I have been a wife and mother for over twenty years. Now I am becoming my husband's lover, too.
We owe it all to my fellow bloggers who gave me the courage to come out to my husband as a spanko.
I do feel like this is a New Beginning for us.

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Monday, November 05, 2012

Red Booty Woman's MIL got me spanked

That’s what I said, Christina’s mother-in-law got me spanked.  I read Christina’s post about seeing her MIL getting spanked.  It kinda shocked me a little until it dawned on me that her MIL is probably close to my age, LOL!  Anyway I was telling Nick about it this morning.  I mentioned that Christina was mostly surprised because her MIL is so sweet she couldn’t imagine her doing anything for which she should be spanked.  That, of course, is my basic problem – being way to perfect to ever have a reason to be spanked. 

Nick made the comment “Maybe she left 5 drink cups sitting around on the table by her chair and waited for her husband to clean them up.”

I waved him off dismissively, “Naw, people don’t get spanked for things like that.” Okay so I’m not perfect, but I have to do what I can to get spanked.  He didn’t comment at the time but I think it got him thinking, later that afternoon he told me to meet him in the bedroom to ‘discuss’ my behavior. 

So I got spanked for leaving the cups around and a few other things he thought of.  And I found out something else, when I’m in my content mood, rather than the deep, gnawing need for a spanking, the spanking hurt way more!  Who knew?  For some reason I find this very curious.  When it’s just a want, even little spankings hurt; when it’s an all-consuming need, I can take nearly anything Nick is willing to dish out.  I swear we need people researching all this.  But anyway, I did have a wonderful afternoon. Not being really into the spanking part, I was trying to find ways to distract Nick and they seemed to work nicely, although he had several ideas of his own.  Still loving that empty nest.

Oh, and Christina, if you can think of some way to do it, thank your in-laws for me!


  1. I can imagine how that conversation would go. "Hey, yeah, oh, my friend wants to thank you for her spanking!"

    Hum. ;)

  2. Empty nests are great. Although I would not have minded if Son had choosen a place a bit closer by.
    Now let's see if I get this right: When Nick regularly spanks you, you are contented, but little spankings hurt a lot.
    If, however you are perfect and he does not spank as much, he has to spank a lot to get you feel the spankings so much that you get back to that contented place, where the spankings hurt.
    OK, now I am going to read my own comment back because I think I'm getting mixed up. Maybe read it back another time.

    A word of advice for Nick: don't try to understand, just spank, it seems to be the right way.

  3. Pk,
    yep, that's the way. LOL!
    Love and warm hugs,

  4. I don't know who we could get to do that research, but I'll happily be a volunteer subject, lol :)

  5. I can't wait to see what Christina has to say when she reads your post!

  6. We are complicated creatures. Only a women would be able to assess the research findings. Glad you got just what you wanted even if you didn't know you wanted it.

    And that my friends is what we are all about.

  7. Seriously Miss feisty PK never does ANYTHING wrong....Does Nick realize what you get away with saying to certain co-workers at school?
    Just trying to do my part for the cause!!
    I think most spankings hurt it's just that they help in different ways.

    As to the research....interesting! lol

  8. I received a text early this morning to go and see what happened on your blog but the day didn't unfold in a way that let me do that until now. I'm not sure, honestly, if I should apologize or laugh that my mother in law's witnessed spanking got you a spanking!! If she only knew...

  9. LOL PK, I'm up for being a guinea pig in the research - anyone want to join me.
    Great post but yes its true what you say, funny that. I find the same thing exactly. But the other thing i find is taht when I know Im really in trouble I can take much more...if its over something trivial or its maintenance i cant seem to take as much. But boy when Im in serious trouble...well its a different story.Love and hugs kiwi xxx

  10. PK, you should know that Christina laughed.
    Oh, yeah, she did.

    Of course, that was BEFORE she read the post. But really, that's neither here nor there.

  11. PK, Christina's blog almost had me admit my spanking relationship to a friend. I was laughing about her post and my friend asked what was so funny. without thinking,I started to tell her. Luckily my brain caught up and I said she walked in on the having sex. Yes I lied but either one is probably not something I would want to see.
    Our minds must contol how we feel a spanking. It doesn't make sense but at least you are not alone, we all have the same issues.
    I guess we just need some more spankings to try and figure it all out.

  12. Conina,
    I’ll admit it might be a slightly conversation.

    I love your advice to Nick! All the rest might be confusing, I admit. But your advice is simple and correct.

    Sums it up nicely.

    I know many of us who want in on this, get in line – behind me!

    LOL, I wondered what she would think.

    Yes we do need women to assess the finding. But I want men to help with the research.

    Now I don’t think I’m perfect – but evidently Nick does. School, home, you have NO idea what I get away with!

    No need for an apology, laugh away! I sure enjoyed it! Thanks to both you and your MIL for the help! But now I’m really curious – how old is your MIL?

    I haven’t gotten to experience that. Nick has never spanked for anything considered serious – well very rarely. But when I get to the point where I know I need that hard, hard spanking then I can get to the right place in my head.

    I felt pretty sure she would, I know I would have!

    You have to be careful what you laugh about in front of others! I know how much the mind controls the pain – but I still find it so strange.

  13. I'd certainly volunteer for that sort of research.