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Friday, July 19, 2013

Fantasy Friday - The Flu Shot

Happy Friday everyone. I know I haven't been around much lately, well I have been around, but I think  I'm turning into a lurker.  I'm still nursing the cat. I have blogging thought rolling around in my head, but I need to roll them around a bit longer.  

I have several new Fantasy Friday stories coming. For those of you helping, thank you so much. I really do want to keep new stories coming to you every Friday.  Today's story comes from Toralei, but other than the name this fine writer prefers to remain anonymous. Not a problem - we just appreciate you sending a story.

Please enjoy...

The Flu Shot

Last night had been wonderful. Gwen felt a new found energy and she had a spring in her step this morning because of it. She felt like everything was right again; that she could do nothing wrong today. Everything was going to go right today and the day’s events would bend in her favor. Gwen felt so good that she might even take a chance and play the lottery today. Maybe.

It was Friday, too. The weekend was ahead and she looked forward to relaxing and taking a bit of time for herself. No worries were in sight. Gwen just had to make it through the work day, stay out of the way of her assistant manager and she would be home free.

As the day progressed, though, she found that no matter how hard she tried to avoid her assistant manager, the woman would not leave her be. Ms. Crawford seemed to always be nagging Gwen about something. “Why did you put this entry through? Now you have messed up my ledger account for my expenses! What possessed you to do such an imbecilic thing? Did I not tell you what kind of entry to do in writing? Can you not follow instructions?”

Gwen pursed her lips as hard as she could to avoid having her mouth open and having a cascade of smart-aleck comebacks fall out. Not again, please! Control yourself! Just take it! The day is half over and then you will be free, Gwen thought to herself. “I am sorry, Ms. Crawford. I guess I just misunderstood the email you sent me regarding the entry. You didn’t say whether to do a debt or a credit. I guess I should have asked.” Gwen said repentantly. 

“No excuse! This has happened too many times for my liking. I am going to write you up for this one. Yes, I think that will get you attention.” Ms. Crawford snapped back. Oh my God! No! Gwen told herself. That would make six write-ups in a month! I would get a public spanking for this offense! Maybe, Ms. Crawford forgot. She hasn’t mentioned that. I will remain calm and see if she will change her mind. It should work. I really didn’t do this on purpose this time to aggravate her and the day started off so well. I feel lucky today. 

Gwen at this point bit down on her tongue and forced herself to speak with the utmost sincerity in her voice. “Yes, Ms. Crawford. I will fix the entry.” Gwen replied sadly.

Ms. Crawford was taken aback by the sudden change in attitude from Gwen. Gwen always had bantered back and forth with her before. She had always argued her case. What had happened? Was she finally getting through to Gwen and gaining her respect? Maybe, I should ease up a bit here. Not get hasty with her. I think I may have been too harsh with my words. Ms. Crawford cleared her throat and spoke authoritatively, but more calmly. “That is fine. I expect that you will fix it. I have no doubt about that. I will hold off on writing you up about this, this time.” Ms. Crawford caught herself slipping towards being sympathetic again toward Gwen. “But onlybecause I feel your attitude has changed.” Ms. Crawford interjected quickly. Gwen breathe a sigh of relief and smiled at Ms. Crawford. “Thank you, Ms. Crawford. You won’t regret it.” Ms. Crawford chuckled slightly, but then caught herself again. “Ok then. Yes, make sure of that, Gwen. Next time I will not be so lenient. Luckily you caught me on a good day.” “Back to work now”, she said waving her hand in the direction of Gwen’s desk. “Yes, Ma’am”, Gwen replied and then turned to walk back to her station.

Now all this had gone on in front of the watchful eyes of everyone in the office; Mr. Flack and Trina in particular. Everyone else had heard the conversation and had gone on with their business, but they still all had their attention geared toward that end of the office. They strained to hear every word as much as possible. Everyone enjoyed the power exchange that usually went on between Ms. Crawford and Gwen. It made them giggle to themselves as they always knew Gwen would get herself into trouble somehow. They always looked forward to hearing her get punished and they always loved how wittingly Gwen got to that point.
Yes, but what happened this time? Had Gwen lost her touch? Was she sick or something and not up to the challenge? Trina, Gwen’s cohort in many a prank, had to find out and quickly. Trina walked over to Gwen’s desk and sat on the corner of Gwen’s desk pretending to show her some reports and asking her to assess the damage. When the coast was clear, Trina changed the subject.

