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Friday, March 01, 2013

Fantasy Friday - Christmas in March

Happy Friday to you all.  It's March if you can believe it.  I sure hope that means that spring is on the way.  I need it badly and I don't even live in a truly cold region. I'm about ready to head to the Florida Keys or maybe Hawaii, both sound like a good place to have a bloggers get together - don't you think?

Today we have a special treat for Fantasy Friday, we have a story from Ana, and this is a special, made to order story.  Here... I'll let Ana explain.     

          This story is for Chuenn, who won a custom-written story as her prize for my Love Spanks contest. We talked about what kind of story she would like, and this was the result. I hope that you like it, Chuenn! I will be offering another similar prize for our Spankee Doodle Dandy event June 21-23, so anyone who leaves a comment on my blog during that time is a potential winner. Hope to see you then!
            Christmas in March

              Jenny tugged at the hem of her strapless sunflower sundress. Too short, Rick had said. Even with the silky, lace-edged boy shorts underneath, he had taken one look at her new dress and lowered his chin in that stern way of his.
            “No, Jenny,” he’d said. And that had been all. She’d promised to return the dress even though it was Ralph Lauren and eighty percent off. In the end, the deal had been too good to pass up. She folded the dress carefully underneath her raincoat and stored it away for another day. Surely some day would come that she could show off the dress. It was the most revealing clothing she had worn, demure and yet alluring at the same time. The bodice fit perfectly, each dart and seam accentuating her figure.
            “You get what you pay for,” she’d huffed to Rick. “Beauty doesn’t come free.” He’d simply kissed her and swatted her rear.
            “You can have it without flaunting it,” he said. “And I only want you to flaunt it to me.”
            She’d scowled and grumbled, but another drop of his chin and the lift of his hand stilled her complaints.
            “Was I unclear?” he asked, and she had nothing left but to shake her head. And even though he’d drawn her in for a kiss that made her head spin, the injustice stung.
            Which made it all the easier, after receiving her friend Missy’s silly “Christmas in March” party invitation, to cheer when Rick declared that he was beat. “You go on without me tomorrow,” he’d told her. “I have to stay late at the office.”

            Jenny smirked as she dabbed Chanel No. 5 behind her ears, on her wrists, and on the backs of her knees. Never one to wear much jewelry, she only slipped on a simple silver Hermes bracelet on her left wrist. Rick had given it to her as a six-month dating anniversary gift. As she fumbled with the bar on one end of the bracelet to secure it through the loop on the other end, she thought briefly what Rick would think if he could see her now. She surveyed herself in the full-length mirror. Nicely tanned skin, shapely legs, well-defined arms that clearly showed off her hours of lifting weights at the gym. She tossed her chin-length soft hair back and fastened a dainty silver butterfly clip on one side. Flaunt it? If she had it, why not?
            She picked up her white elephant gift, a black-and-gilt vase that had collected dust for years on their mantle. At least wrapping the gift had given her an excuse to use up some of the leftover paper and ribbon from Christmas. She shrugged into her wool dress coat and slipped into her dark yellow kitten heels. She’d deck the halls…and anyone who got in her way.

