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Friday, February 01, 2013

Fantasy Friday - A Reminder Spanking

Happy Friday everyone.  I hope everyone survived the wild weather week we've had.  We've been fine, great temperature change, but that's about all we had.  

We have a fantastic story this week. But before you get started you need to know that I owe this find writer a big apology.  Slightly Naughty Princesses wrote this story for us back when I posted about the cupboard being bare.  And something happened - something I always worry about  - it became lost in the shuffle.  'Losing' a story is truly a fear of mine.  I told SNP how sorry I was and she was her wonderful gracious self.  If it had to happen I'm glad it was her, someone who has her own site and know we already love her work.  I would have felt even worse if it had been someone who sent me their very first story and I inadvertently ignored it.

Thank goodness I did run across it and thankfully SNP forgave me and now were able to read it today!  For all of us to enjoy...

A Reminder Spanking

Alice stopped by the drugstore on her way home. She just needed to pick some hair spray and mascara. She headed for the check out counter and handed the clerk her debit card.

    “This card just keeps declining.  I am not sure why, but do you have another form of payment?”

     “Well, that’s strange.   I think I have enough cash to pay for these items.” 

Alice gave the clerk cash for the purchases. As she walked to her car, her mind raced.  What in the world was going on? She logged onto the on line banking site once she got home.  She noticed a large draft.  It was the six month insurance payment draft!  Josh had told her last week that this was coming up and to move some money from savings.  She forgot all about it.  Darn!  Now they were going to have to pay some fees. She immediately moved some money over, but it was now past two p.m. so it would not credit until tomorrow.  Alice picked up her phone to call Josh just as the door bell rang. She closed out the browser session on line and went to answer the door.  It was the Fed Ex delivery man leaving a box on the doorstep.  Alice smiled and brought the box inside.
She took out the new shirts she had ordered for Josh.  She wanted to surprise him so she walked to their closet to hide them until later.  On her way, the phone rang and it was her Mom.  They talked about some upcoming dinner plans and caught up until her Mom said she needed to take another call.

     “........well, that all sounds great, Mom.  I’ll talk to you later.”                     

She glanced at her watch.  It was time to pick up the kids from school. She grabbed her purse and headed out the door.   Halfway to the school she realized she left her phone in the bedroom.  She would just have to call Josh when she got back.   She arrived at the school and the kids piled into the car as well as a neighbor’s child.  Alice’s son announced he needed to stop by the library to get a book for a report.  It was on the way home and so they stopped there.  Finally, everyone was dropped off and they were headed back home.  Alice got out of the car and noticed the flowers needed water in the front yard.  She watered in the front and then moved to the back yard.   She was just rearranging some of the flower pots when she noticed Josh standing at the back door.

     “Hi, honey.  What are you doing?”

     “Oh, Josh, it’s good to see you!  What time is it?”

     “It’s five thirty.”

     “Gosh, I just got lost in thought and was enjoying working outside.  Let me get cleaned up a little and I’ll start something for dinner.”

     “Well, I thought I could barbecue some chicken for us.  I stopped by to grab that spicy sauce you like at the store.  Funny thing, though.  My Debit card did not work.”

     “Oh, Josh, I was going to call you!  I forgot to transfer the money over from savings for the insurance draft.  I tried to use my card, too.  I came home and transferred the money, but it won’t credit until tomorrow.”

     “Alice, we talked about the money transfer last week.”

     “I know.  It’s my fault.  Like I said, I was going to call you, but when I left to go get the kids from school, I forgot my phone.”

     “What?  You forgot your phone?  You are supposed to always take your phone.”

     “I know.  I was talking to Mom and then put the phone down after our call.  I realized it was time to pick up the kids from school.  So, I grabbed my purse and headed out the door.  I was halfway there when I reached to find my phone and remembered I left it in the bedroom.”

     “Well, let’s get dinner going and we can talk about this later.”

Alice rolled her eyes at that statement.

     “Did you just roll your eyes at me?”


Josh went to pick up his wife and hugged her.   As he was spinning her around then he whispered in her ear, “I bet you won’t be rolling your eyes when you are over my knee!”


     “What little lady?  You’ve earned a spanking or two, don’t you think?”

     “I knew when you said “talk” that you did not really mean “talk.”

He smiled and gave her a quick swat and said “let’s get moving, babe.  The tribe is hungry.”

Josh and Alice worked together on dinner.  The family sat around the table and her son talked about his report.  Alice said she would clean up and Josh went to watch TV.  The evening passed by quickly and by 10:00 o’clock it was time for the kids to be in bed.  Josh and Alice got them settled in for the night and went back to the den where they relaxed watching TV. 

     “Well, I guess it is time we head back towards our bedroom.  Why don’t you go ahead and go back.  I’ll meet you there soon.  Go ahead and grab the hairbrush and wait for me.”

     “Aren’t you too tired to spank me tonight?”

     “Nice try, but no.  I am never too tired to spank you.”

She paused and gave him a little smile.

     “Besides, you know I love you, right?”

     “I love you, too.  Okay, I’ll meet you back there.  But, one question, is this a punishment spanking?”

     “Let’s call it a reminder spanking, babe.”

She got up and walked back to their room.  She picked up the hairbrush and sat on the edge of the bed.  Josh came in the room and sat down beside her.  He put his hand on her leg.

     “Take down your jeans and climb over my lap.”

Alice did as he asked and he started spanking right away.   Alice tried to stay still, but it was growing harder to do so. 

     “Hey, don’t I get a warm up!”

     “This is the warm up.”

Josh continued with the brush for a few more minutes.  Alice was starting to be more vocal and she moved around on his legs.   Josh paused and pulled down her panties.  The spanking started again.

     “Alice.....SMACK.....I need you to....SMACK....try to.....SMACK...pay attention more....SMACK!