“What happened with you over there just now?” Trina whispered. “What? What do you mean?” Gwen surprisingly asked. “Come on. What are you up to? Tell me.” “Nothing… Nothing at all…really.” Gwen innocently answered back. “Are you telling me you are going to let Ms. Crawfish get away with talking to you like that in front of the whole office? No revenge prank in sight? Trina said surprised at the thought. “What? Oh that.” Gwen giggled. “I am just trying to make it to the weekend without getting into any more trouble, Trina. I think I have had my share of trouble this week and I just want to relax a bit. Is that ok with you?”

“Oh……wait! No! That is not ok with me. You have to do something. You can’t let her get away with that. If she starts getting away with that with you, she will think it is ok to do to all of us. You wouldn’t want that now would you?” Trina said incitingly. “No. No. Of course not”, Gwen said guilty. “You are right. What was I thinking?” Gwen sighed. “Wait! No way, Trina. You are not going to make me feel guilty about this. I don’t want any more trouble.” Gwen volleyed back. “Ok, but I know something you don’t know.” Trina said teasingly. “What?” Gwen said back. “Well, Ms. Crawfish will get a public spanking if one of us does something prankish again. Come on Gwen. You are the only one that is bold enough to pull something like this off. Everyone else is too afraid, including me. Please, Gwen?” Trina said begging. Gwen pondered this for a bit with arms crossed. It would be nice to see Ms. Crawfish, I mean Ms. Crawford, get hers and see how she likes being publicly spanked for a change. “Ok. I will do it. I will think of something. I always do. You owe me a dinner for this, Trina.” Gwen said excitedly. “A dinner? Ok. Yeah. Sure. That sounds fair.” Trina said agreeing.

Just then Gwen saw Ms. Crawford heading in her direction and shooed Trina away from her desk. Ms. Crawford handed Gwen a piece of paper and instructed her to post it on the employee bulletin board. With that, Ms. Crawford headed toward Mr. Flack’s office, knocked on his door and entered into his office.

“You wanted to see me Mr. Flack?”

“Yes, Ms. Crawford. Have a seat.”

Ms. Crawford sat down in one of the chairs situated in front of Mr. Flack’s desk.
“I noticed that Gwen has five write-ups so far this month. I over-heard that you were going to write her up again, but decided not to. Do you think that was prudent of you? We haven’t had a public spanking in this office for quite some time. I think that may have been unwise. We have to keep our employees on their toes every once in a while and I think that you should reassess your decision.” 

“I didn’t realize that that would have been Gwen’s sixth write-up. I am sorry. I had lost track, Mr. Flack. I think I made the right decision, though. Gwen’s attitude has changed all of a sudden and I didn’t want to punish her for that. I think I made the correct decision here. You will see. I have a good feeling about it this time.”

“Is that so? Hmmm….well alright. I will trust your judgement on this, but let me just remind you. You are up to five write-ups yourself this month, mostly from what Gwen has done. The next time someone does any pranks or screws up around here this month, you are getting a public spanking. I will not be as lenient as you were just now with Gwen. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, Sir. Gosh. Really. I am up to five myself. I hadn’t realized that either. I am sure we are all going to make it to the end of the month without any more trouble happening.”

“We shall see. I would like to discuss this report with you now.”

Gwen sat at her desk looking over the memo that Ms. Crawford gave her to post on the employee bulletin board. Hmmm…it’s just a memo about flu shots being given this Monday here after work by a physician in meeting room C. I never get a flu shot, but the rest of the staff does. Ha ha…it would be funny if the doctor gave all of them the flu shot in the butt instead of the arm. That would be quite a sight. Wait…that is a great idea. A great prank. Hmmm…I know this doctor. We dated a while ago. I wonder…

At lunch Gwen decided to call Tim on her cell phone and find out if he would be willingly to give the flu shots to Ms. Crawford and Mr. Flack in the butt instead of the arm. Tim reluctantly agreed, but only if Gwen would go out on a dinner date with him and later let him cane her at his house. Gwen agreed as long as it wasn’t until two weeks after the deed was done. She had still not recuperated fully from the last spanking she had and felt sure she needed that much more time to heal.

