I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Spanking, did someone say spanking?

I wanted to let you know that there has definitely been an increase in spanking around here lately – not enough, of course, but much better.  Nick is more likely to grab a nice wooden spoon in the kitchen for a few swats.  Maybe catch me dressing and give me a few smacks then and there.  I’ve even had to have a few mid-week weigh in along the way, with some great reminder spankings. 

This weekend was not exactly on the Weight Watcher program – a couple of desserts here, a bag of chips there, you know – the no one is watching, go for it, kinda weekend.  And I timed my homecoming to put me by Nick’s mom’s just in time for Sunday lunch.

*Note – Nick’s parents celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary last week!  And both of them still going strong. Can you imagine?

But after we got home and took our Sunday afternoon naps, old Nick decided to see just how much damage I’d done. I’d done some.  I was in an uncomfortable situation – I’d taken my clothes off to weigh and Nick decided to take care of everything right then and there.  Only real complaint I had about the encounter is that Nick often over looks the need for a good warm up.  I love our strap but when used on the bare – I really NEED a warm up.  That sucker hurt and I was doing some squirming and dancing on the bed.  And I can happily report the squirming and dancing continued after he put the strap away.  We really missed each other. Let the good times roll.

If you'd like to see some pictures of where I stayed this past weekend check out this post that I put up when I was up there on a Harry Potter weekend.


  1. mrandmrsb3:06 AM

    You had a couple of deserts?
    Gobi, Sahara..........?

  2. heh i had some no-one's-looking snacks over the weekend too.

    and now i'm back to cereal and low-everything meals.

    sounds like you had a great time on the spanking front,or should i say,back. LOL.

  3. mrandmrsb,
    Okay, okay, I'll fix it. Remember I've been a math teacher, not a spelling teacher. Would you like me to count for you?

    I'm trying to get back to reality, but I'm not liking it.

  4. Pk,
    it wouldn't be a lesson if it didn't sting.
    Glad to hear that Nick is stepping up to the line.
    Love and warm hugs,

  5. Complaining, always complaining!
    You should be spanked for complaining!
    65 years is great!
    My in-laws got to 63 in 2011, they didn't want to celebrate, because 63 is nothing special. Next celebration would be at 65 years.
    2 month after the 63 years anniversary, he died.
    Be sure, that your in-laws celebrate when they get to 66!

  6. It all sounds great! I am back on track too! Grrrrr. The motivation sounds like it will keep you focused.

    I love hearing about your in-laws being married for 50 years. BEAUTIFUL!

  7. Glad you are getting some spanking in-Yay! Nice pics and Congratulations to Nick's parents.
    Wonderful. Blessings to them:)

  8. eating snacks when no one is looking??? I'm not guilty of that, nope not ever.......well, ok maybe once or twice :-) No telling
    Glad to hear there is spanking around the house to keep you smiling. And happy anniversary to Nick's parents that is great :-) Hugs, Terps

  9. Sounds like the weekend ended with a bang.LOL. Glad you had a good time all weekend long.

  10. Naughty, eating snacks when no one is looking. I love those little reminder spankings.

    65 years wonderful.


  11. LOL about the spelling thing...

    Amazing about the 65 years.

    Bet you'd get more of a spanking if you told him again that he spanks like a girl. :D

    Happy Tuesday!

  12. Yah now, I think I'm with Bas on this. You want more, you get more, and still somethings not quite right. That's a female for you, lol. The funs really in the practicing anyway, right? :)

  13. You and your hubby are just like teenagers over at your house :)
    I envy how easy it all seems between you......very nice :)

    I have to jump on the elliptical and tone up for a tropical wedding, so God Help Me..... I understand the self improvement kick...... but so worth it :)

  14. Paul,
    I’m glad too, but couldn’t the sting build up gradually?

    Gee Bas, seems like you thinks everyone should be spanked – no wonder I like you so much! I think anything over 50 should be celebrated vigorously!

    I really do need motivation! I see you corrected to 65 – they are two very special people!

    Glad you liked the pictures; it’s a great place. It’s nice to have in-laws you really like.

    I’m glad you would never really think of being so bad! Hope the spankings keep up here and even spill over into your house.

    Oh it did! Great weekend!

    Little reminders are the very best. Wonder if Nick and I can make it that long? I’d only be 91.

    That’s true, but I’m not quite ready to try it again. Now Badass – she might say it some day.

    Be careful agreeing with Bas! But you’re right about enjoying the practicing!

  15. Lillie,
    It's funny, Nick and I have gotten so much closer since I came out as a spanko. It really helped our marriage so much.

    Hope you are gorgeous for the wedding!

  16. Glad you got your spanking. I understand about the build up of pain an prefer a warm up too. I am wondering how this weigh in motivation is working. My husband mentioned my weight and I think that I had a temporary moment of hearing loss.

  17. Anonymous3:03 PM

    I like little spanks on the run, too. Nice post.