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Friday, April 11, 2014

Fantasy Friday - One Step Forward into a Dream

I was so happy to receive a brand new Fantasy Friday story this past week. I think it was one of the few good things about this week. Grace has written for us before - here is one of her earlier stories. Grace has her own unique style and I love it. I hope everyone enjoys…

One Step Forward into a Dream

“I think you may save me! You would think me damaged if I told this story to you, I would think me damaged! How can I express to you, I don’t know, would you think me wrong?” I continue to stumble through my words “I doubt if my language is sufficient, to try to grasp this, it perplexes me, it’s a contradiction, inside my head is my private place and I only want people in who are invited.” My words drift away meekly as I stare, willing her with my femininity to like me or, hopefully, even more.

She looks at me from the other end of the room, silent. Outside the tall water reeds sway stiffly and ripple in the wind that blows in across the estuary marshes, its travel from the North Sea undisturbed by trees or buildings. The eco house with its glass fronted expanse stands firm against the buffeting of the elements.

I think of the letter I received from my friend in the west, he told me of this person who now stands before me and her strangeness and beauty but his words could never fully explain her to me.

I wait for a reply, a reaction, just an acknowledgement that my emotions are received, my heart pounding as I wait for a connection, will there be one?

The log burner crackles as once again the building shudders from the gale, the soft furniture adding to the feel of the house and the rug covered wooden floors cozy under my bare feet as I stand waiting to see if my journey will continue with this person, so strange, her hair like silk, her dark skin stunning against her white cotton dress, the slenderness of her waist and the curve of her bottom.

I glance down unable to return her gaze any longer in case the answer I think I seek is not returned, not that I am sure what the question is but I will know if this is the answer to my dreams soon enough. Unable to keep myself from gazing at her I look up and she looks at me, her lips curling slightly at the edges, I panic, does she see me as a joke, pathetic in my quest? Finally she speaks to me in a soft warm gentle voice.

“It would be my pleasure” She finishes this statement with a mock courtesy “But I have some questions for you, would you let me in, would you let me get close to you, would you trust me, could you love me?”

I take one step forward as I reply “I am torn apart, I will love you, I think I may have already fallen under your spell” I look down embarrassed “trust I give to none, but maybe you?” I look at her quizzically.

She is staring at me again with her large brown eyes, “What would you say if I said I will do whatever I like, when I like!”

“Is that a question?” I ask?

The silence descends again and I shift my weight slightly and fold my arms.

“No it’s a challenge!”

I take one step forward.

I have to smile, “you read me like a book”

“No” she replies innocently “I am panning for gold, you know what that’s like!”

“Then I will accept the challenge, if you accept me, as I am, slightly damaged but still hanging on in there!”

I take one step forward.

She is looking at me once again with a wicked edge to her lips “We shall see if you are that different from the rest of us shan’t we, we are all a little touched you know! Now what are you going to do about me? Life’s what you make it! Now what do you make of me, can you make me, make me a good girl?”

“Do I want to make you a good girl? I suspect it will be a hell of a lot of fun if you are not!”

“Who says I’m not on my best behaviour anyway” she says with a pout “you see that’s your first lesson, what is good or bad? Its very subjective you know.” She holds me in her unblinking gaze and I am mesmerized. “You know that Venus is in Taurus and in opposition to Jupiter and what that means?”

He warned me of her strangeness and I feel myself dreamily falling under her spell,

“No, not a clue” I reply

“Oh,” she looks surprised and not a little disappointed “Well” she says looking coy and as cute as hell “It means I can do whatever I like and you cant make me so there!” She pokes her tongue out and spins around with her back to me holding her hands behind her against her bottom. She looks over her shoulder at me “So what do you think about that?”

I take one step forward.

Her silhouette is back lit by the sun that momentarily breaks through the grey cloud cover and I am briefly blinded by warm rays, all I can see is the edge of her hair as it scatters the photons and gives her a golden halo of yellow white light. She continues to look straight ahead at the empty landscape with nobody to witness our steps.

I take one step forward.

I am close now, can smell her perfume and long to have it permeate my own skin, to feel her touch, to caress the soft warm skin to feel the mutual sting as my hand makes contact with her soft bottom.

“I cannot dominate you,” I blurt out suddenly without really understanding why except for an overwhelming desire to open myself up to her.

She is looking over her shoulder at me whilst gently swaying her shoulders, “Who said you should, I have already told you I will do whatever I like.”

“What do I have to do, show me please, how do I meet with your sensuality.”

She leans her head to one side as she peeks over her shoulder as if hiding, “I want to share this with you, I want to wriggle the heat away from my bottom, I want you to spank me as I deserve to be, to punish me, I want you to make me, I want you to make me do as I’m told, but I have already said I will do as I want!” She smiles sweetly and looks away.

I take one step forward until I am close enough to grasp her wrist and I pull her around to face me, she is looking up at me with large eyes.

 “Will you trust me, will you let me in?”

I cannot reply, she has me frozen in her eyes, I simply nod.

She tries to move away but I continue to hold her and she obediently bends forward grasping the arm of a chair to steady herself, she straightens her legs which accentuates the gentle curve of her bottom inviting her punishment. She looks at me once again, “and that is the first of many lessons” she says with a reassuring smile which confirms that I have permission to make her a good girl once again.


Grace, thank you so much for coming through for us this week. You are a wonderful writer and I hope you'll send even more. It's been the week from hell around here, I'll catch you up on Sunday. Now if you have a story to share, please send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Hi PK, nice story, sorry you are having a bad week, nice story Grace
    love Jan,xx

  2. Wonderful, interesting story Grace. Thank you PK. Sorry it has been a bit of a rough week. Hope you have a good weekend.


  3. PK,
    sorry to hear about your week, you have my address.
    Grace, your story has a touch of mystery that is positively enticing.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. Grace,

    Agree with Paul. a nice touch of mystery. Enjoyed it, thanks.

    PK, Thank you and sorry to hear about your rough week.


  5. TGIF PK.....and summer break is slowly making its way here.
    Grace....love the tone you set.....very nice.
    hugs abby

  6. Violet1:40 PM

    Thanks for the story Grace! I enjoyed it.

  7. Really nice and unusual story, Grace. Very atmospheric.

    Hope next week improves for you, PK. I know just how it can be at times.


  8. Love this Grace! It almost has an ethereal quality.
    Sorry about the difficult week PK! Hope you get a rest soon!

  9. Another book, what a treat for us congratulations!