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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wrapping up the weekend and more Cassie information

It’s been an interesting few days for me.  We had our annual LOL Day.  I wasn’t here for all of it, but I got around some and was so pleased to hear from so many.  Then I particularly enjoyed Ana’s Fantasy Friday story about Kat, Natalie and Cassie meeting. And then Ana was kind enough to invite me for Fika yesterday.  I feel like it’s been a full weekend and then some.
Yesterday in answering some author question I posted pictures of my view of Cassie and Tom.  The picture of Cassie is right on in my mind, but where I’ve always been able to see Tom in my mind, I haven’t found the perfect picture for him.
I can, however, tell you why Richard Crenna is so close.  Do any of you remember the TV show ‘Judging Amy’?  It was a show that Mollie and I enjoyed watching together.  Mollie was always interested in the story line involving Amy and her daughter where I was only interested in Maxine, Amy’s mother’s story line.
In one of the last few seasons Maxine fall in love with a beautiful man played by Richard Crenna.  It was a love story I followed with passion.  I really, really wanted them to work out.  I was getting my way, he proposed, Maxine accepted and the wedding was planned.  Then Richard Crenna died in real life.  I was crushed, and as they had to write his unexpected death into the series I watched in tears.  His character’s name was Jared Duff.  And Cassie and Tom’s last name is to honor him.
If you want more of Cassie stories, you’ll be happy.  She usually tap me gently on the shoulder when she want’s me to type up something for her, lately she is standing right in front of me, hands on her hips, tapping her foot at me!  I get it all ready and I’m typing as fast as I can!  There is a new story at Cassie’s Space today as Tom finds out about the meeting with Kat and Natalie. I’ll let her tell you the whole thing, but expect a few cliff hangers.


  1. PK,
    I hardly ever watch TV series, but I googled 'Judging Amy'.
    Could not remember ever having seen something from that series, until I saw a picture from Maxine.
    Damn, I know that woman!
    Yes, the only thing I remember about this series is Maxine.
    Remember her quite vividly. Nothing about the other characters.

    OK, that was it for confession time. Now I'm of to Cassie's Space.

  2. PK: Good to see that Cassie is telling you new stories and we will look forward to reading them. And it's interesting how you can become invested in the lives of characters on TV shows.


  3. PK,
    I don't watch TV now, the last thing that I really watched was Mash, I really liked Hawkeye.
    I tend to invest in characters from my favourite books.
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. I loved Judging Amy. It was a great show. I remember Richard Crenna from "Our Miss Brooks". He was probably in his early 20s at the time. He matured very nicely.

    Glad you had a good weekend with your Sis.

    Just came from Cassie's place.

    Also enjoyed yesterday's Fika.

  5. For some reason I didn't watch that series, but love at any age is important. Like sunny I am glad you had fun shopping with sis!
    I love how Cassie insists she is there to talk and you sure as hell better listen!
    I hope she keeps coming until all is said!!

  6. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Hey PK
    I didn't watch this program back when I watched tv, but I always liked Richard Crenna. I always thought that he was a very handsome older man.
    You have good taste, PK.
    I can imagine that Cassie is demanding when she wants to write.

  7. Bas,
    She certainly made the show for me. I guess that’s when I realized I was getting older. I thought the younger story line was just boring.

    Telling me stories! I can’t get her to hush! In the car, at work, when I go to bed – the women is insistent! (And I love it!)

    I love MASH. I still watch it on reruns all the time and Hawkeye is special.

    He always played caring guys. And he only improved with age.

    LOL! I have no choice but to listen. I love it when she talks.

    I do have good taste in men, Richard Crenna, Tom and mostly Nick!!

  8. Sounds like a lovely weekend.

    Look forward to reading Cassie.

    Enjoyed yesterday's Fika.


  9. Aww, such a cute picture! I'll be heading over to Cassie's space now. :)