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Friday, September 19, 2014

Fantasy Friday - A Boy and a Good (bad) Girl

Donna Steele, a confirmed vanilla, has a post up about spanking today. I can't say she fully 'gets it' but I do think she is trying to understand. Go by and give her your thoughts! 

Friday again and I guess we'll be busy closing up the pool this weekend. That's never one of my favorite chores. The pool is the first think I see out my window each morning and having it covered for winter is never one of my favorite sights.

We'll keep Fantasy Friday going as long as we can. Here is another story from Paul. Paul hasn't been feeling well lately and hasn't been around as much. I miss his comments, but we've been in contact and I hope he'll be feeling much better soon.

A Boy and a good (bad) Girl


A lesson in loving

I was sitting at a table in the Black and White Milk Bar on the Odeon side of the Edgware Road, just a hop, skip and a jump away from Marble Arch.

It was late October of ’52 I don’t remember the day; it was about a week past my seventeenth birthday.

I was dawdling over my cup of coffee, it was the only one I could afford, and when I drank it I would have to go back to my lonely room. I was about to take the last swallow when a woman entered the bar. What’s so unusual about that you may ask, the bar is a teenage bar, we don’t normally see adult women in here.

She wore a white coat and red shoes with 2” heels I think, and an air of confidence.

She looked ‘round and smiled, I imagine every boy in the place was gaping at her, I know I was.

She looked at me and touched her chin, I realised my mouth was open and shut it, nearly biting my tongue in the process. “You looking at me,” she said, “I’m looking at you, yes,” “why?” “Because you are worth it,” she shook her head and ordered a white coffee.

She brought her coffee over to my table, “may I join you,” I stood up, and said, “of course, be my guest.” She stuck her hand out and said, “Eve,” suddenly she was nervous, “indeed,” I said “and I’m Paul, very pleased to meet you, a little overdressed aren’t you” my hand was a little sweaty when I shook hers.

“To what do I owe the honour,” “I said, “I beg your pardon,” she replied, I looked round, “there are empty tables and better looking boys. I may have just come from the country but I’m no hick, you are after something? You don’t feel like a Pro, and if you are, there is no one here who could afford you.” “If you will walk with me I’ll tell you.”

“My boy friend is away on business abroad, he only returns twice a year, you appear to have some of his qualities, when you looked at me you looked straight at me, you weren’t shy about telling me that I’m attractive, and you joked about my name.” “Where is this leading, I don’t do one night stands.” “Neither do I,” she answered sharply, “look I need to explain, and I can’t do this in the street, I live just round the corner, will you trust me for an hour, I have real coffee and even some biscuits.” “Lead the way Miss Siren, you’ve talked me into it, it was the biscuits that did it, always my downfall, biscuits!!”

We entered a house with only one bell on the door, brass fittings on the door, very smart.

Eve took of her coat, hung it on a coat rack, underneath she wore a calf length skirt and a sweater, a tight sweater, both were muted green. I liked what I saw. Eve took my jacket and hung it next to her coat.

She led into a sitting room with some very expensive furniture, she seated me and went and drew the heavy curtains.

“How do you take your coffee,” “strong, no sugar and a little cold milk,” I heard her walk down the hall, shortly she returned bearing a tray with cups, saucers, a dish with biscuits, and milk and sugar. “The coffee will be about ten minutes.” Why don’t you start explaining what this is all about,” “can it wait until we are settled,” “at least sit down, you are making me nervous.” She sank down to the floor, half kneeling next to me, it was surprisingly graceful and strangely comforting, her head was level with my thigh, she looked up at me and smiled, she was calm and composed as if she had finally come home.

I took the opportunity to look her over, the first thing was she had kicked her shoes off and left them by the door. Long shining brown hair halfway down her back, continuing down the top half of her bum looked very nice; as I looked she leaned forward to pluck a loose thread from the rug letting me see the whole round of her bottom, beautiful. She looked up at me again, clear grey eyes under well formed and defined eyebrows, a sweet rather long face with full lips and a firm chin. Her neck seemed long and slender, good shoulders, a good chest, nice breasts, double B or perhaps C, a slightly rounded tummy sitting on nicely rounded hips, the thighs were long and the legs longer. “Like what you see,” she said somewhat acerbically, “yes very much, your boy friend is a very lucky fellow.” “He thinks so, I’ll fetch the coffee.” As she walked away, I had a perfect view of her posterior; it had that tilt and sways that called out for a pair of male hands on it, yes I thought, very nice indeed.

