I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Who's messing with whom?

I know we have all wondered if some people in our real life have any suspicions about our ‘secret’ lifestyles.  I’ve said here before that I’ve shared with many close friends, my sister, and a few trusted cousins.  But, of course, it’s still not widely known.  So tell me, please, how am I supposed to interrupt this? I got the following email – picture included, from my son last week.

Like most people walking past The Pleasure Chest's window displays, I thought of my mom.

He also sent me this video for mother's day, which I thought was hysterical!

Now what I want to know (or do I), is the boy just messing with me for reading the books, or does he know something more.

Then again, I intentionally led someone else to think that I am the good little submissive wife.  My boss came to my room, with what he seemed to consider good news.  He started off “There’s a three day workshop coming up that would be really good for you to attend.  It’s about 2 hours from here and the school will be paying for the workshop and for the room.  You’ll be able to share a room with Ms. Jones and we can all ride down together.”

What his words sounded more like to me was, “I’m going to toss you into a pit of snakes and scorpions and then I’ll pour boiling oil all over you!”  I'm not a fan of workshops in any form and the idea of being trapped in a car with him and Ms. Jones and then sharing a room with her could have easily caused me to drive an ice pick through my skull!

But I have finally reached an age that I can sometimes think on my feet.  And one of my favorite past times is making my boss feel uncomfortable.  I looked him right in the eye and said calmly, “I’m not sure my husband would allow such a trip.”

He opened his mouth as if he were going to say something else, but evidently couldn’t think of anything. I quietly stared at him and said no more.  I really wanted to laugh at his discomfort.  I think since he is just slightly intimated by me, he was having a hard time processing that I could have a husband that allowed or didn’t allow me to do things.

And it truth, I don’t.  Nick wouldn’t mind if I chose to go to a several day workshop.  He would leave a decision like that up to me.  I’m taking a weekend soon just to go off and write.  But if I were planning to go somewhere and he really didn’t want me to go all he’d need to say is “I really wish you wouldn’t go.” And I probably wouldn’t.

I hope LJ is just messing with me, and I hope my boss doesn’t realize I’m messing with him!


  1. If your boss is someone to believe that kind of reason, then he is probably someone who deserves to be told that kind of reason. :) As to your boy, well...that is a different matter altogether!

  2. PK,
    I've seen that advert, but I can't remember where.
    I bought the latest wifi and 3G Kindle three weeks ago, it's a lovely piece of kit, I love it.
    Last week I received an e-mail from Amazon UK telling me that Kindle Fire HD is available for pre-order, oh no!
    I hope that all your hopes don't rebound on you.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Somtimes our children just get too smart! Glad it is you, not me, tho! Nice retort to the boss. I always said if the workshop will help me daily in my classroom with pleasure I will attend...rarely happened.
    hugs abby

  4. Your reaction to going to a workshop is just perfect!

  5. LJ either knows something or is having a really good time teasing you :) Great response to your boss. I've said that say thing in the past to get out of wotk things I didn't want to attend. It works wonderfully well, stops people in their tracks, lol.

  6. Quick thinking to your boss. I am sure he is still shaking his head because he is having trouble reconciling the school you with you that other image. LOL

    As for LJ, have no idea. If he keeps sending clues then I think he knows. If not it was just a jibe at reading the books.

  7. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Your son is a funny guy - I love it.
    ROFL at the Amazon thing - I have to figure out how to get it to my daughter (the med school one, not the 15 yr old) she will LOVE it.
    And I laughed my a** off at your handling of your boss. Too funny....PK
    Thanks, laughter to tears is good for the body and soul

  8. LOL. Great come back to your boss.

    I think LJ is just teasing.

    Hope your having a wonderful weekend.


  9. I couldn't have asked for a better start to the day than this post!

    Thanks for the giggle fits.


  10. ha, ha on both accounts. I've seen that video before and it was funny. Good thinking on your feet about the workshop. Hugs.

  11. I think your son is yanking your chain! But just on the off chance.....hide everything. lol

    I love what you said to your boss. keep them guessing!! I always say things like that to telemarketers.

  12. Ana,
    I don’t know what he believes, but he surely looked confused.

    I have the oldest kindle and I still love it. My hopes will be fine – LJ’s a doll and I could care less what my boss really thinks.

    That’s the question – do we really want to know what our kids know about us? I’ve found very few workshops that have helped me at all. They are usually given by people who no longer want to be teachers. That’s all I really know about them.

    It sure did stop him in his tracks!

    LJ has teased me since he learned to talk. If he really does know I’m sure he could care less. He has a true live and let live attitude.

    Yep, I think the man was totally confused. I always stand up to him and work and tell him when he is wrong. He just didn’t know what to say. Unless they plan to do a play about Nick’s life, and mine, casting LJ he wouldn’t be interested.

    Just have her Google SNL Mother’s Day. I thought that was as funny as anything I’ve ever seen! And I know how each of the women felt! LOL! As for the boss, I bet no one ever told him that before.

    The boy is a tease! Weekend was great!

    Glad to give you a giggle! I really miss you sister.

    I’m sure glad it came to me soon enough!

    We have things reasonable well hidden, and folks to get rid of it for us if it comes to that.

  13. Anonymous4:49 PM

    I am laughing so hard right now! That Amazon commercial is hysterical! I have two sons, and if your is anything like mine, their favorite pastime is tormenting their mother. Since both things referenced the books 50 shades, I would guess he is just messing with you! Even as adult's our children don't process that we have sex lives, at least not interesting ones!! LOL .


  14. This post is too funny! Love that son of yours!


  15. Every son torments his mother.
    Now, they usually look for the week points of mom. My son does do that.
    "Mom, it is just so easy to pester you! I cannot stop myself! I know exactly which button to press!"
    I think LJ must have some idea that books and videos like these somehow echo with you.
    The boy knows you from a lot of years back!
    But he sure does not know any details, then he would not do these things.
    Dread the moment he is not pestering you about this!

  16. I love how you interact with your boss. You know exactly what to say at the right time. As for your son, it is so wonderful that you have a close relationship with him that he can tease you like that...too funny. Hugs, Terps