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Friday, September 07, 2012

Fantasy Friday - Tearing up the Pea Patch

Happy Friday!  School is still going pretty well, but I always love my weekends!  We don't have much planned so far, but I am a home body and just hanging around the house with Nick is fine by me.  

We have really been blessed with some wonderful people sharing stories with us lately.  We have another first time contributor today.  This story is from Lillie, she has her own blog - A New Life for Lillian.  She says about herself "I am married to my husband, Ian, for more than 25 years.  I am writing fiction for fun, and trying to understand this new life." Now THAT sounds familiar!!  I think most of us can relate.  Go by her blog to read more.  But for now, please enjoy...

Tearing up  the Pea Patch

Abby and Les had sought refuge from the mid afternoon sun in the dappled shade of an old willow, and now sat  upon a faded quilt on the ground.   Abby sat cross-legged with a pan of newly shelled peas in her lap and the discarded pods in a pail beside her.  Les lay sprawled, half  on the quilt, propped up on an elbow, enthusiastically eating the fresh garden peas, pods and all.

Abby threw an overripe pod at Les's head and he ducked, but not quite fast enough to avoid being struck by the hardened, little missile.

Ha! Gotcha, Abby hooted, that's what you get for coming along after the work, and then eating half what I picked.....

Her eyes drank in the beautifully sculpted form of her fiancé.  Tall and broad shouldered, whipcord lean with an unruly mass of thick dark brown hair above mischievous, twinkling green eyes - Leslie was a stunningly handsome,  young man.  Her heart quickened at the sight and nearness of him, and she composed herself.

Shouldn't you be working?  She needled,  I'm sure you are not supposed to be hanging around here grazing on my Mother's pea patch......

Well Abigail,  I do have a lot of important things  to do,  Les answered with mock seriousness,  I am an important guy you know....

Leslie cackled with derision.  Really?

Well, actually, Les said trying to infuse a genuine serious tone into their silliness,  I did have something I really wanted to talk to you about, and it shouldn't wait.  You are going to need to shuffle some plans around.

Oh?  Well talk, Leslie. Abby said teasingly, can't you see I'm busy?

I don't think you're going to like what I have to say, answered Les soberly.  Put that stuff down, Abby, this is important.

What?  Abby said continuing to shell automatically, you're scaring me.  

I can't give you permission to go with your friends to the city on Friday,  Les said steadily, while maintaining eye contact with his betrothed.  I know that you aren't going to be happy about that, but I've thought ab...

Oh, my God, Les, Abby snorted, finally ceasing to shell peas, then added laughing sardonically, you need to stay out of the sun, my boy.

I'm serious, Abby, Les stated flatly, and don't talk to me that way.

You came all the way over here for that?  I think you should go, Les, Abby said with finality and rising to her feet, her cargo of now vulnerable peas precariously resting in a chipped enamel washpan on her hip,   Go back to work..... go fishing with your friends, go defrost your freezer, anything..... but you need to go.

Les sprang to his feet in one fluid movement, and placing his hands on her upper arms, said,  Abby stop it.  I want to explain, and I want you to listen.  Les's hands on her arms, causing a few more  peas to spill over the edge, and seeing yet another spill, Abby's temper flared.

Go comb your hair, Leslie, she said with an dismissive gesture of her free hand, you can call me when you settle down, maybe later on tonight.

Ending their love spat on a triumphant note,  Abby spun dramatically on her heel, spilling more of the shelled peas in the quick movement, and began to walk briskly back to the farmhouse, muttering under her breath about idiot boyfriends and symptoms of sun stroke.

Les caught up to her in half the number of steps, and seizing her from behind, turned her around to face him.  A massive number of peas now heaved  over the edge of the pan,  plinking soundlessly into the ankle high grass.

Is this what I have to look forward to after we're married this fall, Ab?  Les demanded, where you refuse to listen to me, and ridicule my every word?  Is that what you have neatly  planned for me?  For us?

That depends how stupid you intend on being day to day, Leslie, she snapped sarcastically,  How would you expect any grown woman to react to your adolescent,  testosterone surges and school boy nonsense?  

You need to get over yourself, Les.  
And Abby punctuated this parting shot with a  downward movement of  her arms causing her  peas to become suddenly airborne and promptly dribble merrily over all sides of their former fortification.

