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Monday, September 03, 2012

This and That

I love having Mondays off.  Nothing too wild to report here, Mollie had the weekend off too, so our empty nest is not so empty.  No problem, she’s fun to have around.  I did well on my weight this week, losing just over a pound.  Nick seemed pleased, but I felt it was important to send him the following email:

I didn't tell you the full reason I lost last week.  The reason I care enough to really bear down the last part of the week was because you made me interested again.  Please don't stop.  Whether it's the plug, a spanking, or something else sometime during the week it's just a great way to keep my focus. I don't want to lose out on a spanking or anything because I've done good.  So please keep me in mind - love you.

Of course Mollie has been here since then so we’ll have to wait to see if take me up on this.  Mollie did have to head back to her college town to keep the nursery at church Sunday morning and we were alone for a little while before we were heading to his mom’s for lunch.  I was thinking what a great time it would be for a real spanking – with Mollie gone and just before we headed up to the feast.  Maybe we’re starting to get on the same wavelength.  He did pick up the toy sword we have and gave me a few playful swats – but I really wanted him to take five minutes (maybe less) and spank me!  You know take the time to stop and say ‘I’m doing this and I want your full attention.’  But we’re getting there, and I appreciated the thought.

Now I want to share three school stories with you – the things you have to laugh about or you just have to break down and cry.

This was from a few years ago. We were meeting with the mother of a boy who was just not trying regardless of how we tried to help him.  Our guidance councilor was saying:

“We know you are encouraging him at home, his teachers are trying their best, I’ve been working with him too, but he just won’t put forth any effort.  You know the saying, ‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.’ Your son just isn’t drinking.

To which the mother replied, “Yeah, that is one good thing about the boy.  He ain’t never been one to drink.”

Sigh … thank you ma’am, we now know the problem and we can’t help you.

Then there was this little fellow last year.  I was trying to take roll one morning, while I was also taking up money for a fund raiser, the phone in my room had interrupted me twice and I was running a little behind when a boy came up to in and began in a conspiratorial whisper –

“Ms PK, I needed to ask you something.  You see last weekend my dad when to South Carolina to see his mama.  Well, it’s not really his mama, it’s really his step-mama, but when his daddy run off he stayed with her, ‘cause no body knew where his daddy had run off to.  So last week he went to see her, cause he likes to fish there and ‘cause she’s a really good cook.  And I couldn’t go with him because of school and all.  So anyway she sent him back with a bunch of country ham and this morning my mama cooked some up for breakfast, cause we really like it.  Well, my little brother don’t – he says it’s too hard.  But I really like it.  It’s really salty and I like that.  I ate three pieces this morning and like I said it was really salty and so what I wanted to ask you was, can I go get a drink of water?

Again, sigh...

And then finally last Friday, end of the week, looking forward to a long weekend.  I asked one of my girls if she would change the date for me.  All smiles she headed to the board, remembered that we were going to be off on Monday and trying to make sure she had counted correctly she asked me,

 “Will Tuesday be the 35th?”

You can’t make this stuff up folks – I hope some of you got a laugh from this, I know my fellow teachers out here are just sighing right along with me.


  1. I love those stories about kids, PK, I've started the Monday smiling, thanks to you.

  2. I love reading about things little ones come out with. Thanks for the smile PK.


  3. PK,
    progress is obviously being made, and congratulations on the weight loss.
    I'm glad that the stories were funny ones.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. Congrat on the one pound loss...each pound is a victory. I always though I should write down dome of what the kids said, but who has time to stop and do that? Thanks for sharing!
    hugs abby

  5. Out of the mouths of babes :) Congrats on the weight loss.

  6. Now, how does that work? I believe I didn't really understand. Lets try it again.
    You're afraid to lose out on a spanking for doing good if you loose weight, so you ask him to give you the spanking beforehand, so you keep focussed and he does not have to spank you, because you did so good.
    But then you didn't lose out, because you already got the spanking.
    That about it?
    Life is complicated!

    Well, these youngsters are perfect for the following professions:

    1. President (no need to understand things, as long as they cannot say you've ever done anything wrong).
    2. No doubt: Civil servant in the front office for helping citizens.
    3. Society celebrity. Paris Hilton is getting old, so there is a vacancy.


