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Friday, July 05, 2013

Fantasy Friday revisited - Watch Your Mouth

We need continued prayers in blogland that the people we love find healing and peace.

Friday has rolled around again. I don't have a new story for you, but several of you mentioned you liked Cathy's stories and since she has written this one and one more I thought I'd go ahead and post it again. Cathy's stories really, really appeal to me. They are simple, but heartfelt.

Please enjoy...

Watch Your Mouth

I decided to write about when me and Dennis first started dating. He went to my church but back then he seemed a lot older. Really it’s less than 4 years. In high school everyone liked Dennis. He was good looking. He played football and he drove a real nice truck. Even the teachers liked him. I figured he didn’t even know I was alive but not long after I turned 16 he asked me to the movies. We dated pretty regular after that.

I had a pretty bad temper back then and once when Dennis came to pick me up after school I was in a cuss fight with this girl in the parking lot. He pulled up beside us and told me to get in the truck. I told him I would after I kicked that b***h in the butt. He got out, didn’t say a word, and picked me up and sat me in the truck. All the people standing around watching the fight were laughing at me and I was real mad at Dennis. As we drove off I started cussin and fussing at him.

He didn’t say anything for a while and then he pulled over. He just talked to me but he said that I sounded like trash when I talked that way. It hurt my feelings real bad. He said he hated cussing. He said when he was little his daddy cussed him and his brothers a lot and even his mom. One day when Dennis was about 15 he came in the house and his daddy was saying really mean ugly things to his mama. Dennis got between them and told his daddy he had to stop. His daddy got real mad at him then and took off his belt to whip Dennis. Dennis was bigger than his daddy even then. But Dennis told him, You can whip me if you want to but that’s my mama and you ain’t never cussin her again. Do you know his daddy stopped? He started crying right then and there and he’s been a changed man ever since. Me and Dennis have been together a long time and I have never once heard his daddy cuss anybody.

Dennis told me that story sitting there in the truck that day and told me he didn’t ever want to hear me cuss again. He said if he did he’d whip my butt. I didn’t think he was serious about that part but I did decide to watch my mouth when he was around. But a few months later about the same thing happened. I’d gone to the movies with my little sister and some stupid old girl said something about her when we were coming out and I got really mad. There was a little pushing and shoving and a whole lot of cussin. Dennis was out in the parking lot to pick us up and he heard everything. He was mad and when he told us to get in the truck I didn’t say anymore, we just got in.

He dropped my sister off at the house and told her to tell mama I’d be home later. He hadn’t said nothing to me. Then he drove to this cabin he’d been fixing up. As soon as we got inside he said, I told you I’d whip your butt if you talked like that again. Then he put me over his knee and spanked me hard. Dennis is a really big man. His hand is near as big as a dinner plate. Seemed like he spanked me for a really long time, I was crying and telling him I was sorry and that I wouldn’t do in any more.

He still took his time. When he was done he went over to his big chair and held me in his lap while I cried. I was crying because I was hurting but also because I was embarrassed. I hadn’t been spanked too much growing up. Mama would switch us once and a while but being put over Dennis’ lap like that and how much I really liked him well I was just embarrassed.

He just let me sit there and cry for a long time while he rubbed my back. Then he started talking and telling me I was too good a person to talk like that. He said he wouldn’t want his wife or the mother of his children to talk that way. It wasn’t exactly a proposal but it sure got my attention. I don’t cuss any more, not even when I’m mad. If I did I’m guessing Dennis would handle it about the same way but that’s not why I stopped. I stopped because Dennis wanted me to and I love him.


Cathy, I really do thank you for sharing your stories with us. I hope you will continue. I hope everyone reading will try to write a story of their own and send it in. You can send it to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. I do love the way you write Cathy. I hope you will share more of your stories with us.

    Thanks PK.

  2. aw this was super sweet to read. thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for sharing this PK.

    Cathy, I too love the way you write and hope you will share more with us. This was wonderful to read, heartfelt and sweet.


  4. Cathy, I agree with others, like the way you write and hope you will send PK more stories. Thank you.

    Thanks PK.


  5. I also enjoy your stories Cathy. Please write for us again.

    PK thanks again.

  6. Oh lovely story Cathy, keep writing for us please
    love Jan.

  7. Great story Cathy, you are going to finish this now aren't you?


  8. Cathy,
    a good lesson, well learnt.
    Hi PK.
    Love and warm hugs.

  9. I enjoyed that story and look forward to more! Thank you Cathy and PK.

  10. Cathy, I enjoyed your stories too and would like to hear more, except that for you to have a lot more stories would mean you got into lots of trouble. Not that that is a bad thing. ;-)

  11. Sweet story Cathy. Would love to read more.

    Thanks again PK.

    Hugs and Blessings,

  12. PK, I'm still praying. May God watch over or friends and families, and bring them the peace, love, strength and healing they need. Hugs to you.

    Cathy, this was a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing. Hugs to you, too.