The weekend was beautiful. Gwen got all her errands and chores done on Saturday much to George’s chagrin. George wondered why the sudden turn-around in Gwen’s habits and contemplated spanking Gwen just because, but he decided to wait it out and see what happened. He thought something was up, but wanted the scenario to play out and see if something more substantial could be afforded to this new behavior of Gwen’s.  George would wait it out.

Gwen even had time to sit lazily by the pool on Sunday and read a spanking book called “A Maid For All Seasons”, Volumes 1 & 2, Deluxe Revised Edition, by Devlin O’Neill. It was extremely delightful for Gwen to squirm most of the day on her chaise lounge, as the bright sunlight reflected off the pool water; it’s warmth caressing her skin. Goose bumps bloomed every once in the while from Gwen’s skin as she shivered from the combination of both sensations. This made her smile gratefully.

Monday afternoon came quickly as everyone was busy with tying up loose ends for the end of the month reports due by midweek. Gwen had almost forgotten about the prank until Tim came strolling by her desk to say hello. She winked back at Tim as he proceeded to walk toward meeting room C and was to begin his administering of flu shots to the employees.

The line of sight for Gwen was perfect. She could see each employee come in and out of meeting room C from her desk. It made her giddy with anticipation waiting for Ms. Crawford and Mr. Flack to take their turn in the procession. At last, she saw Ms. Crawford enter. Gwen thought she heard a slight scream from the room and looked up from her computer.

Moments later Ms. Crawford exited rubbing her bottom. There was a slight trace of discomfort in her steps and as she passed Gwen’s desk, Gwen noticed there was a slight blush in Ms. Crawford’s face. Gwen turned away to suppress the giggle that tickled her throat and she coughed to hide the sound.

Next, Mr. Flack entered the meeting room. For some reason, Mr. Flack did not exit as quickly as the others and Gwen thought it odd. Ten minutes passed until finally the meeting room door flung open. Mr. Flack called across the room for Ms. Crawford to join him and Tim in the meeting room. Uh oh! What could that be all about? Gwen nervously shifted in her chair and looked up at the clock to see if maybe she could leave for home yet. No such luck. It was only four o’clock. Darn it!

Gwen couldn’t concentrate on her work. What could they be talking about so long? God, I hope Tim didn’t say anything about the prank! If he did, I am dead! Suddenly the meeting room door flung open again and out stepped Tim, Mr. Flack and Ms. Crawford. They were all headed for Gwen’s desk. Crap!

Tim took Gwen by the arm, lifted her off her chair and pushed her face first onto her desk. Holding Gwen down with one hand on her back, he then quickly took out a syringe with a huge needle from his bag, lifted Gwen’s skirt, pulled down her panties and gave her a flu shot in her buttocks. “Nice garter belt and stocking by the way!" Tim smartly said. All this was done so quickly Gwen had no time to react to the circumstance. 

“Ooowww!” Gwen finally replied, but it was too late. She quickly pulled up her panties and brought down her skirt. A look of shock spread over Gwen’s face as she rubbed the painful spot on her right globe. 

“Well, Gwen it was nice seeing you again. Have fun. See you in two weeks my lovely.” Without giving Gwen a chance to reply, Tim gathered his bag, flew out of the office and left. Gwen turned her sights back toward the front of her desk. Mr. Flack and Ms. Crawford stood there with their arms crossed, their faces a little pink and looking like they were about to explode.

Mr. Flack spoke calmly, surprisingly to Gwen. “Well, Gwen. This is the last straw. Tim told me what you have done after I protested vehemently about getting my flu shot in my buttocks. I told him I would have his license revoked if he did not tell me who told him it was ok to give flu shots to the employees in such a manner. That’s when he spilled the beans, young lady. You are so in for it now! Get ready, because you are getting written up for this and that means you are getting a public spanking. Now! That said, Mr. Flack walked back into his office.

Now, it was Ms. Crawford’s turn. Gwen absent-mindedly went to sit down on her chair and shot straight back up in pain. “Whoa! Ow!” Gwen spewed out. “Well, serves you right. Now we both are in for it. Let’s go. Come on.” Ms. Crawford said rubbing her right side of her buttocks.

Gwen followed Ms. Crawford into the big conference room. It was more like a lecture room with a platform and seating you would see in a very small theatre. On the platform were two straight back chairs, a small table that came up to Gwen's waist and a lectern.  Ms. Crawford and Gwen walked up onto the platform. Taking Gwen by the arm, Ms. Crawford pulled her toward the back wall of the platform and instructed her to pull up her skirt, tuck the skirt up into itself, lower her panties and face the back wall with her hands on her head.

