him to spank me.  The why is that this desire had been my deep dark secret my entire life – I was sure I was the only one with this desire and that is showed some kind of sick perversion in me.  God bless the Internet.

Nope, I’ve never fought a spanking.  Sometimes they do hurt more and when that happens I can usually manage to divert his attention to other actives and shorten the spanking.

What is the most "unusual" food you've ever eaten? If you could redo the career part of your life, would you choose the same path or a different one? If you were given the chance to do something outrageous, without worrying about money, time, or consequences, what would you choose?

I am not an adventure eater; I guess I’ve had deer or squirrel that might be unusual to some.  One thing my grandmother thought was strange was that when the family would go out for ice cream when I was a kid, I’d order mashed potatoes and gravy.

Career question was by far the hardest – I loved teaching for nearly 20 years, however the last five or so have been a trial.  I wish I could have retired when there were only good memories.  I doubt I would go back and change it however, because I got to spend way more time with my children, afternoons and summers and that was worth everything.

Outrageous?  Hmm… I would love to throw one hell of a spanko/blogger party.  I’d fly my friends in from all over the world to somewhere beautiful and we’d spend the weekend meeting, hugging, laughing, talking and maybe even spanking.  We’d have venders for paddles and toys; we have all our authors there with their books as actual hold-in-your-hand books so we could all get autographs.  But more than just a ‘spanking’ party it would be a get to know you, see what you look like and sound like party.  Now that would be fun!

PK, I know you have told this before, but could you please tell us again, how you brought spanking to Nick. How did you surpass his initial reluctance to hurt his wife? 
I ask this because a friend of mine asked me what to do when she is lost for words because his first reaction was "go see a doctor, because you're crazy".

I came out to Nick in a ‘what have I got to lose’ mindset.  I had been ill and really thought my life was over. After what, to me, was a miraculous cure I decided I take the risk of asking for what I had always known I wanted.

Our sex life had not been good and it was because I was a cold fish.  I knew spanking was the one thing that turned me on in a big way.  Nick, who had been as patient as Job, was hooked when I sent him an email telling him what I wanted to spice up our sex life and this was what I wanted to try.

I remember him telling me the very first time he spanked me, that I might not like it in real life as much as I did in my fantasy – I remember laughing in my head.  He was pretty gentle at first and each time I’d thank him and tell him it was wonderful (I was showing him my appreciation too!) and encouraging him to spank a little harder.  I think he finally got over his fear of hurting me when I told him to man up – he hit like a girl!  LOL, that statement has some back to haunt me, but in a wonderful way.

Tell your friend that most men can be brought into this wonderful world by viewing it as a sex game rather than DD.  It’s hard to get a vanilla to understand DD, but most men don’t mind a little spice in the bedroom.  If she wants DD she can work that in later, maybe.


  1. Boy PK that was adventurous of you to tell your husband that he hit like a girl.

    One more question you weren't over his knees when you said that were you? LOL


    1. Yes Bob,
      Like a fool I said this right in the middle of a spanking! LOL! I survived it, but I was sitting tender for awhile!

  2. PK,
    thanks for the answers.
    Love and warm hugs,

    1. Love you too Paul!

  3. Thanks for answering.

    That would be one hell of a party. What did the squirrel taste like?


    1. I remember eating squirrel and liking it fine, but I don't remember what it tasted like.

      Wouldn't that be some party - someday, maybe someday.

  4. "I can usually manage to divert his attention to other actives and shorten the spanking" Yep me too...only usually after a little while I want more... :-) Great answers...and the party sounds like so much fun!!! :-) Hugs

    1. Terps,
      I'm afraid he mind is usually on the sexy aspect of the spanking rather than the spanking itself. Often I want a lot more spanking than I get before the other fun stuff.

  5. Hey PK..."You hit like a girl." Really!?! Very brave woman! The party sounds awesome..it would be fun to meet everyone FTF.


    1. Brave or foolish?? I really would love that party.

  6. Hey darlin! I like that 'usually I can divert his attention'
    Me too...lol.
    I still think you were brave to tell him he hit like a girl...although I have tried to direct at times...it doesn't always work.

    1. Minelle,
      I love that we can still divert them when we need to!

  7. I'm very good at diversion tactics too.

    1. Girl, I have no doubt that you are!

  8. Nice questions and nice answers. I have one that i've asked a few people, but I think it's a fun question, so here goes. What is the number one positive thing in your relationship, you think has come from ttwd?

    1. Brooke,
      Thanks for the question. It's on my list look for your answer by Wednesday.

  9. I agree, God Bless the Internet! Also, the party sounds lovely.

  10. Great Q&A, PK. Sign me up for the spanko blogger party! :-)