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Friday, February 08, 2013

Fantasy Friday - Bear Creek Ranch, part two

Finally we get to Friday!  It's been a long week for me, but just with little annoying problems at work, nothing serious.  Thanks to Sunny we have another great Fantasy Friday story for today.  It's a continuation of a story she started for us a while back.  If you only come by on Fridays you might want to click here for part one.  Sit back and enjoy a good read...

Bear Creek Ranch, 
part two

She told him that was more like it and went over and sat down at his desk and told him he had better get to work.  He was wasting time.  Whistling, he walked out the door with a spring in his step and song in his heart.                     

Part II
He had been dancing around the issue for weeks now and still had not come to a decision. He loved Jane and had for quite some time but he wasn’t sure she was ready to settle down.  He knew she had been engaged before and had called it off as the wedding date got closer.  He didn’t want that happening again.  He had lived in this community his entire life and everyone would expect to be invited to the wedding.  He wouldn’t want to disappoint everybody by having Jane back out at the last minute. Of course, that problem could be solved by just eloping and then having a big party afterward.

And that was a problem too.  She took every bull by the horns and didn’t let go until it was tamed. If she was in charge of the wedding plans no one would be spared her determination and wrath if that determination met an unmovable force. She’d already had problems with Mrs. Griggs and he had to step in and set himself up as a buffer between them.  As his employee, he was able to exert some control over this situation.  As his fiancée or wife, she would be the lady of the house and his control would be limited.  Maybe he could set up some sort of agreement disallowing interference with Mrs. Griggs. No, that wouldn’t work, Jane would never agree to that and if she did it would only be a matter of time before it went by the wayside.  Even getting her hide tanned did not deter her for long. He learned that from experience.  She had been over his knee more than he would have ever imagined necessary.  Not that he minded spanking that cute little butt.  Maybe that was the problem, him spanking her always ended up with them having sex.  He would have to think about this a little more.

Then another problem crossed his mind.  She still had not called her brother.  He had expressed to her how he felt about this and she told him it was none of his business.  She would talk to   Drew when she was good and ready.  She had called Sheriff Grayson and asked him to do whatever was necessary to cancel the missing persons report.  If Drew had tried to contact her, he didn’t know about it.   But if he was going to marry Jane it was only right that he ask her brother’s permission and that her brother be present at the ceremony. 

He had to make a decision soon because he hadn’t slept well in weeks and it was beginning to affect his waking hours.  His law practice was thriving and he had to start giving it more attention than he had.  It’s a good thing Jane was as vigilant as she was or he would have missed a major case filing last week.  Thank God he had Frank to oversee the ranch or that would be suffering too.   Jane walked into the office with a stack of papers in her hand.

“These need your attention, your full attention, today” in her usual bossy way and handed them over to him.

“I will get to them.” he told her.

“That’s what you’ve been saying for days and so far you haven’t done anything”

“Jane, I told you I will do it and I will.  No more sass now” he told her.

She hmphf, turned and walked out of his office.  He loved watching her backside.  It was so round and pert and her jeans just cupped it to perfection.  She closed the door and he started looking at the paperwork.  He worked on it until he was down to the last item when he heard a commotion in the outer office.  He listened for a minute and then got up and went to the outer office. Apparently, Mrs. Griggs was complaining about her recent grocery order.  Jane was telling her that she didn’t need all of the items on the list because according to the preceding bills this was double what she usually required. 

“What’s going on out here?” he asked.

Mrs. Griggs spoke up saying that Ms. Mackey was once again interfering in her domain.  She told him she had ordered the supplies needed to make the cookies for the Children’s Charity Auction and now she didn’t have what she needed because Little Ms. Busybody hadn’t approved the extra supplies.

“Is this true, Jane?” he asked.

“Yes” she answered hesitantly. “I didn’t know it was for something special.  It just seemed too much so I cancelled some of the items and cut down on the amount of others.”

He asked Mrs. Griggs if she would please go back to the house and to go ahead and directly order whatever it was she needed.

“If there’s a problem, have the grocer contact me” he said.

He ushered Jane into his office and closed the door.  He asked her to sit down. She chose to stand. When he got to the bottom of this he was pretty sure she would be standing for a while.

“Were you not supposed to interfere with Mrs. Griggs’ domain?  Were you not supposed to check with me with anything relating to Mrs. Griggs?”

“Yes” she quietly answered.

“Speak up, I can’t hear you?

“Yes” she said a little louder.

“So then why is this problem standing before me?”