The hairbrush blows to Alice’s behind continued.  She was sniffling and tears were beginning to form in her eyes.

     “I’ll try, Josh.”

     “SMACK...we are all....SMACK....human and so.....SMACK....we all make....SMACK....mistakes.....but when I ask....SMACK....you to do.....SMACK...something....SMACK....then I.....SMACK....expect you.....SMACK....to do it.....SMACK!”

     “I’m sorry Josh.”

Josh continued the spanking and started to lecture about forgetting her phone.  He emphasized that she needed her phone in case of emergencies.


     “You’ve got ten more coming Alice and then we’ll be done.”

The last ten stung like the dickens, but Alice held her place and took them all.
He put his hand on her back and rubbed lightly for several minutes while her breathing returned to normal.  She sat up in his lap.

     “I’m really sorry about not transferring the money on time.  I’m also sorry I did not call or text you this afternoon.  I won’t forget my phone again.  I might put a note in the car so every time I see it then it will remind me to look for my phone. Also, I could put a note in my phone for important reminders. Life is just busy and so that is an easy solution to help me.”

      “All those ideas sound great, babe.  All is forgiven or maybe I should say settled between us.  I just want you to be safe.  I know you do a lot to keep the household running and the kids keep you busy.  I appreciate all that you do and I love you.”

He hugged her tight and kissed her cheek.  She hugged him back.   Soon her hand moved down to the button on his jeans.  She reached to undo the button.  That was all it took.  Josh gathered her in his arms and moved her up further on their bed.  He got out of his clothes and she threw the rest of her clothes on the floor, too.  They were touching and stroking each other all over.  Soon Josh hovered over her and was pushing inside her delicate entrance.  Their lovemaking was just right.  Not too fast or slow.  Alice said “I love you” and he echoed the words of love right back.  They reached their climax and Josh stayed inside of her for as long as he could.  Alice kissed him and held him tightly.  He pulled out and then brought Alice to rest on top of him.  He kept telling her how beautiful she was, that he was so proud of her, and that she took her spanking well.  He told her no more eye rolling! She giggled at that and rested her hand on his chest. 

     “Oh, I almost forgot.  Stay there.”

Alice jumped up and ran to the closet.  Soon she emerged and was wearing one of the new shirts she bought for Josh.

     “Do you like it?”

     “Is it for me?”

     “Yep, I ordered several new shirts for you and they arrived today.”

     “Oh, well that is nice.  Why don’t you come over here and show me?”

Alice smiled and walked over to his side of the bed.  The shirt was unbuttoned all the way and so it was easy for Josh to slide it off of her.

     “The shirt is real nice, Alice.  I like it a lot.  But, right now I am more interested in the model that was wearing the shirt.”

     “Oh, you are?”

     “I am.  Why don’t you climb up here and let me show you.”

Alice giggled and climbed back in bed with the man she loved.  He placed his hand on her freshly spanked behind and rubbed lightly.  Then he whispered sexy phrases in her ears.  She moaned a little and moved closer. 

     “Josh, if I forget my phone tomorrow, will you spank me again?”


     “If I roll my eyes at you will you spank me?”



     “Hush.  Now kiss me.  I plan to spank you for the rest of our days and I think you will continue to provide lots of reasons to do so.  But, I love you dearly.”


She gave him her best pouty look.  But, he reached out, grabbed her, and kissed the pout away.

     “Now where were we?  Oh, yes.  I was about to ravish my beautiful wife.”

Alice wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. He gave her behind a little squeeze and the magic touching began again.  Alice indeed felt well ravished by the morning light!

The End.

I'm so glad this one wasn't lost.  SNP thank you so much for sharing this story with us for Fantasy Friday.  It was way too good to miss.  You can go by her site for more great of her great writing.

As I ask for more stories today, I want to tell you how I try to do things.  If you send me a story you should hear from me with in twenty-four hours.  If you don't, I didn't get it.  The same is true in you're emailing me for the first time - I make every effort to get back with you really quickly.  But we all know sometimes emails are lost in spam, I just worry about that.  So if you contact me and don't hear back pretty quickly, please send it again.  Send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. SNP
    It sure does sound like you talked to my Bobbie because that is the way she is, forgetful.
    Though she does hate getting spanked.
    Good story, enjoyed it alot


  2. Glad the story wasn't lost. It was well done. Congrats, SNP. Was it autobiographical?


  3. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Thank you for posting SNP's excellent spanking story. I also enjoy her blog and read every post.


  4. SNP,
    great story, that is exactly the way I like it.
    PK, I'm glad that you found and posted it.
    Love and warm hugs,

  5. Thanks SNP! Great story of a happy couple. Thanks, Pk for finding it and sharing :-) Best wishes, Terps

  6. Nicely done SNP. Enjoyed it. Thank you.

    Thanks PK.


  7. I love SNPs stories! Lovely romance.
    Thanks PK glad you found it!

  8. Anonymous12:21 PM

    I love anything that SNP writes, she is very good and should be writing professionally, I think.

  9. SNP..another winner! Thanks for making our Fridays special PK.
    hugs abby

  10. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Hi PK! I'm glad you found the story. I enjoyed it very much as I always do anything SNP writes. I'm hoping she'll go ahead and write a book someday soon......Have a great weekend. I'm going to spend a little time looking over past stories as long as I'm here!

  11. I very much enjoyed it. It was lovely, sweet and charming :) You should consider publishing SNP. Thanks for sharing, PK :)

  12. I wanted to leave a comment to say thank you for your kind words/comments to me and for those who read my story.

    Fantasy Friday will always hold a special place for me and it is a thrill to participate in FF. Thanks PK for hosting my story and every story each week for FF. (FD-it was pure fiction:) Again, my thanks all.