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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Questions answered and a 'wild' Saturday

I wanted to answer a couple of questions from the yes/no meme.  Several asked about me being outside naked.  That’s fairly common around here in the summer.  We are lucky enough to have a pool and neighbors who go to bed early.  The pool is reasonably secluded so we just slip out the basement door and into the pool for a little skinny dip.

We were also out naked on our balcony at a wonderful hotel we went to this summer.  There was nothing but beautiful scenery behind the hotel for 30 miles or so.  I like being out naked it feels sexy and naughty and, as long as Nick’s the only one looking, I’m pretty comfortable.

There was another question about the fistfight.  I guess it wasn’t really a fight, but it’s the only time I’ve ever hit someone with my fist.  I was about 12 and a kid in the neighborhood held my new puppy out a second floor window as a joke.  I knew I couldn’t grab at the kid or he would drop the puppy, so I just turned, not saying anything and came downstairs.  The kid followed with the puppy.  Once he put him on the ground I decked him good!  He was younger than me, but bigger.  He never bothered my dog or me again.

On to the weekend – I had a wild Saturday.  Or maybe I should say a wildlife Saturday.  On our road trip we saw lots of wildlife. We weren’t able to get pictures of the wild turkeys we saw, but here are some pictures Nick did manage to get  –


Arctic Wolf

Timber Wolf

The deer, we saw seven in all, we’re by the road and thankfully not dashing across it.  The other pictures Nick took at a small wolf rescue sanctuary.  The director was a wonderful lady in her sixty’s, a retired cop who was also raised as an army brat.  She was fun to talk to.  She said it was harder cleaning all the pens (they were quite large) because all the falling leaves made it hard to see the waste, or as she put it “I can’t see shit.”

It was also fun hearing her talk about dominance and submission among the wolves.  She said it was okay to put two males in with one female as long as she was an alpha.  But that it didn’t work so well with two females and one male – I’ll have to agree.  She also mentioned she had some wolves living in her house and she added, “But in my house I’m the alpha bitch.” She was a cool lady and we enjoyed meeting her.  It was a great day.


  1. PK,
    I didn't really get my full growth 'til I was fourteen.
    Funny how the bigger boys thought small was weak or cowardly, they learned!
    Thank Nick for the lovely photos, I love the wolves, but then I would.
    Love and warm hugs,

  2. I enjoyed the pictures-nice job Nick! The lady you described in the post seems like she would have been a fun lady to be around. Glad you had a good time away.

  3. Your trip sounds delightful, the pics were wonderful :)

  4. I love the wildlife. I always feel so sorry for them because so many of them are losing their habitat.

    I love the wolf pictures. So glad they're in a sanctuary and somewhat protected. They are such beautiful creatures and get a bum rap. I guess I understand both sides but I am much more prone to come down on the side of the underdog.

    Glad you are having a good trip.

  5. Hi PK
    Loved the explanations, especially the fist fight.
    I also like to be naked outside (blush) we live in a remote area, so I streak to the hot tub and back inside.
    I love the feel of the air on my skin.
    Nick is a good photographer! I love the pictures. Those days spent together are just so precious, aren't they?

  6. Great pictures. Wish I was there too. My first and only time I punched someone, I was twelve also. Lol. But she deserved it.

  7. I had a fist fight at around that age as well! My one and only.LOL

    I am to self conscious of my weight to go outside naked. I like being able to choose what to highlight!

  8. Great explanations on the questions.

    Sounds like a great trip, fantastic pictures. The lady at the park sure does sound like lots of fun :)

  9. Paul,
    I did think of you when we saw those beautiful wolves!

    I would have loved spending more time just talking with her. Nick emailed her some of the pictures.

    It was nice to get away for the day, especially before winter sets in!

    You and me both! Most were very wary of us and moved away, but one came to be petted and I did with the permission of the ‘alpha bitch’. LOL!

    I love being outside naked. Like you say feeling air on my skin and skinny-dipping too. It’s just wonderful. Now if I had the body of a super model, Nick might have to come after me with a butterfly net!

    Blondie, Minelle,
    Twelve must be a good time to fight. As long as we limit it to those who truly deserved it! Minelle, forget the weight! As long as you’re only with the one you love, go for it!!

    It was a good day all around!

  10. Sounds lovely and what wonderful pictures Nick took, thanks.