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Friday, April 16, 2010

A little information and Fantasy Friday - I'll Be There,II

Before we get to Fantasy Friday I have to tell you about the water aerobic class I took Wednesday. I though I could do anything in water. I expected a good workout but nothing serious. WRONG!! We were 'running' or something equally intense solid for just over an hour. I mean I didn't have time to wipe the water that splashed in my eyes. The only thing that got me through it was what two of my friends have said lately about being able to do anything for 15 minutes. Now in this hour class I had to say it four times but it still worked for me. Of course that last 15 minutes the thing I was hoping to be able to do was drown the instructor!! As I sit here getting this post ready Thursday night my arms feel like spaghetti and I'm not sure I can stand up - LOL!

And one more things before we get to our Fantasy Friday. I'm beginning to think that Fantasy Friday has nearly run it's course. Except for Annie who send me stories when she has the chance to write I haven't received any new stories in several months now. I'm proud of what Fantasy Friday has done while I've been hosting it, you have sent in 115 new stories since Fantasy Friday moved to New Beginning! I find that amazing!! My site will always be opened to any one who reads out here and would like to have a place to post some fiction of their own. And trust me ANYTIME I receive a new story I will be delighted to post it and I'll always let you all know ahead of time. So if you have wanted to try writing but you've been putting it off you can send in a story any time.

Now lets get on to today's story. You can see why I choose this one it feels pretty close to my heart these days. When it was first posted in the contest most people thought I wrote it - but it wasn't me, it was my friend Caryagal. She and I have been friends for several years and we have both been struggling with many of the same problems. Thanks for writing and sharing Carye and please feel free to write more if you ever want to. I love the story and I hope you all will too.

Please enjoy...

I’ll Be There

"Linda, come here, lets have a talk." Jake said from the bedroom.

"Coming!" Linda called cheerfully. As she walked into the bedroom, she stopped short, seeing Jake on the bed with several implements near him. "What's going on? Are we going to have some fun?"

"Not this time. Remember our conversation a few weeks ago about wanting discipline? About dieting? About the diet group you wanted to join? Where was that… Todd and Suzy’s?"

"Well, yes, but.."

"And I said we'd try it here first, then, you could join. Well, if I remember right, you didn't loose this week and you asked me to try to start up a DD lifestyle using this as our starting point… right?"

"Well… yes, but …"

"Nope, too late, the only 'but' I want to see is yours over my lap, please. Oh, and you can loose that pretty little thong you're wearing, you won't be needing it."

Blushing, Linda carefully removed her thong, making sure she didn't reveal anything under her dress. Then slowly laid herself across his lap, not sure exactly what to expect, and trying hard to remember what she had told him she wanted several weeks earlier.

"Now, Linda," He started as he slowly lifted her skirt over her hips, and began to gently rub her gorgeous butt. "We're going to do this right from the start. This isn't going to be an erotic spanking, no nice warm-up, or rubbing and touching in between. You are going to answer with ‘Yes Sir’ as well. Do you understand?"

"mmmm… yes sir" she cooed loving the nice rub on her bottom. Still not sure how this was all going to work, fearing and hoping that it truly would be their first discipline spanking.

"Why are we here?" he asked quietly.

"Because I gained weight this week, sir." She responded.

SMACK! "Nope. Wrong answer. " Jake replied.


"You're here because you made some bad decisions that caused you to gain weight. Correct? .. oh and don't forget the ‘Sir’ please, I don't want to have to add anything to what you already have coming" he reminded her gently.

"Yes sir. Bad decisions"

"What were those decisions?"

"um.. well, I don't really know…" she started. SMACK SMACK SMACK came his hand.

"OK, OK!" She frantically started. "Sir, I did too much snacking at the vending machines. I was good at home, but at work, not as careful"

Gently rubbing he asked. "Was that it? Just some snacking at the vending machines? No big lunches out with girlfriends, nothing at night?"

"Well…." SMACK "ok, ok! Yes, I went out a few times at lunch too. It is so hard to order light stuff when we go really good places sir!"

"Why do you need to do that? What did the doctor say that caused you to ask for these spankings?"

"please Jake, I know…." SMACK SMACK SMACK he rained down a thirty second volley of spanks with his hand. It was starting to sting his hand he realized.

She caught her breath wanting to rub away the sting. "Ok, he said I needed to eat more healthily and try to loose about 30 lbs. sir."

"And? "

"Please Jake sir isn't that enough?"

"No. You've got to say and understand what else he said. You need to face it, not try to ignore it; your life and my life as we have it now are at stake. Come on."

Sighing, with tears beginning to flood her eyes, she quietly whispered, "he said I'm borderline diabetic, and if I don't change, I could end up with full blown diabetes.”

"That's right, both of us need to change, I want you to say it again, this time louder."

Crying more now, "Because I'm a borderline diabetic sir."

"Right, and we're going to work together to make sure that doesn't happen. If it does anyway, we'll deal with it, but it is NOT going to be because you wanted to eat fattier, less healthy foods when you go out with your girlfriends. You ARE going to make good choices next week." With that he started her spanking in earnest. After using his hands a few minutes more, he paused, pushed her forward slightly, and scissored her legs. Sighing to himself he resolved that he could do this despite shaking and feeling sad, he was resolved. She asked for it and this was for their own good.

He picked up the hairbrush. Rubbing it on her butt, he asked "Linda do you know what is going to happen next? I'm going to use the hairbrush. I will use this every time we end up here. I love you more than anything in the world. I want you to be healthy. We can make this change together. I will eat just as healthy. Do you understand?"

Crying gently, she answered him. "Yes sir"

He began with the hairbrush. Linda began to fight, she had never felt anything this hard before, reaching back she tried to stop it, but he just grabbed her hand and pulling it into the small of her back pulled her tighter against him. She was crying and almost beyond where she thought she could take. Suddenly she felt exhausted, she could fight no more. She just laid and sobbed. Soon Jake stopped. He dropped the brush and scooped her up into his arms. With tears in his eyes, he hugged her for all he was worth. "Oh, Linda, I love you so much, I love you I love you. It's ok. It's ok."

Slowly her crying slowed. She looked into his eyes love radiating out at him. "Oh Jake, I'm sorry, I'll make better choices I promise."

"I know honey, I'm here to help you to support you whatever you need. I promise I'll be there every step of the way."

And he was. They did join the diet group after some discussion, and decided they both would join. This way, he could be with her every step of the way. Over time, they lost together, grew closer to each other, and much healthier together. Discipline did slowly become a part of their relationship with all its ups and downs, yet together they worked as a team making the whole truly stronger than the two parts.



  1. Great story with a meaning. Thanks for sharing it again. The diet group is great. I enjoy being a part of it and watching the progess people make.

  2. PK, a great story as usual, you can always tell if a person lives it.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. Loved the story Carye, thank you.

    PK, thanks for sharing it with us. it. I really enjoy it. PK now please carry on with FF as I haven't read half of them yet.

    Your water aerobics makes me tired just reading about it but good for you.


  4. That was a well done story but a shame that you're not getting more stories.

    And the water aerobics sounds like it will be good for you. Keep it up.


  5. Jean,
    It's a good group. But losing weigh is hard no matter how you look at it.

    I know for a fact Carye did live this - probably still does.

    I'm glad to know you are still interested in FF. I hope other are but it's hard to tell sometimes. But one wonderful thing came out of this post. I new writer did send me some wonderful stories so we have a few more weeks to read.

    That class was tough but I'll go back for more next week.

    Thanks FD,
    As I told Ronnie I do have a few more now and I am grateful for this reader for sending them.