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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Quiet weekend

It’s been a beautiful sunny weekend here. I took a little while Saturday just to lie in the sun and soak up vitamin D. It felt great. Most of Saturday was taken up looking at tile and counter tops – we are FINALLY getting ready to redo the bathroom. It’s so hard for me to see little pieces and picture how everything will look together. But this house was built in the early 70’s and you can pictures the bathrooms from that era. This one has a blue tub, blue toilet, blue sink - yuck! The only change we’ve made was to put in a new floor over 20 years ago, and I never really thought it matched. So I am very excited about the change.

We have had Mollie to the doctor for some test lately. She’s been a bit light headed and she has passed out a few times over the last several months. Now these didn’t really worry me too much – two of the times were when she was giving blood and once was when she was having her prom dress fitted. I grabbed her right out of bed – no breakfast – and I imagine she was standing there with her knees locked. But since it was three times I consulted 2 friends out here who are nurses and they both suggested I take her in for a checkup.

The blood work came back saying she has low iron so they wanted to take some more blood. I am anxious to hear exactly what they find out and what we can do to get her built back up. I know her diet isn’t the best – I’m afraid she takes after her mother when it comes to eating. I know that iron supplements can sometimes cause an upset stomach so I have been looking for foods rich in iron that she’ll eat. She and I were talking about it and she told me “Fine, I’ll try to eat some foods that will be better for me but whatever I have to eat you do too.” Grrrrrrrrrrr… who gave her the right to grow up and make sense?

As for me, same ‘ol, same ‘ol. Still not feeling really great, blah is where it’s been for a while. Not bad, not good. I want to feel better. I know my self-talk isn’t good these days. You know the running conversations we have with ourselves all day long. I need to work on mine. If anyone can tell me how please speak up.


  1. PK, having a new bathroom is great, I've lived in my present house for over twenty years, it's finally getting to be what I dreamed of.
    Sorry to hear about Mollie, she probably won't eat liver, heart or kidney all rich in iron.
    Try her on spinach, but keep her calcium levels up.
    You need to keep telling yourself just how special you are, do it last thing at night
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Hi PK,

    I love your blog. :)

    For help with self-talk and a whole lot else, I recommend reading Havi's blog: "thefluentself."

    Hope you all stay healthy!

  3. PK, low iron "a womans curse". Did you know men's vitamins don't even have iron in them?

    I once had a patient who had surgery. He was a Jehovah's Witness and wouldn't take blood. But he needed more surgery and couldn't have it due to the anemia. I gave his wife a list of foods high in iron. I told him liver was also very high in iron. He said he loved liver.

    When I returned a week later, he begged, "Please help me! She is putting liver in everything. This morning it was in the grits!"

    Now as for the self talk. Why are we so mean to ourselves? I get these daily emails, that have recently addressed this very issue. I am planning some post, but I can forward you the emails.

    Try Carol's tip. Set a timer, say everything you need to say to yourself, then tell yourself to "shut up"!

    I for one think you are wonderful!

    Lots of Love

  4. Paul,
    It's going to be a real challenge - Mollie doesn't like spinach or liver. But we'll work something out. I'm still working on the self talk.

    I appreciate you stopping by. It always makes me feel better when someone new tells me they like the blog. I'll check our the one you mentioned.

    Why can't chips and soft drinks and donuts and such be high in iron? We're working on it.

    I got your emails. I'll be in touch.

  5. PK, don't forget to take a before and after picture of your bathroom.

    Try and get Mollie to eat breakfast but I know a lot to young people don't. Fish, beans, lentils, leafy veg are all good if she'll eat them.

    Your a lovely and wonderful friend and I'll keep telling you every day.



  6. FD: What a task to try to get a teen-ager to eat healthy foods instead of going to the fast food joints.

    Just one more challenge to keep you busy.