It wasn’t until that point that Gwen suddenly began to recover from the shock of all that had just transpired and she mildly protested and argued about the situation. Ms. Crawford sighed and decided not to answer back to Gwen’s fussing. Instead she took the same position and appearance beside Gwen. Where did I go wrong? I should have known that Tim would squeal. I knew there was a reason I broke up with him a while ago. He is such a tattletale. Gwen laid her forehead on the wall and banged her head against it softly a few times. The coolness of the wall felt good to her and she kept it there for comfort.

Meanwhile, Mr. Flack had told the staff to begin assembling in the big conference room. One by one the employees took their seats and whispered among each other, sharing bits of information with each other as to what had transpired. Gwen could hear the giggling and whispers and dared not turn to look in that direction. She was too embarrassed and she shifted over a little to find another cool spot on the wall to put out the heat of the flush on her face.

Mr. Flack then entered the room brandishing a wooden paddle. He stepped up onto the platform and approached the lectern. He grabbed the microphone, turned it on and began to speak. “As all of you know, we have had too many infractions in this office as of late. These two employees have gone above and beyond their quotas of it and my patience. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated to this extent while I am in charge. A public spanking is in order and I hope this will deter anyone else from reaching their limit with me.”

With his lecture finished, Mr. Flack walks over to the table situated in the middle of the platform and instructs Gwen to walk over and bend over the table. Gwen pulls up her panties and complies with Mr. Flack’s instructions. She bends over the table with her body parallel to the audience. Gwen then spreads her arms to clutch the legs of the table closest to her. Mr. Flack at that moment pulls down Gwen panties and they drop to her ankles as she lets out a moan of contriteness.

Before he begins, he tells Gwen why she is being punished and tells her that he expects her to improve her behavior expeditiously. The spanking begins with the paddle. What no warm up? This is way beyond what I deserve. Crraapp! He hit the spot where I just got the flu shhoott!!! Gwen winces in extreme pain as she moves forward on the table and almost topples over, but she grips the legs of the table more firmly to prevent her forward movement. She then starts breathing heavily through her mouth trying to whoosh away the ache of the critical impact. 

A tear from each of her eyes is pushed out as she closes her eyes more tightly.  Gwen, though, doesn’t dare complain as she has been through this before. She knows any protest would mean more whacks and they would be more severe. Twenty-two. Twenty-three. God! How many more? He didn’t specify a number. Thirty. Maybe I should ow some. Then he might realize the severity of it all and know he is getting his message across. It’s worth a trryyyy….

“Oowwww! Mr. Flack, I will do better I promiissee! I apologize!” Gwen tries her best to say clearly enough. “Thank you, but I want to make sure your apology is sincere and that your promise will be kept. I will decide when you are to that point.” Mr. Flack says relishing his duty. Forty-one. Forty-two. Damn! Well, I trrieedd!

The paddling stops at seventy-one. Gwen’s shoulders relax and she lets go of the legs of the table. She opens her eyes and a gush of trapped tears fall to the floor. Mr. Flack orders Gwen to stand up, which she does slowly, but she pulls down her skirt quickly to avoid further embarrassment. Gwen then pulls her panties back in place with her back to the audience. Mr. Flack then asks Bill to escort Gwen out of the room and make sure she is packed up and put in her car. The working day is over for her.

Gwen makes it home and opens the door to her house. George is there waiting for her. Mr. Flack had called him and told him the whole story. He informs Gwen of this and she falls into his arms. “Please, George. Don’t spank me for this. I have learned my lesson. I don’t need any more spankings.” Gwen sobs into George’s broad chest. George squeezes Gwen tight and assures her that he is not going to spank her for this. He tells her he is here to console her and comfort her. He wipes her tears away and leads her up to their bathroom. Lit candles surround the sunken bathtub and he orders Gwen to take off her clothes and get into the tub. 

“I will finish making dinner. We will have a nice chat while we eat and then I will give you a full body massage.” George says almost whispering. He puts Gwen's head in his hands and kisses her gently on the forehead. “Ok now, sweetie. I have put my special herbal remedy for sore bottoms in the tub and I have put the super deluxe bath cushion I made for you in there also.” George assures her sweetly. Gwen looks up at him, smiles thankfully and steals another hug before George leaves her alone to undress.

