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Friday, December 20, 2013

Fantasy Friday, Safe in Her Arms

Oh boy is this a happy Friday! At noon today I’m a free woman until next year.  I’m happy about that and there is something else I’m happy about. This week I received three brand new Fantasy Friday stories! I love to be able to bring these to you. Today’s story is by Grace Mere. Here is what she told me about herself.

I am in a long term relationship with a male partner, I have a leaning to the more esoteric side of life and two things happened to me when I had my first session of hypnotherapy, I realized that I had to start accepting my kink which has been with me all of my life and I had an insatiable desire to write a story, which was strange! Both of these things have come to fruition because of Fantasy Friday.

Grace, I’ve very glad you gave into that desire. Everyone, please enjoy…

 Safe in Her Arms
Grace Mere

The two of them, an item, found themselves taking refuge in each others company, to escape from being lost in the wild wild seas of everyday life that perplexed the rest of humanity. But in isolation there can be great pleasure and so we pick up their love story and enter that secret place that couples go to when they dissolve themselves into a silent secret world created and inhabited by only themselves.

“Come on be quick or it will be even more prolonged than I am planning it to be!”

“I, I’m sorry” she said as she franticly fiddled with the buttons on her dress. She was younger than her, only by a year but it was an unwritten understanding that the older woman was in charge and that was how she wanted it to be, a mutual agreement by two people, very much in love and completely dissolved in the others presence. There was a silent, unspoken and almost spiritual understanding between them that even though they were both adult women of a similar age the youngest would always be treated as “the girl.” It formed a part of their relationship, an understanding of each other’s needs and desires, buried so deep that only true Love, affection and trust shone a light into the depths of their souls and it was this power that bound their secret selves together in an indestructible bond of Love.

The older woman enclosed her hands around the girl’s trembling hands and looked at her kindly.

“It’s ok, take your time, it will be all right, we have all the time in the world”

The younger woman continued with her button battle and eventually succeeded in disrobing herself of the garment.

“What else would you like me to take off?” she said with a faint smile and a small tilt of her head as she looked up from under the fringe of her hair. She knew how to tease, she knew all of the older woman’s buttons and how to manipulate and she relished the sexual, sensual dance.
The older woman recognized the moves straight away, knew that look, she had seen it many times before, it had attracted them together when they had first met, they were magnets, entangled, entwined straight away and the bond was still just as strong as ever.

“I know that look young lady and the outcome is still going to be the same!”

The younger woman sighed at this statement but she was tingling with excitement never the less and felt vulnerable, naughty and as hot as hell, all at the same time. She always did when she was referred to as young lady, the older woman being just as versed in manipulating her feelings as well.

“Right stand up, and get across my knee”

The young woman stood up and moved herself closer to her seated partner until she was standing in front of her and clasped her hands in front of her. She draped herself over the other woman’s knees. She immediately felt the woman’s hand placed firmly on the small of her back and felt once again that familiar feeling of total surrender, she was hers to do with as she saw fit and knew with complete trust that she was once again in a safe place, protected and loved.
The older woman gazed down at the young woman’s bottom encased in black cotton knickers, the plumpness of her cheeks just showing at the edges.

 “Ok” she said breathlessly and quietly hardly able to contain her excitement, lets have you over slightly more. The younger woman immediately obeyed and repositioned herself further across her knees. This had the effect of raising her bottom slightly, which was the intention. With slightly trembling hands the older woman pulled gently at the waistband of her knickers to tighten them around her bottom and to expose a little more of her cheeks.

“Now then, do you agree that you deserve to be spanked for as long and hard as I decide is suitable and desirable?”

“Yes Miss” The younger woman replied, she turned her head slightly to look up at her from her bent position and said in a very quiet small voice, “I know you will spank me for as long as you think I need to be punished and you know I will always do as I am told and I will always surrender to your wishes but please don’t be cross with me if I don’t always meet with your approval.”

The older woman briefly stroked the girls face and said with a smile and the faint tingle of tears in her eyes,

“You are precious to me and you can never disappoint and I only punish you because I love you, and because I want to, and because you love to be spanked, and the list goes on!”

They both giggled at the honesty as real life briefly broke through the fantasy.

Sensing that no further words were necessary the younger woman starred down at the floor and concentrated on being a good girl and staying still whilst her bottom was punished.