Eve carried in a silver coffee pot, the steam of which, smelled divine, she put the milk in first and then poured, and I took a sip, first class coffee.

Eve sat down again, next to me, this time she kneeled upright with her hands open on her thighs, looking up to me she said, “Paul, the reason I’ve asked you here, is to put a question to you. Now I want you to give me an honest answer, don’t worry about my feelings. “OK fire away.” “If I was your girl and I told you that I’d been a very bad girl, what would you do?” “Well, obviously spank you, but to make sure that you got what you deserved, I’d need to clear a few things up. Are you sure you mean bad, not just naughty, bad gets you a real spanking, naughty a fun spanking. Have you broken faith or trust? These aren’t cured by punishments but by splitting up.” “Yes Paul I’ve been bad, I need to be punished.” ”Are you quite sure, this isn’t a game, if I punish you will know it, and might regret it.”

“Eve, I need to know your offence before I can punish you.” “I have broken several rules that Adam my boy friend gave me. Twice I’ve been to dangerous parts of town on my own, several times I’ve been drunk and I’m rarely in bed by my set time.”

“Well, you have been a bad girl, but I know the cure, stand up, strip,” “but,” “do it girl, NOW!!!” first the sweater, she had no bra, then the skirt; she undid the belt and then the buttons, no knickers. “Adam doesn’t allow me to wear underwear sir.” “OK now take your socks off and face me, hands by your sides, come round to my right and lie over my lap, give me your right hand.” Her arse was everything I thought it was, I rubbed it for a minute, made her open her legs a little, she blushed at that.
Then I started spanking her, solid hard smacks, each cheek from the crest to mid thigh, after fifteen minutes she was kicking quite wildly, but she still hadn’t made a sound, then after I landed three solid ones on each sit spot, she said, “don’t you think that’s enough sir,” “who’s is that decision,” I asked, “yours sir, sorry sir,” “you will be,” and continued to spank, suddenly she stopped kicking and started crying, not before time I thought, my hand is burning. I picked her up off my knee and cuddled her holding her close to my chest; she put her arms round my neck, hiccupped a couple of times and said a bit shakily, “I don’t think Adam ever spanked me that hard with his hand, oh boy, do you know how to spank.” I used my thumbs to wipe away her tears; she gave a little smile, gently released herself from my arms and knelt before me.

“May I thank you for my punishment sir,” I was a little puzzled but I said, “of course,” she undid my belt, opened my fly, and took my penis out. He was as hard as I had ever known, Eve gasped, stared for a moment, then licked the pre-come off, she slowly licked and kissed down the shaft and then suckled my scrotum, returning to the glands she slipped the head into her mouth. Working my testicles with her hands she slowly lowered her head, shuffling her knees backwards she aligned her mouth and throat with my penis and swallowed the entire length, the feeling as the glands went into her throat was amazing, she stayed like that for a moment then start moving her head up and down so her throat was massaging the sensitive part just below the glands. While one hand was playing with my testicles the other was at my anus, this was too much for me, “Eve I’m coming,” she nodded vigorously, increased the pressure of her mouth and hands, I shook and my semen burst forth, it seemed like minutes, however long it was Eve took it all and didn’t spill a drop. When I was once again in a position to take notice, Eve was sitting back on her legs a big smile on her face, she opened her mouth, it was full of my semen, she swallowed, licked her lips and looked very satisfied. That was absolutely amazing.

Eve didn’t realise but that was the first time anyone had swallowed, I was very moved, it seemed like a vote of confidence.

Eve said, “may I undress you.” “Go ahead; I warn you, your punishment isn’t over.” “I know sir,” “what remains?” “I broke a serious rule twice, Adam would beat me severely.” “As I will. You may undress me, and then fetch me your canes.”

Eve undressed me as gracefully as she did everything; every time she turned her back to me I had to admire her beautiful red arse. Running my hands over her so hot bum was very arousing.

Once more my arousal was prominent. Eve looked at me and smiled. “Sir, you like me don’t you.” “I would say that’s fairly obvious.” “Would you like me to deal with that?” “Not yet, you have considerately more pain to suffer, before your receive the benison of this within you. Did I not tell you to fetch your canes?” “Yes sir, sorry sir, right away.”