Thinking over the turn of events of the day, Gwen promises herself she will no longer get herself into anything like that again. Yes, I will turn over a new leaf. It will be different this time. I can do it. How hard can it be to stay out of trouble? These flights of prankiness have to stop sometime. Why not start now? Just wait. Everyone will see how good I can be. That Trina! I am not listening to her goads anymore. I am not going to let my need for that type of excitement get the best of me anymore. Being good can be exciting, too. I am sure of it. Ah! Who am I kidding? If I can keep it down to a minimal dosage I will be lucky, but I will try. Sigh…..

Gwen will be good until the next rumbling of naughtiness and restlessness that stirs in the back of her mind. She is a mischief addict and there is only one way to curb that temporarily. Unfortunately, they haven’t found a cure for it yet. She will be good until the next fit of withdrawal. As Gwen sits there in the tub, the moon comes into view through the skylight and the moonlight beams down on her face making her look angelic to the unsuspecting eye. But we all know better than that. Don’t we?     

Toralei, out thanks again for your story. I think we'll be hearing more from her.  And now it time for my traditional begging for more stories. If you have ever thought of trying a story, you have a perfect place here to share it - and a very non-judgemental audience. Send your stories to elisspeaks@yahoo.com


  1. Toralei, I applaud everyone who tries their hands at writing, and has the courage to put their stories up for public view. This was a creative scenario, a bit sci-fi flavored. Perhaps a themed group scene set in an alternate, spank-friendly universe?

    Speaking of public view - I'm a chicken. I was horrified imagining myself in Gwen's place at the table, being spanked in front of co-workers. Umm... Then, I thought it might be kind of cool to be in the audience. Not sure what that says of me - voyeur but not blatant exhibitionist? Chicken. Definitely.

    Thanks, PK, for hosting another writer for FF. (I know, I know - thank you with a story. I would if I could. There just aren't any stories rattling around in my head trying to be heard. Sigh.)


  2. Toralei, what a wonderful and creative story. I really enjoyed this, thank you. a public spanking in front of co-workers ... yikes!

    PK. thank you for hosting another ff.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  3. Toralei,
    great story, more please.
    Waves at PK and gives her his usual,
    love and warm hugs,

  4. Thanks PK and Toralei for another FF story.

  5. Great story, gotta love Gwen

  6. Toralei, what a great story - very inventive! I have to tell you a secret - I always have flu jabs in my butt. There is more flesh there and it doesn't hurt as much and in my arm. Wouldn't like a public spanking though. One step too far. Oh my goodness!

    Thanks PK!



  7. Does anyone wish they had more time to comment? Please raise your hand, then!

    Thank you all for your kind comments. It is nice to have one's writing be appreciated so.

    Irishey,I have never tried the genre of sci-fi yet. If I could get past the character of Ellen Ripley taken up residency in my brain, perhaps I could write a sci-fi spanking story in the future. Ellen is not the type to be spanked in my mind, ya know.

    Truth be told, this story is more close to the truth than one would imagine. It turns out that, given the option of saying no, I am a chicken also. The best stories are the ones that are somewhat based on truth with a mighty helping of fantasy to complete the meal. :)

    Roz, I agree. Yikes! is one of many correct interjections here. That fantasy will never be realized. Perhaps that is why it is one of the storylines I write about. :)

    Paul, I will submit more of my stories to PK to quell your hunger then. :)

    Sunnygirl, you are welcome. :)

    Blondie, Gwen is incorrigible but she has a philanthropic spanky heart. ;)

    Ami, thank you very much indeed. Ms. Crawford didn't seem to object to the placement either, until Tim used that over-sized needle on her! Does this mean you will think of my story when next you get the flu shot? ;)

    These stories are like my children. It is hard and scary to let go of them, but I have held them protectively close to me long enough and it is time to let them see the world and for the world to see them.

    The people who visit this place are very lovely people and I thank you all again.

    A special thank you to PK for taking the time to post my stories and for allowing me the happiness to share with all of you.

    Hugs. :)


  8. Toralie,

    I really enjoyed your story. Thank you. I hope you write more for us.

    Thanks PK.


  9. Hey Toralei...thank you for such a creative story. I really enjoyed it! Oh good gravy...a public spanking in front of co-workers?!?

    Hey PK...thanks you for hosting another FF!