    Where can I charge my consultancy fees?

  7. Anonymous8:57 AM

    You gave me a chuckle. Children can be so literal at times, the way their minds try to reason out things is always fun to watch. The little boy wanting a drink of water may one day be a famous author, he can obviously tell a story, The young girl, well she was thinking out of the box! Maybe CEO of major company! Keep molding there minds and letting them be creative PK. I am sure your a great educator.


  8. Thanks for the head shake...laugh...sigh!! Love the kids!!!

  9. Great start to Monday PK. Kids are so wonderful. I remember a preschooler informing the class that daddy slept on the couch last night. The adults just looked at each other and smiled.

  10. You're right, you either laugh or cry. Great stories.

    Sadly, when I taught college students, it wasn't much different.

  11. When Matt:s 2nd Grade teacher called and asked me to assist with another field trip, the 4th this year,she mentioned that Matt always begged her to include me. He told her that I just hung around the house and slept all day. Stunned for a moment ,I asked her if Matt had mentioned that I was on duty from 11PM to 7 AM this year and tried to sleep while my children were at school? I imagine that the school staff was not thinking of giving me a Mother of the Year award.
    This happened 1/2 century ago and we still laugh about it.

  12. Kids are just great. They are so honest. I used to love Art Linkletter's Kids Say the Darndest Things.

    Congrats on the weight loss. Good luck on the other things.

  13. LOL to the last one. And the second one reminds me of the scene from Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm when she has salty mackerel for breakfast and gets punished (by having to stand in the corner) for asking too many times to get a drink of water.

    P.S. And don't you let Bas trick you into paying consultancy fees. ;)

  14. Happy Labor Day. I liked your email to Nick. Glad you got to be with Mollie, too. Thanks for sharing your school stories, too.

  15. I love the innocence of children. They will say exactly what is on their minds. :-) I get stories all the time from my students like the boy who simply wanted to ask for water...the parents would be horrified because usually it's about them. Yesterday my youngest asked my husband when he was going to fix his car that I broke when I went to the American Girl Doll store with her - Ummm, big truck in front of me had a rock fling from under its wheel into my window cracking it...how is that my fault? hmmm wonder what my own children tell their teachers? :-)
    Congrats on the weight loss!

  16. Anonymous3:47 PM

    Way to go, PK - weight loss is a bugger.
    The kids are so adorable, we don't have any little ones around anymore but we have a little guy who comes to visit us at the lake and we just love it.
    He says the sweetest little things, I find myself thinking about his little comments after we get back home or when I am driving - they add so much to life. :)

  17. Bas, I'll be silent if you promise to give back any money PK paid you. Or I'll name BOTH the janitor and errant disciplinarian after you.

    Wait a minute...of course I am never silent. Never mind. ;)

    (Sorry for hijacking your comment thread, PK! Bas started it!)

  18. Julia,
    After this many years I have a ton of them.

    They can make me smile (when I’m not crying, lol) Hope you birthday was happy.

    I’m trying to have a better attitude about school.

    It’s true Abby; it would take time to write them all down.

    Thanks. Maybe one of these days I’ll get the handle on this weight thing.

    My answer will be posted here tomorrow. I don’t want you to be confused! Now about that consultancy fee – I’ll let you and Ana work that out!

    The little girl is a sweetie; she came to be later and said, “Honest, I’m not that dumb. I must have been having a blonde moment!”

    I feel the same way, when I’m not wanting to strangle them!

    I know Mollie used to tell our neighbor EVERYTHING. I was just glad she never asked any details.

    People would be shocked at what all teachers hear – at all levels.

    I love it! Even when they tell the truth, if they don’t tell all of it, we can come off pretty bad at times.

    I used to love Art Linkletter too. I’ll keep trying on the weight; home Nick is willing to keep trying too.

    The kids really can be funny at times. Remember, Bas is a spanker, you wouldn’t want to anger him!

    Thanks, I hope the email works.

    I know, it’s not only that they say everything they’re thinking – their way of looking at things is often way off!

    Everyone needs some little ones in their lives.