Monday, April 12, 2010

Not a real post

I can’t really call this a post. I have absolutely nothing to say. I’m not in a bad mood or anything. I always like to write but I got nothing. Works doing alright – and that’s as good as it’s gonna get this year. Nick and I are good and so are the kids. If something interesting floats through my mind I’ll let you know.

Written by PK at 12:05 AM



At 7:04 AM, Blogger Paul said...

PK, you could always complain about how I tease you elsewhere, and that Red Bulls aren't good for your diet.
How am I supposed to think up a sensible comment, if you write an empty post?
Love and warm hugs.

At 7:43 AM, Blogger Theresa said...

Well your post about nothing was something for me. Always great to hear from you! School's out soon, right?

Love and Huggs!

At 12:20 PM, Blogger ronnie said...

It is a real post, you've told us all's well with you and family so that good to hear.
Anyway It's always nice to stop by here PK


At 1:28 PM, Blogger Florida Dom said...

PK: I want to echo Ronnie's comment that it was a post because you let us know all is well on your front. Good to hear.


At 10:57 PM, Blogger Kat5 said...

I think it's a very real post because the title made me laugh and I'm home alone so unless we have ghosts what I heard sure was real, lol.

At 10:59 PM, Blogger PK said...

But Paul you are so good to try!

Theresa, thanks for coming by. About 9 more weeks of school. The end can't get her soon enough for me!!

Ronnie, Florida Dom,
I appreciate you thought. I don't know what wrong with me I usually can farble along about nothing but it's not coming.

At 11:03 PM, Blogger PK said...

Glad it made you laugh. If it did that it was worthwhile.


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