She said she was sorry but she thought she was just being efficient.  He told her she knew the protocol so why hadn’t she followed it. She didn’t have an answer for him.  She stood there looking so vulnerable for such a human dynamo.  Caleb told Jane that starting now she would be helping Mrs. Griggs make the cookies, package them, and deliver them to the auction “You seem to like interfering in Mrs. Griggs domain so now you have my permission and I don’t want to hear any more complaints about it.  Do you understand?”

“But Mrs. Griggs hates me.”

“She doesn’t hate you but hates your high-handed attitude.  It’s something we have discussed on many occasions, Jane. It might be a lesson to you to have to work under her supervision and dictates. Maybe then you will see how hard she works and appreciate all she does for us.”

She stomped her feet and walked out of the office. He watched the rhythmic swish of her bottom, once again almost forgetting how much trouble she could be. He loved her spunk but he was going to have address this attitude.

 Sitting back in his chair after finishing the paperwork she had brought him, he thought about her and how he wanted her in his life.  If she was still talking to him tonight he would ask her to marry him.  If she accepted he would lay down the law about what he expected in his future wife’s behavior.

Instead of eating at home this evening they had planned on going into town. Jane was sitting on the porch of the guesthouse drinking a glass a wine when Caleb came by.  He came up the stairs and reached over to kiss her.  Jane moved away and Caleb knew she was still annoyed at their earlier discussion.

“I take it you are still in a snit about your new assignment.  I am sorry if it doesn’t meet with your approval but you overstepped your bounds and did not follow the rules I set down regarding you and Mrs. Griggs.  You created your own dilemma and I am not going to walk around on eggshells until you decide it is over. We are not employer and employee at the moment so either you talk to me or my hand will be talking to your butt. Your choice.”

She gave him this phony smile and he knew what he had to do. He hated it but he had been threatening to do it for so long she probably figured he would never follow up.  Without a word he walked over to the willow tree and cut off a branch.  As he walked back toward her, Jane’s eyes got as big as saucers.

“Oh no you don’t buster.  You’re not using that on me.”

He didn’t respond to her, just keep cleaning off the leaves and nubs on the switch.  When he was finished he climbed up the porch steps.  She stood up and started backing into the house.  Jane thought if she could just make it into the house she could lock him out.  Caleb just kept coming and she hadn’t quite closed the door before he pushed his way into the house. He caught her in the kitchenette and positioned her against the counter, putting his left hand on her back to hold her in place and began applying the switch to her bottom and thighs.  She was kicking and hollering up a storm but he didn’t stop.  When he thought she’d had enough he threw down the switch and removed his hand from her back. She stood up the tears were streaming down her face and she was trying to rub the sting out of her butt and thighs. He tried to hug her but she pulled away.

“Should I assume you still haven’t adjusted your attitude? If that’s the case I will be more than happy to pick up that switch again.”

She shook her head no and he tried to hug her again and this time she melted into his arms.  He held her for a while and then kissed the top of her head and told her to go wash her face and they would leave for dinner.

He knew her bottom had to be burning but she was trying to not let him see her discomfort. Caleb was unsure of what to say.  He turned on the radio to fill the silence.  Jane wasn’t sure what to say so she started humming along to one of the songs and just kept looking out the side window. Her thoughts went back to earlier as she thought about how things could have been different. He had spanked her before but he had never taken a switch to her although he had threatened often enough.

At the restaurant, Caleb made sure she was seated in the cushioned booth instead of the hard chair.  He was such a good man she didn’t know why she was so stubborn sometimes.  Little gestures like this made her heart flutter.  She was in love with him. She reached across the table and grabbed his hands telling him she was sorry for being such a brat.

“It’s over now and I forgive you again.  I hate to discipline you but sometimes you act like such a spoiled brat and it’s not cute in a grown woman.  I don’t want people thinking my wife is a bossy shrew.”

Jane was listening to him and then it hit her he said he didn’t want people to think his wife was a bossy shrew.

“Are you asking me to marry you?”

“Did I?  I don’t remember.” and she told him what he had said.

“I want to Jane.  I want you to be my wife but I wasn’t sure you were ready.”

“I’m ready so get on with it.” she said impatiently.

“There you go with that take charge attitude. Where is a switch when you really need one?  Jane Mackey, will you marry me?”

“You bet I will,’ she replied, ‘and the first thing I’m going to do is have Frank cut down that willow tree.”


Sunny, you have helped me so much with Fantasy Friday and you have my undying gratitude.  I mean she is posting fiction over at her place and still has enough to share with me, now that is a writer!  Don't forget to go by Aimless Ramblings for more of Sunny's work.  I hope some of you are doing some writing of your own - if you're willing to share with us send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


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    Love and warm hugs,

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