            “Jenny! Oh, my gosh! How did you ever get Rick to let you wear that?” Missy, for some reason, shifted nervously and her eyes darted toward the hallway. “I thought you said he didn’t want you to wear strapless?” Missy gave Jenny a hug and took her coat. “Set your gift under the tree, and Clement will get you a drink. What would you like?”
            “California Riesling, of course.” Jenny ignored Missy’s other question and set her package underneath the tree. Ridiculous. The entire party was a ploy to keep Clement from insisting that Missy take down their ten-foot Christmas tree. For Valentine’s Day Missy had hung a few token heart decorations and called it a love tree, but Clement had insisted. The tree came down. Naturally, Missy found a way to both obey and thumb her nose at Clement’s decree. Exactly one day before she had to take the tree down, she threw a “Christmas in March” party. She’d even gotten a Santa.
            Clement handed Jenny a large glass of Riesling, and she took a satisfying drink. Ahhh. She had the perfect dress, the perfect accessories, and with Riesling as her friend she couldn’t lose. Her stomach growled. Oops. She’d forgotten to have dinner, but as tight as her dress was…it was probably better that she’d gone without. She mingled with the other guests, glass in hand, and lifted her hand just often enough to make sure her bracelet glinted in the light. She was funny, sexy, and darn if she wasn’t the life of the party.
            “Jenny,” Missy whispered insistently in her ear. “You know Rick would be mad if he saw you in that dress. Let me lend you one of mine. You’d look perfect in the red…”
            Jenny waved Missy away. Scaredy cat. Just because Clement made Missy toe the line didn’t mean that Jenny had to…or that she would. She was her own woman. “Can you take my glass back? Thanks, dear, you’re a doll.” She turned back to Stu, their neighbor who ordinarily was too caught up in his investment portfolio plans to join in the conversation. “So when Rick said no, I just…”
            Missy held the empty wine glass, sighed, and shrugged. “Okay,” she answered to Jenny’s back. “But don’t blame me.”
            A few minutes later, Missy dimmed the lights. Everyone oohed and ahhed at the cheerful bubble lights, electric candles, and swathes of multi-colored lights decorating the Christmas tree. “Merry Christmas!” she announced. “We have a special guest for you tonight, but you better hope you’ve been good!”
            Everyone laughed as a tall, well-built Santa entered the room carrying an enormous black sack. “Ho, ho, ho!” he called, setting it on the floor next to the tree. “Seems like I was just here a few months ago!”
            Even Jenny smiled. Missy was the worst kind of corny, but she did corny right.
            “We left milk and cookies for you, Santa!” Missy said, showing him the madeleines and cup of milk.
            Santa took a sip and a bite, beaming red-cheeked at the partygoers. “Well, well, well! Let’s get down to business! Who’s first to sit on Santa’s knee?”
            Jenny quickly ducked behind the others as everyone good-naturedly jostled each other. “You first, Missy!” someone called out. “Your idea, after all!”
            “All right,” she blushed, “but the rest of you start picking out your white elephant gifts. Give me some privacy with Mr. Handsome here.”
            More laughter as guests milled around the tree.
            “Have you been a good girl, Missy?” Santa asked, adjusting his beard. For a fake one, it was quite good. Missy’s answer was lost in the shuffle of people and presents handed from one to another.
            When it came time for Jenny’s turn, she protested. “Missy, come on! You know it’s ridiculous to do this in March…”
            Since everyone else had taken a turn, however, she had no choice. Before she could resist, she found herself deposited onto Santa’s knee. Her dress was so slippery that it rode up the backs of her legs as she shifted back and forth.
            “Have you been a good girl?” Santa asked, and she leaned in close to his ear. The warmth around her ears gave her a pleasant buzz.
            “Don’t you prefer a girl who knows how to be naughty?” she purred, lacing her fingers through his hair. She whispered right into his ear, “Aren’t good girls boring?”
            Santa cleared his throat and shifted her forward. “Rather bold with a strange man, aren’t you?”
            “Strange?” she cooed, her lips brushing next to his cheek. “I might have known you all of my life.”
            Something in Santa’s voice changed as he grasped her by the arm. “Are you flirting with me?” There was a familiarity to the way he spoke, but Jenny ignored it and walked her fingers down the back of his neck.
            “As if you don’t like it,” she breathed, falling in to land a kiss right across his lips. After a shocked moment, Santa stood and took her by the arm.
            “Right, Jenny. That’s enough. You’re coming with me.”
            Jenny dragged her feet. “Okay! You don’t want to play! Let go, you old sourpuss.” She spoke quietly in the hopes that no one would overhear, but several heads turned in her direction. Missy shot her a sympathetic look, but Santa’s hand grasped her wrist.
            “It’s not even your season!” Jenny protested.
            “Jennifer. Come right now or else we’ll show everyone how I deal with a disobedient wife.”
            Her insides froze, burned, and then froze again. Her legs stumbled after him as he led her to Clement and Missy’s bedroom. The sound of the door closing behind them sent her stomach into a churning that had nothing to do with the wine plus the lack of dinner.
            “Rick,” she gasped in horror. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
            In answer, he sat on the bed and yanked her across his lap. She screamed before realizing that everyone could hear, and she shut her mouth quickly. Her oh-so-perfect sundress slipped oh-so-perfectly across her back as his hand swatted her oh-so-thin boy shorts. Just one or two whacks were enough to leave her gasping.
            In answer, he peeled down her shorts and landed his hand across her bottom several times in quick succession. She struggled to keep her composure, struggled to only focus on the injustice.
            “You should have told me that you were coming!”
            “Legs down, Jenny.” He spanked the backs of her thighs until she squealed and returned her feet to the floor. All of the time she’d spent ironing her dress until it was perfect, all of the time she’d spent applying her makeup and fixing her hair…all wasted. She sniffled.
            “Oww!” she moaned, struggling to get away. “Not so hard!”
            He shifted position on the bed, and before she knew it the crack of something wooden and hard sent lightning throughout her entire body. It took her several seconds to realize that it must have been the heavy maple hairbrush that Missy kept on her nightstand. For Clement, when he…
            “Ow!” she cried out again. “I’m sorry!”
            Rick paused, the hairbrush against her bottom cheeks. “Are you, Jenny? What are you sorry for? For getting caught?”
            “I love you?” she offered plaintively, sweetly. Playing the part of properly chastised wife, if only for a moment.
            “I love you too, Jenny, but you know how I feel about your drinking too much…and didn’t I tell you to bring that dress back?”
            “Maybe,” she muttered. She sighed. “Yeah.” At his silence, she amended her answer once more. “I didn’t know you were coming tonight. I wouldn’t have…”
            “And that’s supposed to make this better?”
            Jenny struggled to sit up, and this time he let her. Allowed her to curl up in his lap, tucking her head in the crook between his head and his shoulder. She sniffled, and this time her voice came out soft and sweet for real.
            “I’m sorry, honey. I don’t know what got into me.”
            Rick’s heavy arm came across her, and he held her close. “You don’t get spanked enough, that’s what gotten into you.” Normally she would have protested, but she found it difficult to say anything much while her insides had turned into a goopy, melty mush.
            “Maybe,” she admitted.
            “We’ll have to fix that,” he said into her hair, and she relaxed into him wholly.
            “Okay,” she said simply.
            “Merry Christmas,” he answered.


