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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Survival mode

What a week! Behavior problems at school became, ummm… strange to say the least. We had to deal with problems I’ve not had before in my twenty-five years. I get an eighty minute planning period each day (in theory), but I lose some each day do to meetings. A few of these meetings are constructive, but rarely. Last week I haven’t had one minute of planning time, between parent meetings, discipline issues that could not be put off and totally useless meetings requires by the boss.

On top of everything else my two good partners were both gone on Wednesday and on Thursday we actually had a threat at school that caused us to go into a hard lock down. We were in the lunchroom at the time with 200 students – on the floor, silent. All was well and although there was the potential for a serious problem, it was handled beautifully and soon enough all was well.

I’m totally worn out. I’m even too tired to write in the evenings and that in itself is draining me. Next week there we only go four days and they should be peaceful. Mr. K will be GONE! That in itself make it a good week and one of my old colleagues is subbing for him. I have all my lesson plans done and everything run off. I really think I'm going to make it. Friday will begin ten straight days off!

* I was so disoriented that I put this post up Thursday evening, for a moment, totally forgetting about Fantasy Friday - I guess it just seemed like the week would never really end. But I did realize in time and got FF up, you can find it here. Friday was peaceful, thankfully, and that evening I we went to see Mollie and took she and her roommate to dinner.

Some of my friends here will be happy to know that later that evening she went out to a bar to party with her friends (and even got a drink). Mollie has mentioned a boy she likes. She has never dates and I don't know why. Those who have seen pictures with tell you she is a looker. This is the first boy she has ever mentioned by name - and mentioned several time. Though I'm dying to pump her for every scrap of information I am showing great restraint and merely perking up my ears when he is mentioned. She texted me last night to say she'd planned to stay in, but her room mate and her boyfriend were going out and some other people and Max.  And Max, hmmm… I think that was the deciding factor.

Stay tuned for more breaking news.


  1. Counting the days along with you for your vacation...well deserved I would say. :-) Hugs

    1. Thanks Terps, it's going to feel great.

  2. PK,
    sorry to hear about you rough week, hopefully things will improve after Easter.
    Can you afford a Hit man. LOL!
    Mollie is indeed a looker.
    Love and warm hugs,

    1. I'm just going to enjoy Mr. K being gone. Instead of a hit man I'll just continue to dream of retirement.

  3. Great news about Mollie.

    sorry about the week that was and happy for the week that is. 4 days and counting.

    1. I was happy for Mollie too. Yep, four to go.

  4. Not sure why I missed this post. Only a couple of days left.

    Good news about Mollie and she certainly is gorgeous.