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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The week continues

Good news – all new Fantasy Friday tomorrow. It’s a continuation of last week and I do have more to tell you about the author. So don’t forget to come by.

An update on my student from yesterday, I gave her a discipline slip (for calling me a bitch) to take home and get signed. Big shocker she didn’t get it signed. I sent her to talk to the vice-principal. He talked with her for about 20 minutes and then brought her back to class. He called me out in the hall to speak with her and the following conversation took place.

VP: Do you have anything to say to Mrs. PK?

Girl: (after a pause) I’m sorry?

Me: (very calmly) Was that a statement or a question?

Girl: Shrug

VP: Fine we’ll call you parents to come pick you up. You’re suspended for today.

I really don’t let all this get to me. It’s not all that unusual. But it’s not helping my overall mood this week.

Wednesday afternoon didn’t get any better. We talk a lot about friendships and supporting one another out here. I mean if I told my friends here that I was going swimming with sharks or skydiving without a parachute I would hope you would at least warn me against it. I told two of my closest friends was I was going to do and then never even tried to stop me.

I should have realized it myself when I saw that big robot waving it’s arms and shouting “Danger, danger Will Robinson” but I walked right past it intent on my mission. I did what I had to do. I cried for a while and then I got myself together and came home. But to the friends I did tell who did not try to stop me I have this to say,

Friends don’t let friends shop for bathing suits.


  1. PK, sometimes we just have to take responsibility for our own actions.
    Do they have health warnings on shops that sell bathing suits. WEG!
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. PK: A shame that teaching has to include dealing with kids like that.

    And I can imagine your feelings about looking for bathing suits. Women never think they look good in them. Even if, like you, they do.


  3. So glad my suit still fits! I've had it for about five years now,and it has not seen much use so....

    Good luck in finding a new one without too many tears of frustration.

    One thing I PROMISED myself as a kid is I would NEVER buy a suit with a skirt and I would ALWAYS put my head underwater. I have managed to keep these promises. :)

  4. Maybe with her being new, she's feeling insecure and putting on this attitude as a front. Just me thinking.

    Swim suits I hate buying them. Once it took me all of 3 months to find one and in the end just picked one and I hated it.

    Not sure what shops you have where you live PK but why not go and pick a couple that you like and then see if you can order them on line. You can then try them at home. That's what I do with some clothes.

    Looking forward to FF.


  5. Ok..i sent you an online link..CUZ THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS DO!! That being said..i'm honored to be one your two closest friends..now smile..order a bathing suit or i'm coming a little further south than Virginia and kick your butt!

  6. Wow that VP at your school doesn't mess around does he?

    Well I would have told you not to go bathing suit shopping. You should have asked me! I never go!

    But then I can't tolerate sun. So I can only swim indoors or at night. One of the benefits of swimming indoors is you don't need a swim suit. One of the benefits of swimming at night is no one can see you or the swimsuit. But I don't have an indoor pool, and our pool closes at dark.

    So I don't swim or shop for swimsuits. I admire you for doing it though!

    Hang in there PK. It's almost Firday!

    Love and Huggs!

  7. Paul,
    I didn't see any but the warnings should be there!

    Florida Dom,
    You do know how to make a girl feel good.

    I'm with you - I hate old lady bathing suits!

    I hate ordering on line because as bad as it is to try them on I do want to see what it looks like before I get it. And I am really bad at getting things sent back if they aren't what I want.

    You are welcomed here any time - even to kick my butt!

    I want a suit so I can take the classes at the gym but in the summer I do skinny dip in our pool late at night. Now that's a wonderful feeling.

  8. This is what you get when you don't consult me first! I could have warned you. That's why I only buy a suit once every 5 years or so. Plus...online shopping is GREAT! If I don't like, I return and I can try them on in the privacy of my own home!

    Too bad about the student. You have to wonder what is going on at home.


  9. Grace,
    I may have bathing suits older than you somewhere around here - but of course I can't get in them!

    I am not shocked by the kids at school but if one of mine ever acted that way - grown or not - I would take up spanking myself!!