She went to an almost invisible cupboard next to the fireplace, opened the door, clipped to the door there were six canes of different diameters. Eve looked over her shoulder at me, “bring them all,” she collected all of them, “put them on the table and clear away the coffee thing. Tell me about these canes, starting with the thinnest.” “The girls cane really stings and lights a fire and turns me on no end, a fun cane, the boys cane stings more, I can take fifty or sixty without any real damage, the senior girls cane, is a real punishment cane, thirty or forty and I know I’ve been whipped, the senior boys cane is Adams favourite, thirty with that and I’m sleeping on my tummy for a couple of nights. The penultimate one is the junior penal cane, when I did something really bad I received twelve, I hope never to experience that again, the penal cane, Adam gave me six moderate strokes to taste it, the pain lasted for three days and the welts for more than a week.”

I looked round the room for a good place to cane Eve, espied an ottoman behind an armchair, it looked solidly built. “Help me pull this out,” we pulled it out in front of on of the sofas. “Eve lie lengthways over the ottoman, no that’s not quite right, take two of the seat cushions from the sofa and pile them on the ottoman, now lay down with your chest and belly on the cushions, that’s right, reach down and hold the legs with your hands, now put your feet by the rear legs, that’s perfect. I want you to stay in position, break position and you will earn three extra strokes, do you understand.” “Yes sir.”

“Eve, eighteen strokes,” one, gasp, two, gasp, by time six were taken Eve was breathing hard, I moved round the other side to balance out the strokes, seven, oh, eight, ahh, by the time twelve was reached Eve’s legs were kicking with each stroke, “only six to go, you are doing very well,” thirteen, oh shit, fourteen, fuck, fifteen, oh god , sixteen, jesuuuus, “hang on, the last two will hurt, seventeen hard across her sit spot, her body jerked, I thought she’d let go, she hadn’t, eighteen just below the last one almost as hard as I could, this time she shrieked, but she didn’t let go!!!

Eve was lying there sobbing and moaning, the moaning wasn’t all pain. I raised her to her feet, “girl I’m proud of you, that was very well taken, here let me clean you up.” Eve put her arms ‘round me, “where did you learn to cane like that,” “oh I was trained by an expert, do you have anything to put on your arse to help with the swelling.” “No, I’m beginning to like the way I’m feeling, talking about swelling, I see you still have a problem.” “You could say that, where is your bedroom.” Eve took my hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom, “would you like to shower first,” “no, kneel on the bed, present yourself, hang on. Do you have any rubbers,” she pointed to the bedside table, “in there,” I took out a small handful, these will do for the moment.

I tore the packet open and rolled the rubber on, I tapped Eve’s thighs wider, ran my hand gently over her pussy, she was very wet and her inner labia were protruding, I slid my fingers through her labia, found the entrance and slid a wet finger in, Eve moaned. With my left hand t searched for and found her clitoris, it was already out of its hood and very erect, I slipped another finger into her cervix and start to gently finger fuck her. Meanwhile my left hand was playing with her clitoris stroking and pinching, suddenly Eve gave a great shudder, gushing over my hand her head dropped to the bed and she was still.

After a few minutes Eve lifted her head and looked at me. “Are you ever going to fuck me, or do you intend to play with me all night.” I laughed, slapped her bum hard, “all in good time greedy girl,” “ouch,” was her only response, as she shook it at me.

I stood behind her and slipped my tool between her lips, lubricating the Johnny with her spending, I entered her slowly, she was very tight, and as my hips smacked her arse I reached forward and grasped her breasts. Eve was gasping and sobbing desperately trying to speed me up, but I wasn’t going anywhere. I love simultaneous orgasms, I wanted her to come at the same time as me, taking my left hand off her breast I started playing with her clit, her breath became faster and her body tensed up, I speeded up my strokes, wrapped my left arm ‘round Eve and as she shuddered and shrieked we both came, the force of her orgasm almost drove me out of her, she collapsed onto the bed and I on top of her, after a couple of minutes I remembered my manners, and took my weight on my elbows. We lay there for a few moments recovering our breath, looking at Eve, she had the silliest smile on her face, I took her in my arms and cradling her to my chest lay down, we fell asleep like that.
I awoke in some discomfort, my left arm was asleep, Eve was sleeping on it, we hadn’t moved all night. As I gently tried to move my arm from beneath Eve, her eyelids fluttered and she awoke, looking at me she at first seemed a little puzzled, and then I saw memory return.