Thanks Ana! That was wonderful.  I know we've enjoyed it and I'm sure Chuenn will too!  I appreciate Ana helping me with Fantasy Friday and I'm pretty sure we have another big surprise coming up soon. I want to ask everyone again to please consider writing for us. You may be a seasoned writer or you may be getting up your nerve to try your first story.  I'd love to have your story either way.  Please send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Hmmm...drinking on an empty stomach? Now who would do that?
    Love this story Ana!It sounds like you had a great deal of fun writing this.
    PK thanks for FF as always.

  2. Hi P.K. fab story, drinking without him, not possible! Am just off to Cassie's space, double story day, yummy, Janxx

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      Jenny sounds like someone that I am married to :)


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      Bob, I wonder what Bobbie would say. Hehe.

  3. And a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ana! Her birthday and she gives us a present!

    1. Aw, thank you PK! Thank you for having me. :D

  4. Hi Ana, happy birthday and thanks for a great story.
    Thanks PK.
    Love and warm hugs,

  5. Aw, thank you so much! Sorry, PK, I should have given you the title: "Christmas in March". Hope everyone likes the story!

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    I hope you have a great birthday. Do you think Santa will make a real appearance on your special day?

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  14. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Great story. How you have the time to put out such great work is an amazing feat!

  15. Thank you PK and Ana.
    Happy Birthday to Ana. Don't drink on an empty stomach.
    Ana, wasn't it enough that Mrs Claus spanked the naughty girls in December? Now Mr Claus has to do additional spanking in March?
    Who is next to be infected by this spanking virus?

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    @Alta: So happy you liked it!

  20. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Wonderful Ana. That was a terrific M/f story.

  21. Anonymous11:18 PM

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    Hey Ana,

    Thanks for the story. Loved it! Especially how you managed to string everything I wanted together into a well thought-out plot.

    Also, happy birthday to you, hope you had a 'fun' time :-)