Oh, f*** it!  Abby yelled and threw the remaining peas, pan and all at her red faced groom-to-be,  and turned, seething now angrily striding toward the house.

She hadn't made it too far, when her  right elbow was seized in an almost painful grip, and while Abby heaped protests upon her beloved,  Les scanned the area for witnesses and a place that afforded a little privacy.  His eyes lit  quickly on a destination, he hustled the  unco-operative Abby to her father's bale shed a couple of hundred feet away.

Once inside the cool,  darkened shed, Abby capitulated, Alright, Leslie, let's just calm down a second and talk about this thing.  This isn't like you, honey.

Leslie pulled a square bale from the top of a  nearby neat stack and satisfied with its position, sat down upon it with his knees spread wide apart, he motioned for her to come closer, Come here, Abby.....right now.

Well move over, there's no room for me, Abby said quietly.

Les held out his hand to her,  Come here, Abby, he croaked horsely.

Abby reached her hand out tentatively to her husband-to-be, and allowed him to pull her toward him, so she stood between his knees.

Abby. Leslie said softly,  I love you.  You are everything to me.

I know, murmured Abby, with unwanted tears beginning to prickle her eyes.  I know.

Okay, then.  Les said firmly, I can't let you go with your friends to the city.  I won't have it.  
He paused and shook his head in unison with his words.
I know it is important to you to go with them to pick out dresses for Bethie's wedding, and if that is all it was, I would be thrilled for you to go,  but those girls are telling everyone what they are intending to do. 
 They are going to see male strippers, and get male lap dances, what ever the hell that means, and get tattoos, certainly pissed to the gills, and most likely high on whatever is being passed around the place.  And that is what they are willing to talk about..... the future mother of my children is not going to do that.

Hot tears now fell down Abby's face with abandon, Don't you trust me? she sobbed.  Les?

I trust you, honey, he said with conviction, but I don't trust every idiot that will be out looking for a quick piece of tail, in every dive that Susanne and Amy will drag you into.  Those two don't have boyfriends or husbands, and they are going to flirt with every jackass they come across.  

I mean it, Les stated firmly to the disbelieving shake of her  head, every guy will think you are just like them.
You're not going, he said with meaning.

He paused, as though thinking a thought to its conclusion before speaking it,  while we're on the topic of things that you are not going to do, Les forged on, you're not going to speak to me like you just did.  You are not going to throw tantrums, and  raw vegetables at me when things don't go your way.  Understand?

A meek nod of her head indicated she had heard and understood.

Okay.  Les sighed heavily, lets just get this over with.

Pull down your panties, and lift your skirt, honey,   Les said quietly.

Abby stood dumbfounded, despite the dim light of the shed, really seeing her fiance for the first time.

Here, honey, I'll help you.  Les said, hopelessly awkward but trying for kindness, here you go, we'll just pull them down to here, he said soothingly, stopping at her knees.

Abby sobbed loudly now, and Les shushed her while pulling her very gently across his lap.  When she lay prone across his left leg, he tucked his right leg over her lower legs, and rubbed her back gently.

Okay, honey, Les said firmly, let's just take care of this quick and we won't worry about it any more.  Okay?

Okay.....mumbled a sobbing Abby.

Les flipped up the hem of Abby's light cotton skirt, and revealed a round and beautiful bottom.  Her creamy white bottom was framed in the tan lines of her bathing suit, and Les imagined he had never seen anything more beautiful than the plump backside across his lap.

Abby eyes filled with fresh tears and humiliation as she realized that Les was starring at her bare bottom, and she begin to squirm, new indignation giving rise to courage.

I'm sorry, honey, that's not fair, is it?  said Les with a meaningful apology, you're just more beautiful than I imagined possible.

And with that Les began to deliver a long series of spanks to Abby's backside.  She accept it first blows stoically, but as her bottom grew warmer, she found it difficult not to cry out asking Les to stop.

Les landed five more punishing slaps, and then stopped, his hand resting on her reddened bottom.

Do we understand each other, Abby?  Les asked, clearly upset by events, himself.  What do you have to say to me?

I understand, Les she managed between short breaths, I'm.  So.  Sorry.

I know, Baby.  Les said while rubbing gently, I know you are.