“Good morning Paul,” she said as her lips curved up with a sleepy smile. “Good Morning Eve,” I replied, “could you just roll off my arm for a minute, I’m going to have a bad case of pins and needles in a moment.” As she rolled off my arm onto her back, she winced, “you did a good job on my bum last night,” I know, you earned it.” “Mmm was I good last night,” “you were a very good girl,” as I said that I kissed her, she put her arm round my neck and lifted herself to return the kiss, in so doing she rubbed against my morning stiffy, her eyes widened, she slipped her hand under the sheet, “hmm just as I remembered.”
She rolled on top of me, “do you mind if I’m on top, I’m still a little sore,” Kneeling she inserted me into her morning warm pussy, she felt so good. Taking her weight on her hands she started moving her hips, I’ve never been that fond of the cowboy position, I soon rolled her onto her back and we really started fucking, I was playing with her nipples and thrusting hard, with every thrust Eve was wincing, turning her over and raising her onto her knees I entered her from the rear, Eve started playing with her clit as I played with her breasts, Eve came with some vigour I wasn’t quite ready, suddenly realising I didn’t have a rubber on I quickly withdrew, Eve pushed me onto my back and took me in her mouth, two minutes later I came powerfully and Eve swallowed the lot.

I jumped out of bed, “I need the bathroom,” I said, we both made for the bathroom, I waved Eve through, “don’t be silly” she said, there were two basins and two crappers and a big enclosed shower, I stood while she sat, and we made beautiful music together.

We examined her arse, there were clearly defined welts. I’d crossed over a couple of times, Eve looked and whistled, “boy you really do know how to use a cane.” “Yes,” I said bitterly, “I was taught by a master.”

We showered; in all my life I had never known such luxury, as much hot water as we wanted, a huge natural sponge.
 I shampooed her hair and washed her from head to foot, every nook and cranny, she returned the favour and then some. Just as I thought we had finished, Eve looked down at my awakening tool, “pity to waste that,” knelt down and once again took me in her mouth, boy I thought that girl has a taste for cock. She made me hard, opened a rubber and rolled it on, climbed up my body put her arms round my neck and her legs round my hips slid onto me. I fucked her against the wall, this time it took longer, by the time I came my legs were shaking and we both were sweating. We showered off and dried each other.

I dressed, Eve put a house coat on, we went to the kitchen, Eve cooked us lunch, I was starving.

We talked.

Eve said, “Paul will you come back?” “Of course, you are a dream, but understand, I lust you something rotten, but you have a man, whether I can love you or not, I don’t know, if this is enough for you, I’ll come back.”

Before I left Eve asked me to spank her, it wasn’t a hard spanking, she kissed me goodbye and we parted.

 That was the end of the beginning. I saw Eve regularly, Adam informed her when he was returning, her bottom was always unblemished when he returned.

Eve taught me most of what I know about women, Mel used to say that she owed Eve a debt of gratitude, Eve always said that I had a natural talent, I knew better than to argue, but even if I had talent, Eve most certainly honed it.

Adam and I dined together once each visit, after three years Adam was made deputy chairman of his fathers company, shortly after that Adam married Eve, I was an honoured guest.

We were close friends all our married lives.
Adam was my best man and Eve, Mel’s Matron of honour.

Adam died ten years ago after two years of agony; Eve survived him by a mere nine months.


© Paul 2008

Thank you Paul for helping out with Fantasy Friday. Your stories have a very different flair to them and we appreciate each one. I hope other will give us a hand too. Sent any stories you might have to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Thank you PK and Paul. This was a fantastic story Paul, and hot! I hope you are feeling better soon.


  2. Thank you for the story Paul and I hope you are feeling better soon.

    Sorry about the pool covering, but this is writing weekend so focus on that instead. Enjoy

  3. Lovely story Paul. Thank you. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Thanks PK.


  4. Thank you Paul for the lovely story...sending prayers and healing energy for you.

    Hey PK...hope you have a lovely weekend in spite of closing the pool.

    Hugs and Blessings...

  5. Sorry you haven't felt very well, Paul, and I hope you are soon back to normal.

    Your story was great - the style reminded me of the detective stories from the '50s. Most enjoyable.

    Thanks both Paul and PK for such a hot story.