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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Fantasy Friday Question

I have a question and you guys have the answer.  You remember that tomorrow is the last chapter of Another Chance (at least until I can talk Annie into writing one more chapter, or maybe two.)  I have a few new stories for Fantasy Friday after that. There is one that is of particular interest to me – no I didn’t write it; in fact it is from a first time Fantasy Friday contributor, but the story is special to me. 

Now that I hope I have your interest, here’s my question.  The story is quite long, as a reader, would you prefer to have an extremely long story to read or would you rather it be broke up into two consecutive days. What do you think?  If it runs too long I know some people won’t have time to finish it the first time you come by, but some want it all at once.  The author and I have discussed this back and forth as to which would be best and we’re just not sure.

Since I’m putting up Fantasy Friday for my readers I thought, why not ask you?  It’s not the most earth-shattering problem, but please tell me which you would prefer.  It’ll easy enough to do what ever the majority wants.  I would appreciate those of you that don’t always comment to give me your opinion too, just tell me one day or two.

And don’t forget to come by tomorrow for the (current) last chapter of Another Chance.


  1. Shall we start a petition to Annie?
    A few more chapters will help getting through all this awfull weather.

    By all means: Break it up in 2 parts.
    Than we have a good reason to complain about cliffhangers, you can laugh at us, and we'll all be happy.
    Besides I like seeing on my blog list that there is a new post on New Beginnings.

  2. PK,
    for me I'm happy either way, I'm retired, I have the time.
    I know, I'm no help whatsoever.
    Love and warm hugs,

  3. HI PK, I think I'm with Bas, spread the fun a little further, tease us by breaking it up :)

  4. I vote for 2 parts, then you have something to anticipate!
    hugs abby

  5. See standardized questions.... I like it either way. It is fun to have to wait and I also like all at once. So whatever you both decide!

    I was absolutely no help!!

  6. If tomorrow is Annie's last chapter I'm with Bas on a petition. We really do want to read more.

    2 parts for me please.


  7. It depends on where you break the story up. Cliffhangers can work very well, but you need an obvious point in the narrative. If it just flows on, it doesn't work well.
    So yeah, by all means, break it up, but only if it works well.


  8. I'll be interested to see the answers as it goes along with my earlier email to you about this same thing.

    I'm not going to be any help because I like it either way. I love to know the ending but I also like the anticipation.

    Flip a coin and choose heads. LOL

  9. One long story, I like the flow and always feel like I have to go back and reread the last bit of the first part before I start on the second. It works better that way for me.

  10. I like the two parts....Friday and Saturday. :)

  11. Bas,
    I'm all for petitioning Annie for more chapters! So you just want two parts so you can complain to me huh, sometimes I thing someone, besides Lisa, needs a spanking in your family!

    Nope, no help at all, but I love you anyway. I think you'll like this story too!

    Roz, Abby,
    You guys aren't only spankos, you like being teased too.

    You're about as much help as Nick and Mollie trying to decide where to eat.

    I'm with you about Annie. I'll put you down for two.

    That's my question about this particular story. I guess I'll let the author have the finally say on this one.

    I knew you were wondering about this too. I'm still not sure.

    If I do it in two parts, you'll have to wait and read it the second day!

  12. Rogue,
    That's probably the way it will be.