The slaps started steadily and gently at first, first one cheek and then the other and then steadily all over from the backs of her legs to the top of her bottom and around each side as well so the whole of her bottom was gradually turning red and stinging. Her thin cotton knickers not offering much protection but she really didn’t care because she was already in a different place, a closer place to her lover, completely closer to her than in the everyday world. The sound of the slapping filled her ears completely and was only interrupted by the occasional involuntary ooh and aah that she couldn’t always stop from passing her lips, she was also very aware of her breathing which had greatly increased in-between grimacing when her partners hand made contact with her bottom particularly hard.

The older woman’s hand was beginning to sting as she watched mesmerized by the reddening cheeks of her lover’s bottom which seemed to be constantly moving, writhing and jiggling. She seemed to concentrate on the parts of her bottom not covered by her knickers only to remind herself that the whole of her bottom needed her loving attention. And so she methodically made sure that she moved the slaps around so every inch was covered. She occasionally stopped to gently caress her cheeks and to run her hands between her partner’s legs, which she could feel was already very damp, this always brought a small moan from beneath the tousled hair that hung down to the floor.

Eventually when her hand could take no more she decided it would sting her less at least if she was making contact with bare flesh and so she carefully grasped the waist band of the black knickers and slid them over the by now very red rounded bottom of her partner. The younger woman lifted her bottom to assist in the removal of her knickers, as any well-behaved girl being spanked would do.
The spanking continued in earnest now and she was surprised to see that the bottom was just as red underneath the knickers. The increased pace of the spanking was bringing even more yelps and ouches from somewhere near the floor as the older woman’s hand bounced off the wobbling buttocks of the younger woman. She concentrated on one area until she could tell that that the younger woman could take no more before moving onto another area to target. The area where the buttocks meet the tops of the thighs was a favourite spot and seemed to get the most reaction with the yelps interspersed with soft moans, she knew that she was close to orgasm and with another few smacks the person she loved draped over her knees stiffened and let out a high pitched cry,

"Oh my, oh my god please, please hold me."

The older woman grabbed the younger woman’s hand and held it tight as she brought her other hand down hard across the younger woman’s bouncing bottom in time with her convulsions.

Both women were left panting for breath and the younger just draped lifeless across her knees. Slowly she slid herself from over her knees and climbed onto the older woman’s lap. She pulled her knees up to her chest pausing to discard her knickers, which had slipped down to her ankles, laid her head against her lovers chest and curled up.

“Please hold me.” She said through tears and sobs. “ Please, please hold me and never let me go.”

The older woman held her tightly to her and softly kissed her hair whilst wiping the tears away that dropped down onto her cheeks.

“Of course I will, you are safe now, nobody can harm us, nobody can judge, I love you my darling!”

She could feel the burning heat from the younger woman’s bottom through her skirt and the wetness dripping from between her legs slowly joining her own.

The girl curled up further into her arms and rested her head against her lovers neck.

The older woman relaxed back into the chair whilst she continued to cradle the young woman in her arms “I think,” she said briefly kissing her head, “that its time for you to be in bed young lady.”

Grace, thank you so much for sharing with us. I really hope you keep that urge to write and that we’ll hear from you again.  I’m really happy for this story and the other two new one I got, but I always need more. I hope you’re thinking of writing and if you do please send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Wonderful story Grace, I really enjoyed this. The love between them shines through the story, very sweet and sensual.

    PK, thank you for brining us another great story. Glad to hear you have received some other new stores as well. Hooray for the start of Christmas break! I'm working through till Christmas Eve.


  2. Thanks you Grace for joining the ranks of FF writers. Nice story and hope to hear from you again.

    Thanks PK

  3. Wonderful loving story Grace. I enjoyed the interaction between the two. Even though they understood each other on one level, that tension was still present!

    PK thanks for always working hard to continue FF!!

  4. Grace,

    Thanks for a lovely story. I hope you write more for us.

    Thanks PK.


  5. Thank you for such a lovely, loving story Grace.

    Thank you PK for all your hard work in continuing to bring us FF.

    Hope you have a great and revitalizing break from school! :D


  6. Grace,
    what a beautiful story, thank you.
    Hi PK, remember me?
    Love and warm hugs,