Les reached down and pulled up her panties and then helping  her up to a sitting position, he cradled his true love in his wiry, young arms.  Abby sobbed uncontrollably into his neck for a couple of long minutes and then slowed to sniffling, while her husband-to-be willed an otherwise impressive erection to disappear before he did something really regrettable.

He shifted in discomfort and in doing so,  turned Abby's face toward him by her chin and wiped her tears from her freckled cheeks with his thumb.  To his complete shock, Abby brought her arms up around his neck and kissed him deeply.  She swung her outer leg around to straddle his lap, pressed her firm breasts into his chest and undulated her hips invitingly.

I want you, Leslie.  Abby stammered out with confusion and some shame, I don't think I can wait till we're married, I need you now.  
Holy God, thought Les wildly, not one intense session in his back seat or on her parents couch after dark had got him to this spot, in a year and a half!
Ssh, sweetie, ssh..... stammered her fiancé,  we're not going to do anything silly, as the  alarming realization began take shape to that his attempts at controlling Abby's  behaviour had caused a most unexpected reaction.

A wave of warmth and love swept over Les, as he held his young bride-to-be.  He had not intended this to happen, and now he sensed  knew how he handled it would be important for the rest of their lives.

Here, honey, Abby, ssh.....it's okay, let me help you, baby.,  and with that, Les stood up his bride to be, and pulling down her panties once more, brought his mouth to rest where her torment was radiating.  In a few short, but deliciously, magic movements, a bursting heat exploded somewhere inside Abby's body and she groaned in pleasure, rocking her bottom toward her lover.  She brought her knees up to rest upon his long bended knees, and she allowed the exquisite pulsations to take possession of her body.
They remained fixed in that position for a long moment,  Leslie's arms around her lower back, his cheek pressed possessively against her groin, and her head flung back, eyes upon the rafters, her long auburn hair trailing down to tickle his forearms.

Okay, Ab?  ventured Les, then,  better?  and then with a barely perceptible hint of male smugness, he asked,  did that help, honey?

Abby could only nod while she sought to regain her composure and stand with the aid of her legs which traitorously shook and quivered when she made an attempt.   Les pulled her unto his lap and there  they sat  a good long time.  Finally,  Les's erection begin to ease, and he stood Abby on her feet once more, and he stood to leave along side his bride to be.

Come on, honey, he said gently, You think if I help you pick and shell some more peas, your Mum will let me stay for supper?


Thank you Lillie!  I love the old fashion feeling of the story and I appreciate you sharing it with us.  I look forward to spending more time at your site as you go through your journey of discovery.  I hope everyone will go by.  If anyone else has a story to share, please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Beautiful story Lillie! I love your descriptive writing. It did have a very old fashioned feel to the scene.

    Pk as always thank you. I hope your weekend is relaxing.. Maybe you'll talk to Cassie?!

  2. Wonderful, Lillie. I enjoyed this very much.

  3. Lillie,
    this is beautiful, and very believable.
    PK, enjoy your quality time with Nick.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. Between naughty scarecrows and FF, Lillie's been very busy! Cute and sweet. Thank you, PK.

  5. Welcome to Fantasy Friday, Lillie! I will check out your blog page over the weekend. Thank you for your story. Thanks PK as well and I hope you both have a great weekend.

  6. Lillie - what a great story. I love the way you write. I knew you would be good at it just by reading your blog posts. So glad you are one of us.

  7. Lovely story Lillie.
    Like Les, I often think it is not fair that my woman is so beautiful. Very distractive.
    I'm glad you put in an Okay from Abby. Even in an old fashioned setting, I still like the idea of consent.
    Now, those scarecrows in the Autumn Wedding, do they have names? Maybe Les and Abby among them?
    Thanks for bringing us the story PK.

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    You did it again PK!
    hugs abby

  10. Delicious!! I loved it!

  11. Anonymous3:13 PM

    I just wanted to say thanks to PK for posting my story on her blog....that is so very nice :)
    And thanks to everyone for their kind and generous comments.

  12. Anonymous12:46 AM

    This story is very beautiful and I have even come back to reread it! It is one of my favourite Fantasy Fridays, if not my favourite, and as a lurker I have read many of them. I hope to see more from you Lillie!